Black German Shepherd FAQ: 19 Things to Know

Black German shepherds are often seen as one of the most popular breeds in America, and for good reason! They’re beautiful, intelligent and have a lot of personality. But before you commit to bringing one home, there are some things to know about these dogs. This blog post contains 19 fascinating facts about black German shepherds that will make you want one even more!

Is a Black German Shepherd Rare?

All black German shepherds with a solid color coat are quite rare. To some extent, every German shepherd is going to have at least some black fur, but solid black ones that lack other markings are really rare.

Are Black German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Black German shepherds have nearly all of the traits that other colors of German shepherds do, so they’re very good family dogs. That being said, they can become too attached to a family and might start to get overprotective in some instances.

How Much Are Black German Shepherds Worth?

According to canine specialist Andrina Lima, a black German shepherd with paperwork can cost around $2,000 on average. Those from particularly famous breed houses might cost even more.

What is the Rarest Color of German Shepherd?

Solid black without any sable markings are probably the rarest color of German shepherd. While there are others that are less common, these are sometimes not considered legitimate German shepherds by those that track breed standards.

How Can You Tell if Black German Shepherd is Purebred?

Paperwork is usually the only way that the organizations that manage dog shows will ever allow you to specify if a dog is purebred. Solid black German shepherds that are purebred will, however, show all of the physical and muzzle traits of a conventional dog, so this can give you some clue.

Are Black Dogs Aggressive?

Black dogs have the same temperament that their breeds usually would regardless of their coloration. The only reason that they’re thought of as more aggressive than other colors is because of the cinema.

Naturally, any dog will become aggressive if he or she isn’t treated properly.

Are Black German Shepherds Easy to Train?

German shepherds are very intelligent dogs irrespective of their coat color, so you should be able to train yours effectively as long as you’re dedicated. Watch out, though, because German shepherds have a tendency to not respect those who don’t show dedication to their cause.

Show your dog the right way to do things and give him or her plenty of affection so that you don’t run into these kinds of problems.

What Is the Best Way to Pick a Black German Shepherd Puppy?

Preferably find a source of puppies that has a wide gene pool and doesn’t inbreed the dogs. Unfortunately, some puppy mill operations will actually breed close kin in order to produce lots of German shepherds with coats that all match.

Are Black German Shepherds Good With Kids?

While black German shepherds usually love children and get along with them, they might start to become overprotective of them due to their pack mentality. You’ll want to socialize everyone you trust around your dog to inhibit any aggressive feelings they might have toward adults.

Usually, they don’t have aggressive feelings around children so much as they do around anyone they feel is threatening said children.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Black German Shepherd?

If you don’t have enough time to raise a fairly large dog who is going to have a pretty healthy apetitie, then you’re not going to want to get a black German shepherd. These dogs really do take a lot of care and it’s best to be sure that you’re prepared to provide it.

Will a Black German Shepherd Attack an Intruder?

Since they have the same degree of pack mentality that all German shepherds do, black-coated ones may very well attack intruders. They might also think that invited guests pose a threat if you’re not careful to tell them about who you’re having over.

Do Black Dogs Get Adopted?

Despite some reports to the contrary, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much evidence that coat color is a determinate when it comes to getting dogs adopted. Unfortunately, this might slowly be changing as a result of both the traditional mass media as well as social media.

Black German shepherds, on the other hand, may actually be adopted at a greater rate because they’re rare and people like the prestige that comes with owning such a physically attractive dog. If you’re adopting a dog, though, then you shouldn’t let mere aesthetic preferences get in the way of finding a new forever friend.

Are Black Dogs Evil?

Black dogs aren’t evil at all, and any such statements are merely based on ridiculous dated superstitions. Ironically, light-colored dogs have also been seen as evil at various times in certain areas as well.

Do Black German Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

A well-socialized and properly pampered black German shepherd will love to cuddle. Depending on his or her size, there’s a good chance that they might turn into a leaner as well as they look for affection and attention.

Which is Better a Black German Shepherd Male or Female?

Both male and female black German shepherds differ very little from male and female shepherds of any other color, so this shouldn’t really factor into your decision. You will want to prepare for the differences in raising a male or female dog depending on your choice, however, as females may need extra care as they enter sexual maturation.

Do Police Use Male or Female Black German Shepherds?

Less than 7 percent of all German shepherds develop full black coats by the time that they’re adults according to most cynology studies. As a result, it’s doubtful that most police departments would ever have the chance to train very many of them regardless of their gender.

German shepherds that have both sable and black fur are more common in investigations.

Do Black German Shepherds Bark a Lot?

They bark no more than any other German shepherd would. If your dog has a tendency to bark all the time, then he or she might be bored or could be trying to warn you of something.

Most German shepherds will bark to let you know that they perceive some kind of threat.

Are Black German Shepherds High Maintenance?

While they’re not really any more of a high maintenance dog than any other German shepherd, you will want to think about how much they eat. They also need a fair amount of physical activity.

Since they tend to be highly intelligent, there’s a good chance that you’ll also need to provide plenty of challenges to keep them occupied.

Do Black Dogs Get Hotter?

Dogs with darker coats tend to absorb more sunlight, so they could get hotter faster than other dogs. When the temperature starts to climb, make sure that you provide your dog with plenty of shade and water to help him or her weather the increased amount of heat.