Cat Treadmill FAQ (13 Questions Answered)

Cat wheels are the perfect way for your cat to get exercise, lose weight, and stay healthy. Cat wheels can be expensive, but they are worthy investments because they are safer for your cat to use than human treadmills!

Can Cats Run on Treadmill? 

Cats can run on treadmills to get exercise, but it is a much better idea to purchase your cat a wheel that is custom-made for a cat!  

Do Cats Actually Use Exercise Wheels? 

Cats can be trained to use exercise wheels but that does mean that every cat likes them. Each cat has their own preferences so do not expect your cat to use their wheel unless you are willing to train them.  

The earlier you train your cat, the more likely they will use their wheel. After all, old cats hate to learn new tricks! 

How Many Hours of Exercise Does a Cat Need? 

A cat needs roughly half an hour of exercise each day. That is why having a cat wheel is so helpful, especially for people with busy schedules.

How Do I Get My Cat to Use the Treadmill? 

A cat can be trained to run on a treadmill through positive reinforcement. The easiest form of positive reinforcement is to use treats as a reward when your cat gets on their treadmill or cat wheel. 

Cats are creatures of habit so if you are trying to instill this behavior in them, you should do it at the same time every day. This will likely yield the most effective results. 

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Treadmill? 

A cat who rubs or lays on furniture like a treadmill is trying to establish the dominance of this territory. They do this by rubbing their scent on the treadmill and transferring their pheromones from their chins and feet. 

This behavior is common in multiple cat households that use the same cat wheel.  

Should I Get My Cat A Cat Wheel? 

A cat wheel is a great way for your feline friend to get some extra exercise but keep in mind that not every cat is going to enjoy them. Running on a wheel can be restrictive and some cats prefer free-range roaming. If your cat is one of those felines, they may not enjoy cat wheels. 

Multiple cat households should invest in numerous wheels and place them in different rooms, so your cats do not compete over territory. Territory competition can be very problematic. 

Why Are Cat Exercise Wheels So Expensive? 

Circular cat wheels can range anywhere from $200 to over $1000. They are expensive mainly because of their circular design which is much safer for cats than human treadmills. The various features on your cat’s wheel like the water-proof materials, unique designs, and various attachments may also increase the price. 

Human treadmills and cat wheels are often the same prices. However, cat wheels are safer because they will automatically stop if your cat hops off. A human treadmill will keep going and your cat can get hurt if they stumble!

Should I Play with My Pet Cat Every Day? 

You should play with your cat every day otherwise they may begin to gain weight and feel deprived of social interaction. This is especially crucial in their older years when they become less active! 

Is It Ok for My Cat to Pant After Playing? 

Panting after playing is rare behavior for cats but will typically resolve itself after your cat takes a rest. It is only when your cat pants for an excessive amount of time that you should begin to worry.

How Do I Get My Fat Cat to Exercise? 

Fat cats need encouragement to exercise. Encourage your cats by using positive reinforcement through a favorable reward system that is repeated every day at the same time.  

How Can I Get a Fat Cat to Lose Weight? 

Getting your fat cat to lose weight can be difficult because an increase in weight typically occurs because of increased laziness.  

Increase a Fat Cat’s Exercise  

The first step to getting your fat cat at a healthier weight is to up their exercise. For a cat, exercise is considered anything above their normal activity level.  

You can increase their amount of daily activity by playing with them, using laser pointers, and purchasing more toys to keep them entertained. 

Wean a Fat Cat off Treats  

Cutting your cat off treats cold turkey can be stressful for your furry friend. Instead, wean them off slowly and then try replacing their favorites with an organic or fat-free brand. 

Reward a Fat Cat Immediately 

To continue your cat’s hard work, reward them immediately for good behavior like running on their wheel. This positive reinforcement will encourage them to do it on their own, too!

Provide a Fat Cat With Motivation 

To help your cat lose weight, it is important that you provide them the right motivation but avoid using food as a reward for exercising. 

Other rewards to use besides food include: 

  • Playtime  
  • New toys 
  • Catnip 
  • Cuddle time 

How Big Is a Cat Wheel? 

The average cat wheels weigh around 25 to 30 pounds and are roughly 48 inches in diameter. 

How Do You Assemble One Cat Fast Wheel? 

One Fast Cat wheel is a common brand wheel that can be easily installed within less than ten minutes. Assembly is easy.  

Follow these steps: 

  • Connect the pieces of the cat wheel together 
  • Assemble the stand 
  • Attach the cat wheel and the base 
  • Line the cat wheel with the tractor pads 
  • Adjust wheels (resistance) accordingly 
  • Assembly complete!  

For more, you can watch the One Fast Cat exercise wheel video on their website.  

How Do Cat Wheels Work? 

Cat wheels are small compact wheels that your cat runs on to get exercise. These cat wheels are self-activated, and they automatically move as your cat moves. As your cat moves faster, its wheel will move faster.  

Adjusting your wheels will change the resistance of your wheel and therefore make your cat wheel move faster or slower.