Cat Insurance for Tooth Extraction – A Complete Guide

Worry no more! If your precious feline has to take out a tooth or several ones, cat insurance for tooth extraction can cover the expenses.


Curiosity is a prime trait of your kitty.  It will chew on anything it finds intriguing: your shoes, your sink pipes, your toolbox (including anything interesting in it).  Your purry friend can jump from high altitudes, or have an unexpected accident of any sort. 


They can break a tooth or two in the process, which can affect their daily lives.


Vet visits can be quite pricey for pet parents, so, after careful research, this guide will give you the best choice of insurance providers and the services they offer. 

Our Top Picks Of Cat Insurance Companies

We rounded up the best cat insurance companies known to cover tooth extraction.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation 

Their Insurance program covers dental extraction related to injury of teeth caused by accidents.  Like all other pet insurance programs, it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.


Their plan is a straightforward one that is easy to understand and follow.


It covers up to 90% of your vet bill and doesn’t put a cap on lifetime, annual, or per incident claim payouts.


You can easily go to their website or download their pet insurance app to claim your vet bill.  Just take a photo of the bill you paid, and send it on the app.


Once approved, your coverage starts after a waiting period of 15 days.

What We Like

  • 99% of claims are processed within two days
  • It covers new accidents and illnesses
  • The plan is simple with no hassles
  • No caps on annual or lifetime payouts

What We Don’t Like

  • 15 day waiting period
  • Only one plan
  • Annual fees are increased regularly
  • Limited coverage for older pets

Trupanion Medical Insurance For the Life of Your Pet 

Their medical insurance covers treatment for all new injuries of teeth as well as dental illnesses.  It includes extractions of permanent and baby teeth.

They have one insurance plan which works well with your cat, and the rates are fixed for the entire length of the policy.

If you can’t pay your vet immediately after the extraction, they have an Express Pay option that is processed within 5 minutes of the claim.

They’ll reimburse you 90% of your vet fees with unlimited payouts.

If your cat has a tooth extraction, they will pay for diagnostic tests, surgery, and hospital stays if required.

What We Like

  • Direct payment to vets
  • 90% coverage
  • No rise in annual fees
  • No limit on the cat’s age
  • No increase on premium when claims are filed

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s expensive

PetsBest Pet Health Insurance

They have an unlimited plan option with two main plans to suit your budget.  Both plans include standard coverage for accidents, illnesses and emergency cases in case your kitty needs a tooth extraction.

Reimbursement percentages range from 70 – 90% on the actual amount of the vet bill.

Claims can be submitted fast electronically.

They have a very effective online center where they answer your questions and address your concerns professionally.

They won’t increase your premium based on how many times you’ve made claims during the year.

What We Like

  • No lifetime limits on any plan
  • Flexible coverage
  • No limit on the age of your cat
  • Support line available 24/7
  • 30 days guarantee or get your money back
  • 5% discount for more than one pet

What We Don’t Like

  • Waiting period for illness is 14 days
  • Waiting period for accidents  3 days
  • Claim payment averages 25 – 40 days

Figo Pet Insurance 

They have 3 plans giving fully customizable plans one of them which covers dental accidents.

They have a unique Pet Cloud platform where you can upload your cat’s medical records for instant service during emergencies.

They offer 100% reimbursement options at their highest premium rate. 

They have a waiting period of 5 days for accidents, and 14 days for illness.

What We Like

  • Fully customizable plans
  • Annual deductible not per incident
  • Claims are paid within 5-7 business days
  • No age limit for your pet
  • 10% discount for more than one pet
  • Customer service option

What We Don’t Like

  • Relatively new in the field
  • Not enough staff
  • Always makes the excuse of “growing pains”
  • 5-day waiting for accidents

Is Cat Dental Insurance for Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Did you know that cats can jump 5 times their own height?  Well, this can cause some major drama for you and your four-legged fluffy.  

Your cat can easily lose or chip a tooth in the process of being naughty.  If that happens, your vet bill will be extremely hefty, particularly, if your kitty needs to extract the tooth.

That is why it’s important as a pet parent to prepare yourself for any surprising mishaps your cat can get into.

Your cat is also prone to periodontal diseases that can lead to inflammation of the gums (very painful I must say).  

There are symptoms that can make you aware if your cat is suffering from gum infections.  If you don’t take care, then the infection can spread easily in your cat’s mouth.

Having dental insurance in your pet plans will relieve you financially, making you focus on getting the best care possible for your cat.

With pet insurance, you pay a premium every month to cover any accidents or illnesses that might cause your cat to take out a tooth or two. Without pet insurance, everything is out of your pocket!


How long does it take to extract a cat’s tooth?

Usually it takes from 40 to 60 minutes.  It takes an experienced vet to be able to perform such a surgery.

Is it safe to remove my cat’s tooth by surgery?

There is close monitoring while the surgery is done as your cat will definitely take anesthesia.  

Is cat tooth extraction necessary?

Yes.  In some cases, it’s absolutely vital particularly in advanced stages of gum disease.  If the tooth isn’t extracted, this can cause permanent damage to your cat’s gums.

Will my cat be in pain after extraction?

Your cat’s mouth will be quite tender, but they recover easily.

A Final Word

A pet is usually a member of the family.  Did you know that just by holding your cat in your arms for five minutes (that’s about how long they’ll last), your mood is boosted considerably? 

Remember that your cuddly kitty is known to have a very high tolerance for pain, so if you happen to smell bad breath, your cat needs urgent dental care. 

So, wouldn’t it be better if you had the pet insurance?

Based on our research, the best choice for your purry buddy would be Figo Pet Insurance.  In comparison to the other insurance companies, Figo allows you to customize your insurance.  

This means that if you want insurance in case your cat needs tooth extraction, you can do just that.

As an alternative, we suggest PetsBest. This insurance company would be your best choice if you’re on a tight budget and need service in case of a tooth emergency.