Can Alexa Feed My Cat? (Solved & Explained!)

Alexa performs many services from adjusting the room temperature to playing the music you want, and she now also helps you to feed your cat.

Alexa is programmed to manage automated feeding bowls and can feed your cat – or dog- on a fixed schedule.

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is a google-supported system developed by the Amazon company.

Alexa makes it easy to meet your daily needs from garden irrigation to setting alarms and conducting internet searches.

She is a voice-controlled virtual assistant who plays whatever music you want, can answer any question, and even tell you jokes!

What Can Alexa Do For Cats?

Alexa can do more than just feed your cat, she can also converse with them!

Alexa can mimic cat meows and other sounds to entertain and engage your cat. All you have to do is say ‘’Alexa enable meow’’ and Alexa will begin to purr away like a kitten!

Alexa actually listens to your cat. Once your cat responds Alexa will continue to mimic the exact tone and pitch of your cat for a genuine 2-way conversation.

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Can Alexa Calm My Cat?

Yes, Alexa can play music for cats to calm them down. The music selected is from a playlist that has been compiled by animal researchers, she can do the same for dogs and pretty much any household pet.

All you have to say is ‘’Alexa, open Calm My Cat’’ and the music will start playing instantly.

Can Alexa Find My Cat?

If your cat is hiding out somewhere in your house, the Find My Cat skill enables Alexa to play enticing sounds that your cat will enjoy, and hopefully encourage it to come out of its hiding place to play.

The Find My cat skill can be found in the Alexa skills on 

Also if you have an electronic cat flap that is compatible with Alexa, she can tell you if your cat is inside or outside of the house.

Alexa does this by communicating wirelessly with the flap, and tracking your cats’ collar as they go in or out of the flap. Just ask ‘’Alexa, where are the cats?’’ and she will tell you exactly where to start looking!

What Happens When You Ask Alexa to Open a Box of Cats?

Alexa is full of quirky and funny functions, and opening a box of cats is just one of them!

Of course, Alexa is a voice-only system so you won’t actually have a box full of cats descend on you when you ask her to open the box, but you will hear all noises you would expect if a bunch of cats was to leap out of a box at you.

Is Alexa Safe for my Cat?

Some pet owners worry that getting an Alexa may confuse their animals or it may use frequencies that make animals anxious.

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But don’t worry, Alexa is perfectly safe for cats and other animals. She is a durable piece of kit that is resilient to clawing or chewing.

However, like any other electronic device, Alexia does rely on electricity and has a wire attached at the back. So as long as your cat keeps clear of her power-wire, Alexa and your furry friend should get along just fine.

Why Is My Cat Scared of Alexa?

Alexa is essentially a disembodied voice. 

Cats, particularly older ones, are used to associating people with their voices. They do not understand that Alexa is a piece of electronic equipment, they think she is every bit as human as you are.

So when you speak and Alexa responds, they cannot locate a person to match to voice to. This can be very disorientating for cats and dogs because they can’t see a person or read any bodily queues. This might make them nervous as they do not know what to expect next.

However, over time your cat should get used to Alexa and will calm down and relax when she speaks.

Is Alexa a Real Person?

The voice of Alexa, which has been implemented by the Amazon company, is voiced by Colorado voice artist Nina Rolle. Amazon has sold nearly 100 million devices featuring Nina Rolle’s voice since 2014.

How Do I Turn Off Alexa Cat Mode?

You can ask Alexa to ‘disable cat mode’, or ‘stop cat mode’ but if you wish to disable the skill entirely you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Open ‘More’ menu
  3. Select ‘Skills and Games’
  4. Scroll through your skills and find Cat Mode
  5. Tap the Settings option
  6. Disable the Skill

What Can Alexa Do For My Cat?

Other than feeding and talking to your cat, Alexa can also help you care for them.

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You can set medication and vet appointment reminders by verbally telling Alexa to mark them in your calendar.

Got a favorite Cat Charity you have been meaning to sign up for? Alexa can help you with that too. If you have your payment details set up and voice-controlled security, Alexa can help you set up donations to charities and also order items for your pet straight from

Can Alexa Entertain My Cat?

Alexa entertains cats with music and meowing.

Alexa can play music that will calm your cat and equally she can play music and sounds that will excite your cat and get them ready to play!

Your cat will love the Alexa meowing function, however, cats are not the chattiest animals so this feature may only entertain your cat for a few minutes at a time.

Can Alexa Look After My Cat When I’m Not At Home?

Technically yes, Alexa can look after your cat while you are away. If you have a compatible automated feeder you can program Alexa to release cat food at regular intervals.

Alexa can also monitor your cat coming in and out of the house if you have a wireless catflap. You can ask Alexa to lock the flap at a certain time when your cat is inside.

However, Alexa can only meow and play music after she has received a verbal command, so these functions will not be available when you’re not at home.

But overall, cats need human love and affection which Alexa cannot give! Alexa is great for a day or two but leaving your cat alone longer than this is not recommended.

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