Chihuahua FAQ: 19 Things to Know

If you’re thinking about getting a chihuahua, this blog post is for you! It covers the many aspects of chihuahuas: their history, different varieties, some tips on how to care for them and more. Read on to learn more!

Are Chihuahuas Good Pets?

Due in part both to their friendly nature as well as the fact that they’re so small, chihuahuas are often considered excellent pets. They’re relatively easy to socialize and they aren’t usually aggressive toward their owners in spite of their reputation as ankle-biters.

Why Chihuahuas Are So Aggressive?

Normally, chihuahuas are only aggressive toward outsiders. Since they’re so small, they have a tendency to get the idea that they need to have a lot of fight in them to scare off threats who are usually bigger than them.

That’s why they have a reputation for being aggressive in spite of their size.

Can a Chihuahua Kill You?

If you were to anger a chihuahua enough, then it could try and go for your throat. More likely, a sick chihuahua could kill a mature human by passing the virus that causes rabies to them.

How Do Chihuahuas Die?

Domestic chihuahuas kept in homes will eventually die of old age or heart failure. Unfortunately, their small size has placed them at increased risk of dying from accidents.

Is it OK for My Chihuahua to Sleep With Me?

As long as you’re not in a position to roll over onto them while you’re sleeping, it’s generally okay for chihuahuas to sleep with their owners. On the other hand, you may want to keep your dog closer to the edge of the bed just in case you end rolling back and forth without even realizing it.

Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

Once they’re trained, chihuahuas can be left alone for some period of time, though it’s best to not leave them be for an extended period of time. Since they’re so small, it’s possible for them to get themselves into potentially dangerous situations.

Why Do Chihuahuas Bite Their Owners?

To some extent, biting might be a way for them to show affection. Other chihuahuas who bite their owners regularly might just be trying to get attention or might even not fully be familiar with their owners just yet.

Do Chihuahuas Like to Be Held? Do Chihuahuas Like to Cuddle?

Many chihuahuas like to be held, and it’s an almost sure bet that any who do will also like to cuddle. That being said, any chihuahua who doesn’t like it will squirm and nip more than enough to let you know that you need to put them down.

Are Chihuahuas Hard to Train?

Compared to some larger breeds, chihuahuas are hard to train and they certainly have a reputation for being obstinate. That being said, they can also prove themselves to be very intelligent, especially if you take the time to really socialize your dog well.

How Painful is a Chihuahua Bite?

In general, chihuahua bites aren’t that painful. Those who seriously annoy a dog might find that they can draw blood, however, especially if they’re forced to defend themselves.

Do Chihuahuas Pick One Person?

Certain chihuahuas will pick a single person that they see all of the time to get close to. However, some become family dogs that are connected to a number of different people.

It depends on how often they see everybody.

At What Age Do Chihuahuas Go Grey?

Unlike humans, even young chihuahuas can start to develop gray fur. You might see one do so at around a year old, though they’ll really start to go gray after four or five years.

Do Chihuahuas Pee a Lot?

Water consumption has a lot to do with urination, and it can be said that chihuahuas won’t pee any more or less than any other dog that’s their size. However, those who live in hot environments might end up peeing a lot since they’ll drink a lot.

Scared chihuahuas or those who get extremely excited might piddle in place too, which can cause quite a mess!

Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?

Cold chihuahuas will shiver just like any other dog, but so will excited ones as a way to show you that they’re interested in something. They might even start to do it in the hopes of getting a little extra sympathy.

How Do I Train My Chihuahua to Be Nice?

Train your chihuahua using positive reinforcement to show them the right kind of behaviors while also correcting them when they do something wrong. Be firm but never be mean or cruel to your dog.

What is a Teacup Chihuahua?

Teacups are tiny chihuahuas that confirm to certain breed standards. They’re even smaller than the majority of full-grown chihuahuas, so they have to be cared for specially.

Do Chihuahuas Protect Their Owners?

When push comes to shove, chihuahuas will at least do their best to protect their owners. Their small size means they can’t do much to larger threats, but they certainly have a surprising amount of fight in them.

Are Boy or Girl Chihuahuas Better?

Boy and girl chihuahuas aren’t better than one another and each should be treated as an individual and independent dog. Those who adopt female ones, however, should be aware that if they don’t spay them they might need to take extra precautions when they’re in heat.

Likewise, those who adopt male chihuahuas from a shelter may have to neuter them by law depending on the jurisdiction in which they adopted them.

How Do I Know if My Chihuahua Is Happy?

Many pet owners just instinctively know that their animals are in a great mood. If you’re having trouble discerning it, though, then take a look at these signs of a pleased Chihuahua pup:

  1. Wagging tails – or perhaps their whole back-end!
  2. Tongue sticking out even when not hot, which is a sign of being relaxed
  3. Trying to cuddle with you, even when it’s too warm to cuddle
  4. Ears pressed slightly back
  5. Flicking the ears around
  6. Walking around you even when you’re not doing anything interesting
  7. Rolling over to get a bully rub
  8. Snuggling, even if just your leg
  9. Stretching out when near you, which indicates they feel safe
  10. Trying to get your attention when you’re focused on something else