Can Yorkie Eat Cherries? (Solved & Explained!)

Cherry flesh is good for dogs in small amounts, as it contains Vitamins A and C, useful antioxidants, and lots of fiber. That said, you need to take out the seeds. Also called ‘cherry stones’, the seeds of the cherry are highly toxic if ingested and especially if chewed.

They contain a chemical called amygdalin, which converts into hydrogen cyanide in both human and dog bodies, and while a single cherry pit won’t likely harm a large dog, it could indeed poison your Yorkie.

If your dog manages to eat a whole cherry, pit and all, watch for signs such as disorientation, drooling, pupil dilation, and vomiting. If you see these or even if you are just worried, then bring your little one to the vet immediately and let them know that your Yorkie has eaten cherries.

It’s always best to err on the safe side!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the safety of cherries as a treat, in their various forms! Read on for important information that you need to know before sharing cherries with your little one!

What are the nutritional perks of cherries for Yorkies?

Cherries are low-calorie fruits with lots of good things like fiber, manganese, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and K. They also happen to be high in antioxidants, plus you’ll find cholene and beta-carotene as well in these shiny, red fruits.

So, all in all, raw and pitted cherries are certainly healthy, but only in small servings so that your Yorkie doesn’t get a sore tummy.

Can cherries be bad for Yorkies?

Like any food, it’s all about moderation – with the exception of cherry pits, leaves, and stems. All of these need to be avoided, as they contain chemicals that can convert in the body to cyanide and could prove fatal to your dog.

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Aside from the chemical risk, the pits also can cause blockages in the intestines or become lodged in the digestive tract, so the poison isn’t the only risk with cherries. Serving the cherry flesh without any stems, leaves, or pits is just fine in small amounts, though, so your Yorkie can certainly still have cherries.

How many cherries can my Yorkie eat?

It’s only recommended that you let your dog have 1 or 2 cherries, sans the pits, stems, and leaves, per day. This amount shouldn’t upset their stomachs and they should be able to enjoy them with you. If your dog does manage to swallow 1 or 2 whole cherries, that won’t be fatal, but your dog could get very sick.

Thus, it is best to keep the cherries out of reach so that you be sure that your Yorkie can only have the ones that you’ve prepared to be safe for eating.

Can dogs eat the pits of cherries?

Definitely not. The pits of cherries have the most amygdalin and if your dogs chews them, it’s even worse! In small amounts, your dog will be very sick, but even a few well-chewed cherries – pits and all – can make your dog extremely ill.

If your dog gets into a bowl of cherries and you aren’t certain how many they have had, it’s best to get them to the vet right away!

What happens when Yorkies eat cherries pits?

Symptoms of cherry pit poisoning include the following behaviors and should immediately warrant a vet visit. Let’s take a look at what to watch for:

  • Labored breathing
  • Fast heart rate
  • Mucous membranes are bright red
  • Shakes and tremors
  • Convulsions
  • Seizures
  • Excess drooling
  • Disorientation

If you see any of these symptoms, then you should bring your Yorkie in to the vet immediately and let them know that your dog has ingested cherry pits so that they can begin counteracting the cyanide right away!

Are frozen cherries good for Yorkies?

Frozen cherries are a bit different in that they have been cooked, plus a lot of sugars have been added, as well as colloidal additives in the case of frozen cherry fillings.

If we are talking about actual, unmodified cherries, then the nutrition will be the same, but with filling-type frozen cherries the added sugars and the cherry gel make this a less-than-ideal snack for your Yorkie. A tablespoon is fine, but every other day at the most or you might put your dog on the fast-track for diabete!

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Can Yorkies have cherry pie?

While your dog can certainly have a bite, that should be the most that you give them. That cherry filling is concentrated, and that will be hard on your dog’s stomach. The pie crust itself is just carbs and sugar, which are also not very good for your furry friend.

So, while you can share a small bite, more than this really is not recommended – mostly because the concentrated cherries mean that your dog is getting much more than the recommended daily dose.

Can diabetic Yorkies have cherries?

Yes, a diabetic dog can have a fresh cherry that has been pitted and had the stem and leaves removed. Stay away from any cherry options such as cherry filling, maraschino cherries, or canned regular cherries. These tend to have added sugars which you definitely don’t want to give to a diabetic dog.

Stick with fresh cherries from the produce aisle and a single cherry each day should be fine for your diabetic dog. 

Can my Yorkie have cherries every day?

Yes, your Yorkie can have 1 or 2 cherries a day. Just make sure that there are no leaves, stems, or pits. The easiest way to prepare them is to cut the cherry in half, pulling the knife around to the other side, and then separating the halves, while discarding the stem and pit.

This leaves you with two cherry halves that you can safely serve your Yorkie if they want some cherries.

Are cherry stems safe for Yorkies?

No. Stems, leaves, and especially cherry pits are not fit for canine consumption. These contain amygdalin, which will convert into hydrogen cyanide in the bloodstream and which could sicken or even kill your dog. With a small breed like a Yorkie, you have to very careful about toxins, as they are much more easily affected than larger dogs!

 Can Yorkies eat peaches?

Yes, your dog can certainly have peaches if you feel like sharing, but keep the slices amounts down to 1 or 2 and don’t feed them to your dog every day – though every other day is fine. Peaches have both fiber and Vitamin A, so they are certainly healthy, with the exception of their pits.

Like many stone fruits, the pit of the peach contains cyanogenic glycosides, which is highly toxic to dogs. If your dog gets a hold of the pit and chews it, watch for drooling, disorientation, or dilated pupils – any of which will mean that you should take your Yorkie to the vet immediately!

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Can Yorkies eat plums?

Some Yorkies do indeed like plums and they can have them, just be sure that your dog doesn’t get a hold of the pits. Plum pits are not only poisonous to your dog, but they have a sharp end that could cut the inside of your dog’s mouth or even their throats!

Aside from the dangers of the pit, plum flesh should only be served in a 1 or 2 tablespoon per day ration. While tasty, plums are very high in sugars, making them unsuitable for consumption in large amounts.

Can Yorkies eat apricots?

If your Yorkie wants an apricot, you can get them up to half of one very day but you should start with one small slice to see how their tummy handles it. If your dog doesn’t seem to exhibit discomfort, then just limit the overall amount to no more than have of an apricot, with the stone carefully removed first.

If your dog swallows the pit, this can impact their intestines, lodge in their esophagus, or if cracked could lead to cyanide poisoning, so it’s important to remove the stone before you serve any apricot to your furry friend.

Can Yorkies eat nectarines?

A great source of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, magnesium, manganese, and Vitamin A, nectarines can certainly be part of your Yorkie’s diet if they would like some, but limit servings to 2 to 3 slices of this fruit.

Nectarines are sweet, but that also means they are high in sugars, and they are also a little on the acidic side. Due to this, start your Yorkie off with a single slice – you want to make sure that they don’t suffer stomach distress.

If your dog wants more, limit the servings to 2 to 3 and they should be fine, but any more than that could cause diarrhea and upset stomach very quickly.

Can Yorkies eat lychees?

A bite or two of skinned and deseeded lychee is okay for your dog, but don’t give your Yorkie anymore than this. Lychees are toxic in the right amounts for humans, who are advised not to let their children eat more than 3 to 4 litchi in a day.

As such, while your dog could have a bite or two and suffer no ill effects, it’s probably better to take this option off of the table for your dog.

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Can Yorkies eat mangoes?

With the pit and the peel removed, your furry friend can indeed eat mangoes, but you should limit servings to just under ¼ of a cup every week. While these fruits are vitamin packed and delicious for both humans and most dogs, they are seriously sweet and this can lead to stomach discomfort or even temporary diarrhea.

As such, no matter how they beg, keep those serving sizes low and then everyone can be happy about eating mango!

Can Yorkies eat raspberries?

Yes, raspberries fall into the ‘stone fruit’ category and your Yorkie can certainly have them. You’ll just need to practice moderation if you feed them these fruits. Raspberries are high in antioxidants and even have anti-inflammatory properties, but they also contain a small amount of Xylitol – which is definitely toxic to dogs.

If you give your Yorkie raspberries, limit servings to 1 to 2 berries every other day. Even the largest dogs are recommended to eat no more than a cup of raspberries a week, so serving amounts for a Yorkie need to be judged with this in mind.

Can Yorkies eat blackberries?

Low in calories and in sugar, but high in vitamins C, K, and the mineral manganese, blackberries are certainly safe for Yorkie consumption but you must keep the amounts small. Stick to a 2-berry maximum and your Yorkie can have them, but anything more than this will likely give your little one a sour-belly, accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting!

Can Yorkies eat olives?

If your Yorkie wants olives, then they can certainly have them – but remove the pit first. While it’s not toxic like you’d find with most stone fruits, olive pits are still a choking hazard and can impact internally as well.

Stick to 1 or 2 olives, with the pit removed, and unsalted is your best option but salted is okay if you only give them 2 to 3 times a week. More than this is not recommended. Aside from the high salt content, olives are quite fatty and this makes them a pancreatitis risk in the long run.

That said, both black and green olives are perfectly fine if your Yorkie has developed a taste for them.

Can Yorkies eat mulberries?

Mulberries are fine for your Yorkie, but keep in mind that more than half of a handful in a week is a surefire recipe to an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea. That said, fresh mulberries are fine and they are high in fiber, so if you don’t overdo it then your Yorkie can certainly have them.

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One caveat, however, to keep in mind is that your Yorkie should not have baked mulberries. The problem with this is the serving size will be too high for the concentration included in mulberry baked-goods. All of that fiber will do what you expect fiber to do and your dog will be taking an all-day, very miserable potty break!