75 Catchy Kennel Names

These were thought up using some of the techniques below. As of the date of this article, these were available, but you’ll want to act fast if you like one because cyber squatters tend to gobble these up!

  1. AllKennel.com
  2. KennelUSA.com
  3. KennelLive.com
  4. ThinkKennel.com
  5. KennelHost.com
  6. KennelCom.com
  7. EcoKennel.com
  8. RealKennel.com
  9. KennelNetwork.com
  10. GlobalKennel.com
  11. KennelPoint.com
  12. DailyKennel.com
  13. SocialKennel.com
  14. FreeKennel.com
  15. GetKennel.com
  16. BioKennel.com
  17. QuickKennel.com
  18. ReKennel.com
  19. KennelPower.com
  20. KennelCorp.com
  21. GeoKennel.com
  22. KennelMap.com
  23. LocalKennel.com
  24. FastKennel.com
  25. LifeKennel.com
  26. HotKennel.com
  27. KennelGlobal.com
  28. BusinessKennel.com
  29. CyberKennel.com
  30. YouKennel.com
  31. ProjectKennel.com
  32. KennelPlanet.com
  33. KennelBay.com
  34. KennelMax.com
  35. MegaKennel.com
  36. FirstKennel.com
  37. KennelBase.com
  38. SimpleKennel.com
  39. OnKennel.com
  40. KennelWork.com
  41. ClubKennel.com
  42. KennelSpot.com
  43. KennelFx.com
  44. KennelVille.com
  45. NextKennel.com
  46. KennelProject.com
  47. SiteKennel.com
  48. GreatKennel.com
  49. KennelClick.com
  50. KennelInternational.com
  51. KennelTalk.com
  52. PlanetKennel.com
  53. SolarKennel.com
  54. KennelPlace.com
  55. LinkKennel.com
  56. KennelExchange.com
  57. MicroKennel.com
  58. KennelPortal.com
  59. MarketKennel.com
  60. HealthKennel.com
  61. KennelMagic.com
  62. KennelWay.com
  63. TrueKennel.com
  64. KennelPort.com
  65. PureKennel.com
  66. KennelShare.com
  67. InterKennel.com
  68. CoKennel.com
  69. KennelSolution.com
  70. WinKennel.com
  71. FlyKennel.com
  72. KennelLog.com
  73. NeoKennel.com
  74. TradeKennel.com
  75. SportKennel.com

Is It Easy to Say and Remember?

Pick a kennel name that’s going to be easy for your customers to say and short enough that they’re not going to forget about it. If it’s hard to spell, then it might be hard for them to look up online later.

While you’re going to probably give out business cards, you’ll want to make sure that people who pass by your kennel on the road will remember the name of it too. You’ll also be telling people the name while you’re out and you’ll want them to remember what you told them.

If that happens, then you’ll also get a chance to give them your cell number or an email address to contact you right there. This is a great way to get a little hustle marketing in each time you meet up with someone.

Names that are more than a few words long are usually the hardest for people to remember, especially if they have a person’s name in them. People names are often quite similar, so it can be hard for individual consumers to distinguish between different ones if they’re trying to look through a listing of several different kennels.

Geographic names might work well if your area doesn’t already have a kennel or a cattery that has the name of the town in its own name. Entrepreneurs who live in places with distinctive monikers might have the best shot at using the name of their town in their business name.

Is the URL Available?

Check to make sure that the website URL for your business’ name is available. If it’s not, then go back to the drawing board because you don’t want to wrestle away a site address from some cyber squatter.

Brainstorming names and checking if they’re still available is easy by using tools like those offered by Shopify and LeanDomainSearch. All you have to do is type in a keyword like kennel and push the start button.

These tools will then search through and see what kind of names are still out there. You’ll usually get a list of literally hundreds, so you’ll have plenty even if you find ones you really wanted are already taken.

While these tools are useful, you probably won’t want to buy a domain right then and there because they’re geared more toward commercial businesses. You might get a better deal on a domain name by shopping around.

Are There Any Trademarks?

Even if your preferred name’s web address is still available there might be a trademark out on it, so you’ll need to go to the United States Patent and Trademark’s Office database to check if anyone owns a similar name. Type your name into the government’s Trademark Electronic Search System and it should tell you if anyone has a name that’s similar to the one you’re looking for.

You’ll want to try searching several different ways before you settle on a certain name. For instance, if you liked ClubKennel.com you’ll also want to type in Club Kennel and a few other permutations.

In this case, you’ll probably find that the generic name ClubKennel.com isn’t registered as a business, and it’s perfectly fine to use a web address as a business name. However, you may also consider using a name like “The Club Kennel” if this doesn’t infringe on anyone’s trademarks.

Even if there’s just a pending application on a certain name you’ll want to go back to the brainstorming stage. It’s not worth the possibility of running into trademark infringement issues later on.

Is It Available to Register as a Business in Your State?

Any business name that isn’t trademarked at the federal level still has to be checked out with the Secretary of State’s office. You may need to have a license to operate a dog kennel in your state and you’ll also almost certainly need a general business license.

Search the business database for your state and see if there are any businesses or LLCs with your name or a similar one. Some businesses are legally entitled to file a cease and desist order if they feel your name is too close to theirs and you operate in the same state.

Make sure that your name isn’t even close to anyone else in your state. It shouldn’t matter as much if your kennel’s name resembles a trademark that has expired, but it’s best to steer clear from anything that’s still on the record books.

Some kennels have registered so-called “doing business as” or d/b/a names as trademarks. You don’t want your new business name to resemble any of these either.

Once you’re sure you’re clear you’ll want to check what sort of licenses are needed in your state and county. Depending on the area, you might also have to submit to regular health inspections because animal cruelty laws will occasionally require it.