Simple Guidance For You on the Cheapest Dog Shock Collars

Are you bothered by your dog’s constant barking, digging or some other annoying habit? If that’s the case, then a dog shock collar might be for you.

Best of all, it might not cost nearly as much as you think.

The Top 5 Cheapest Dog Shock Collars

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Best Overall

DOG CARE Training Collar


  • Supports up to nine different dogs on one remote
  • Security keypad locks out any accidental activation of the remote
  • Comes with three different training modes


  • Manufacturer once shipped some defects
  • Webbed collar doesn’t always stay tight
  • Receiver can be quite bulky


Many pet owners might not exactly be thrilled with the idea of shocking their dog, which is why DOG CARE added a beeping and vibrating mode to this collar. It’s an excellent alternative that also comes with a traditional shock setting that’s strong enough for most dogs of any size.

You won’t have to worry much about sitting on the remote and zapping your pet either, since it has a special lock to prevent that.

Best for Large Dogs

Patpet IPX7


  • Includes AC adapter
  • Huge 1,600 foot range
  • Works even in water


  • Strap needs to be reinforced
  • Easy to hit the wrong switch
  • Nylon can fray


If you have a larger dog, then the IPX7 should do the trick. It comes with an extra strong buckle as well as plenty of power to keep your pet under control.

Best for Small Dogs

LED Dog Bark Collar


  • Easy to change between modes
  • No interference with other collars
  • Fits small dogs well


  • Only works on dogs over 22 lbs.
  • Needs an odd 6V battery
  • Not the best battery life


Since it comes with five different power levels, you should be able to find something that’s not too strong even if you have a pretty lightweight dog.

Best for Long Haired Dogs

F-color Training Collar


  • 875 Yard Range
  • Rainproof
  • Charges from a standard cell phone charger


  • Remote is a little flimsy
  • Collar constantly blinks
  • Needs to be carefully configured


Since it’s made from a solid plastic material, the F-color collar shouldn’t have any problem correcting long haired pooches.

Best Value

Petrainer Shock Collar


  • Soft silicone cover
  • Transmitter charges with the collar
  • 100 levels of deterrence


  • Remote isn’t intuitive
  • No button lock
  • Can shock continuously


Petrainer decided to bundle their collars in convenient two packs, which is a great value if you’re trying to train more than one dog.


How to Train Your Dog with a Shock Collar

Most owners start by applying vibration or the lowest setting when their dog does something that they don’t want them to do. When the dog starts to repeat the behavior, then they gradually increase the level of correction.

However, you shouldn’t ever forget to praise your dog either!

Make sure you combine correction with positive reinforcement. Whenever your dog plays by the rules, give them plenty of respect for it!

Like the pro trainer says in this video from Upstate Canine Academy, shock collars should never be adversity-based tools:

If you only use the collar to teach your dog what not to do, then they’re never going to learn what’s actually expected of them. That’s a great way to make both pet and owner frustrated.

Some people advise focusing on multiple problems at once. If your dog digs and barks, then you might try applying correction for both activities.

How Much Does a Dog Shock Collar Cost?

For the longest time, these gadgets were pretty expensive. Recently, a number of upstart pet supply companies have been selling new models online.

Prices have plummeted as a result, and you can now usually find them in the $20-40 range. You might even find some on sale, but make sure you’re getting a product from a reputable vendor.

Is a Shock Collar a Good Training Tool?

Noted dog behavioral specialist Steven Lindsay wrote that these collars are excellent training tools when used properly. He wrote that electrical stimulation ensured that dogs learned lessons in the shortest time possible, which helped reduce the pain associated with training the dog in the first place.

Of course, a training tool is only ever as good as the human using it!

Can a Shock Collar Kill a Dog?

According to an open letter written by members of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), shock collars are safe when used as the manufacturer directs.

While there have been reports of dogs getting hurt by shock collars, it’s always because someone was using it wrong.

Are Dog Shock Collars Illegal?

If you’re in North America, then you shouldn’t have any legal problems using a collar. The Kennel Club in the UK writes that they’re banned in several continental European countries, but this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a jet setter.

Do Dog Shock Collars Hurt Humans?

Assuming that you don’t attempt to wear one and shock yourself with it, you shouldn’t have any problem. Even if that were the case it shouldn’t normally put out enough electricity to cause problems for an adult.

Can Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage?

When used as directed, there shouldn’t be any considerable risk of long-term damage. Most studies about brain damage have focused on improper use of dog shock collars.

Representatives from the Food & Drug Administration do still warn at least some level of caution, though.

They warn against any collar that causes burns or leaves a rash on your dog’s neck. If it’s strong enough to do that, then it’s strong enough to cause some real damage.

Concerned pet owners may want to go with a variable power collar and tone things down a bit.

Cheapest Dog Shock Collars