16 Cat Facts & Statistics Everyone Should Know

How Many Cats Does The Average Person Have?

US statistics say that cat owners on average have 2 cats.

What Percentage Of Households Have Cats?

33% of Americans own at least one cat. With 52% of those cat owners owning more than 1 cat.

What Are 10 Facts About Cats?

  1. Cats are the most popular pet in the world
  2. Cats sleep for 70% of their life (between 13 – 16 hours a day)
  3. 1 year of a cats life equates to 15 years of a humans life. That’s what people mean by “cat years!”
  4. A male cat is called a tom, while a female cat is either called a molly or a queen (fitting, right?)
  5. A cats tongue scoops water backwards when they drink.
  6. Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head out of all mammals.
  7. Cats are lactose intolerant.
  8. Cats don’t meow to each other, meowing is a way to communicate with humans!
  9. They can jump 6x their length.
  10. A group of cats is called a clowder.

How Many Cats Are There In The World?

It’s hard to quantify just how many cats roam the world. But the best estimate sits around 600 million.

What Country Loves Cats The Most?

Japan is the country that is most cat crazy. 7.25 million cats reside here. One amazing cat island actually has a ratio of cats to humans of 100:15! Cat cafes are common and popular in Japanese cities and towns.

What State Has The Most Cats?

New York has the most cats with approximately 4.2 million cats. Cats make perfect companions for apartment dwellers and great companions to ease the loneliness that comes with city life.

Are There More Cats Or Dogs In The Us?

There are more cats in the US than dogs with about 75 million cats to 70 million dogs. Dog ownership is higher than cat ownership though, indicating that cat owners own more cats than dog owners own dogs. 

What Country Has No Cats?

The only country in the world that has no cats is Antarctica as there is no cat naturally living in this cold environment, nor any humans who would have cats as pets. Unfortunately, scientists have to leave behind their pets when they visit!

Which Person Has The Most Cats?

Guinness World Record holders Donna and Jack Wright of Ontario are recognized as owning the most cats at a grand total of 689 cats. That’s a heck of a lot of mouths to feed!

Which State Has The Least Amount Of Cats?

With a statistic of only 25 million cat owners, Utah is the state with the least amount of cats.

Which Is More Intelligent A Cat Or A Dog?

This question is widely contested between pet owners, with cat owners arguing cats are just as smart as dogs, they just don’t care to respond or interact in the same ways.

Based purely on science, dogs are considered more intelligent than cats. This is because they possess twice the number of neurons in their cerebellum than cats, meaning they can more connections and interpretations of their experiences – a way to measure intelligence

What Is The Weirdest Cat Fact?

w. The area responsible for emotions in the brain is nearly identical in cats and humans. That is why we get on so well!

What Cool Things Can Cats Do?

  • Survive falls – this is why the saying “cats have 9 lives” came to be. Cats have a inner ear development that assists them in balance and means they can survive incredible falls.
  • Drink seawater – unlike us, cats can drink lots of seawater and not get sick! Their kidneys are so efficient they can filter out the salt and get the hydration benefits of the water.
  • Heal themselves – according to Live Science the frequency of a cat purr is “the frequency at which muscles and bones best grow and repair themselves.” Meaning purring may be a survival tactic!
  • Be trained to use a toilet – now this one is a bit weird, but who wouldn’t want to rid their homes of litter trays? Many cat owners have been able to train their cats to do their business in the toilet. Training takes a lot of time and understanding of your cat and identifying what motivates them!
  • Predict the weather – almost every sense of a cat is much more refined than ours, they can even sense when a thunderstorm is incoming by sensing the change in atmospheric pressure in the air. After a few storms they learn to associate this change with an incoming storm and make seek shelter well before the storm arrives!

What Is The Most Loved Cat Breed In The World?

The ragdoll cat breed often tops the most popular cat breed in the world. Ragdolls have a relaxed disposition and tolerate a lot more from humans than most cats! Ragdolls also have lovely luxurious fur and bright blue eyes that make attractive pets.

Which Is The Least Popular Cat Breed?

It may come as no surprise to you that the Sphynx breed is considered the least popular cat. This hairless cat is not chosen often as a pet, perhaps due to its unnerving appearance. Many people prefer fluffier cats to provide them with the warm, comfort and soft affection they desire when getting a pet cat.

How Many Cats Is Too Many By Law?

Federally, in the United States, there is no law that states a limit on cat ownership. Some states or cities have set limits, for example, Los Angeles sets a limit of 3 cats per household. But more often than not there is no law around the limit of cat ownership.

It can be hard to monitor cat ownership as it is simple for owners to get away with not registering their cats.

One country has protesters rallying to eradicate cats altogether, or set limits on ownership as cats are detrimental to their vulnerable native bird and reptile populations.