Can a Chihuahua Bite Off a Finger? (Solved & Explained!)

No, a Chihuahua could not bite off your finger, although theoretically they could puncture a vein in one and then you would be in some trouble. A Chihuahua bites with a force somewhere around 100 PSI, while the average human punch is around 120 to 150 PSI.

As such, which it certainly won’t feel very good, your Chihuahua is not going to be biting off your finger and gobbling it up. These little dogs simply do not have the force behind their little bites to accomplish this.

In today’s article, we’ll talk more about Chihuahua bites – what you can do, how long they take to heal, and more. Let’s take a look at questions trending this week on that very subject!

What happens if a Chihuahua bites your finger?

While it stings and you’ll probably pull your finger back at record speed, a Chihuahua bite often won’t even break the skin. Typically, you can expect some redness, abrasion, swelling, and your finger might be sore for a day or two.

Unless the skin has been punctured, there won’t be much likelihood of infection either, so it’s best to simply clean the wound, apply a little ice, and your finger will feel better soon.

What should I do if my Chihuahua bites my finger?

Aside from cleaning the wound later and possibly applying ice, there are a few things that you will want to do. First, do NOT punish your dog. They are likely new to the home and scared and punishing them will not be understood and may make matters worse.

Pull your finger back and say ‘oww’ or whine the same way that a dog would to communicate that it hurt.  With the exception of the occasional ‘mean’ dog, most dogs bite because they are frightened or because they were weaned early and don’t know the difference between play biting and painful biting.

Showing your do that it hurts when they bite can teach them when they are biting too hard, so do this consistently and if you were playing when it happened, stop playing for a few minutes before starting back up.

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Your dog will associate their bite with your pain and with play stopping, and this can help to stop this behavior.

How do I treat a minor Chihuahua bite on my hand?

To treat a minor Chihuahua bite, the best thing to do first is to clean the bite with soap and water. If there is bleeding from tooth punctures, then put pressure on the spot with some sterile gauze until the bleeding stops.

After that, apply a little antibiotic ointment and acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be used for any pain if you aren’t allergic to it.

How long does it take for a finger to heal from a Chihuahua bite?

It really depends. Very minor bites could clear up within 48 hours up to 7 days, while deep punctures might be mildly sore for a couple of months! Keep the wounds clean and bandages until they have closed, after that it will be mostly a waiting game.

Punctures can sting for awhile, as they are deep damage underneath the skin that is present even when the wound looks healed. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait for it to heal over time.

Should I worry about a small Chihuahua bite?

Usually, it will be a minor affair, though if the dog is not your own or if the punctures are deep then it might be a good idea to see a doctor anyway.

While you can certainly treat it at home, with an unfamiliar dog you don’t know if they have had vaccinations, and there’s always a risk of infection regardless of the dog.

A quick trip to your doc can also get some prescriptions to help heal the bite faster and to lower the risk of infection, so if you are in doubt it’s best to err on the safe side where dog bites are concerned.

Should you ice a Chihuahua bite?

An ice pack can definitely help with healing if you’ve got a Chihuahua bite. The cold will reduce the swelling, while also helping to prevent tissue damage from the bite.

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If you don’t have a gelpack to wrap up and use, simply put some crushed ice in a Ziploc bag, wrap it in a towel, and apply for 15 minutes every hour.

Should I put Neosporin on a Chihuahua bite?

Yes, antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin and Bacitracin can certainly help. After cleaning the wound, just apply the ointment 3 times a day and if you are still feeling tender and the bite is showing redness or inflammation then it’s time to see the doctor for a checkup to rule out infection.

Why are Chihuahua bites so painful?

Mostly it is the concentration of force on such a tiny area, so that when it comes to pain, it’s rather like a papercut. Small, but you’ll notice it all day! Thos little teeth can sometimes puncture, as well, and this is when a Chihuahua bite hurts the most.

Provided that you aren’t allergic, ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help, and applying cold to the area can also help prevent tissue damage and take the swelling down to more comfortable levels while you heal.

How long do Chihuahua bites hurt?

It varies, with some bites feeling better in a day or two, while a deep puncture might hurt for up to 2 months. If you are seeing redness, swelling, or other signs that the bite might be infected then it’s a good idea to visit your doctor.

They can check the wound for infection and likely prescribe some medication to help the wound to heal more quickly.

Has anyone ever been killed by a Chihuahua?

As odd as it sounds, yes, that has happened. In 2015 and 2018 there were 2 recorded Chihuahua killings, and while we don’t have a lot of information on these we can say with authority that in the 2018 incident there were also 2 Pitbulls present as well.

So, while it HAS happened, it’s still not very likely. These little dogs are simply too small to do much real damage.