Is a Chihuahua Great Dane a Good Mix? (Solved!)

A Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a very rare cross-breed – for obvious reasons. Sometimes called a Chi-Dane-Dane, this breed is loving, loyal and very sweet

To be honest, it’s very unlikely you will come across one due to the expense and effort required in breeding one, however, in this article we’re going to look at some of the principal questions people have about the so-called “Chi-Dane-dane”.

Can you mix a Chihuahua and a Great Dane?

Due to the incredible size differential between great Danes and chihuahuas, naturally breeding these two dogs is nearly impossible. Were a Chihuahua mother impregnated by a Dane father, the mother and the litter would likely be dead in the process, so it’s strongly advised against. 

This isn’t to mention the discomfort of the very act of mating itself for the poor mother!

Ethical guidelines for breeders usually advise on only breeding dogs of approximately similar size and weight, and when there is a size difference, that the breeding is undertaken with caution and care. When the difference is so large as in this instance, the only circumstance that can successfully produce a healthy litter is artificial insemination of a larger mother, with the sperm of the smaller father.

What does a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix look like?

It is said that you can expect a Chi-Dane-Dane to be more than twice the height of a Chihuahua. In appearance, they are not dissimilar to short-haired Corgi, in that they are medium-sized dogs with short legs and long bodies. 

The length and colouration of the coat will, of course, depend on that of the parents – within the breeds of Chihuahua there are many different variations in this regard and you can expect that to be reflected in the pups.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Cost?

For the reasons outlined above, this mix is not only very rare but quite expensive. The price will depend on the reliability of the breeder and on the stock of dogs used to parent the pups. As such it’s hard to place an exact price, but you could expect to be paying in the region of $1400-1500+ for a single puppy.

Be sure to vet the breeder, do your research and ideally make sure that they are accredited by the appropriate associations for your area – for example, the American Kennel Club in the USA.

How Long Do Chihuahua Great Dane Mixes Live?

Like with any cross-breed, you can expect any offspring to have a life expectancy roughly within those of each parent. 

As a rule, smaller dogs live longer and larger dogs tend to have shorter lives – in this instance, you could expect a whopping 12-20 years for a chihuahua’s life and a Dane a somewhat shorter 7-10 years.

Chi-dane-dane’s tend to be medium-sized dogs, and as such it’s likely they’ll live to be between 9-13 years. As you can imagine for a dog that requires such effort to breed, it’s hard to get specific generalized figures on lifespan. To do so would require many more of these dogs to be bred, for larger sample sizes.

It should be mentioned however, that mixed breeds tend to have a smaller likelihood of congenital birth defects and recessive genetic problems coming to light, due to a much higher proportion of genetic diversity – this will, of course, depend on the specific pairing!

Are Chihuahua Great Dane Mixes Aggressive?

You may be familiar with “Small Dog Syndrome” – Terriers have it, Jack Russells are said to have it and – yes – Chihuahua’s have it. It’s the suite of behaviours that are said to come along with smaller dog breeds – a quickness to anger and confidence to stand up to animals much larger than themselves. 

To what extent this is genetic, and to what extent it is a result of the owner’s tolerance of these behaviours, it can be hard to say. 

Certainly, in smaller, less dangerous animals these traits may be ignored by owners, whereas if there were a medium-sized dog they would be appropriately taught not to be that way.

Are Chihuahua Great Dane Mixes Easy to Train?

In any case, the temperament of the puppy will be determined by that of the individual parents as much as anything else – so when buying (or breeding) this is probably the single most important thing to know about the future temperament of your pup.  

Great Danes and Chihuahuas both have a very loyal and loving nature, so you can expect that they will be very nice and open to training.

What Is the Best Age to Train a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Puppy?

It is important to train your puppy as soon as you can, especially when you are uncertain about the tendencies of particular crossbreeds. This ensures that any maladaptive behaviour is taken care of, nipped in the bud before it can problematic for you and your family!

How Do You Discipline a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Puppy?

In the same way, you might discipline any medium-sized dog! 

Be very clear about what behaviour is acceptable and isn’t acceptable, never use violence to make your point, and reward behaviour that you want to encourage. There are many more detailed guides on how to do so online, but this is the core of basic dog training.

Simple as that!

Can a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Protect You?

Of course.

This cross-breed is loyal, loving and has the bravery and energy of a Chihuahua – without the disadvantage of being so small.

 While it certainly can’t hold a candle to any of the traditional guard-dog breeds (such as Shepards or Pitbulls), it can hold its own in this regard, with the bonus of being a lovely family dog.

Do Chihuahua Great Dane Mixes Like to Cuddle?

Chi-Dane-Danes are very loving animals, as both parents tend to like human contact. It may depend on the specific parents, but in general, you can expect your Chi-Dane-Dane to be very sweet and cuddly.