Can Yorkie Poos Swim? (Solved & Explained!)

Can Yorkie Poos swim? Yes! Yorkie Poos are generally pretty capable swimmers. While not the best due to their size, they can usually swim fairly well. Despite the term doggy-paddle, it’s not a given that all dogs can swim. If you have a pool in your yard, you need to know if your breed is a capable swimmer or not. 

However, every dog is different, so don’t just go chuck your Yorkie Poo in the water and walk away! There’s a lot to know when it comes to Yorkie Poos and swimming, so read on to find out everything you need to know about if Yorkie Poos can swim!

Can Yorkie Poos swim?

As mentioned above, Yorkie Poos are generally pretty good swimmers. They are quite small, so they aren’t among the best swimmers, but they’re normally capable enough to hold their own. Some Yorkie Poos don’t like to swim, some refuse to get in the water, and some are perfectly capable swimmers.

This means that you’ll need to know your Yorkie Poo and its swimming capabilities well before you let it swim independently.

Can Yorkies swim?

Yorkie Poos are a mix, so it’s important to take whether or not their parent breeds are good swimmers into consideration. So, can Yorkies swim?

Yorkies are generally decent swimmers. While they aren’t the best due to their size and anatomy, and they sometimes need support in the form of help from you or a life preserver or vest, they are often fairly capable swimmers and can join you for a dip.

That being said, many Yorkies, being the indoor lapdogs they are, simply won’t want to go into the water. They may even get upset that you’re doing something without them! Some Yorkies, however, will jump right in, so it all depends on your particular dog.

Can Poodles swim?

Poodles are some of the best swimmers out there when it comes to what breeds can get in the water. Poodles also love the water, and can spend hours and hours swimming around, playing fetch, and diving into pools, lakes, rivers, and other kinds of water!

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If your Yorkie Poo’s Poodle genes are strong enough, you might find that they’ll jump right into the water without a second thought!

What kind of coat does your Yorkie Poo have?

One of the things that can determine if your Yorkie Poo is going to be a decent swimmer is the type of coat that it has. Yorkie fur is long and can become quite heavy when it’s wet.

Beyond this, it can also be a problem when it comes to temperature regulation, as when small dogs get wet and have that much fur, they can get very cold very quickly. It’s important to dry your dog off with a dry towel quickly after it gets out of the water.

If your Yorkie Poo has shorter hair like that of its Poodle parent, then it will probably be a better swimmer, and temperature regulation won’t be as big of a problem.

Teaching your Yorkie Poo to swim

Some Yorkie Poos will pick up swimming immediately, and easily be able to navigate around the water just by instinct. Others might be poor swimmers at first, and can even panic when they realize they can’t touch the ground.

For this reason, you should be with your dog in the pool when it takes its first swimming strokes! Don’t trust instincts, even if they can help your dog swim.

Your presence will be an encouraging factor for your Yorkie Poo as far as getting in the water and swimming is. However, you should never pick up and place or throw your dog into the water. If your dog doesn’t want to be in the water, it will almost definitely panic if it’s placed in the water against its will.

To teach your dog to swim, simply be there to hold it up while it gets its bearings in the water. Guide it around the water a bit and allow its instincts to catch up with it. It should be swimming pretty soon if it’s going to be able to.

Safety precautions for your Yorkie Poo at the pool

There are a number of safety precautions you need to follow to make sure your Yorkie Poo swimming in the pool is a safe and comfortable experience.

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Getting a life vest for your dog is the simplest way to ensure that nothing bad will happen while your dog is swimming. It might not be stylish, and it may not be the most comfortable thing your dog has worn, but it’s safe, and that’s what matters.

There should also always be someone in the pool keeping an eye on the dog, this will make sure that the dog doesn’t panic, doesn’t drown while no one is looking, and isn’t hit by other swimmers.

Finally, don’t be rambunctious around a dog in the water. No cannonballs, no chicken fights, and no splashing! These can all cause your dog physical and mental stress that can interfere with its swimming.

Safety precautions for your Yorkie Poo in open water

Things are a bit different if you choose to bring your Yorkie Poo to open water. You need to watch for fish, sticks, bugs, and other threats that nature has in store. A life jacket is also even bigger must in open water (especially the ocean) due to its unpredictable nature of it.

You should never leave your dog’s side and always be ready to grab it if you mean to take it to open water and swim. You should also be quite a strong swimmer yourself.

Do Yorkie Poos like the water?

Whether or not your Yorkie Poo can swim, it’s important to know first if it likes the water. As a breed, Yorkie Poos are inconsistent as to whether they like the water or not. Poodles love the water, while Yorkies are a bit more trepidatious around it. That being said, it’ll be up to your individual dog whether or not it wants to take the leap.