Biewer Terriers FAQ (13 Questions Answered)

The Biewer Terrier (pronounced “Beaver”) is a relatively new type of purebred dog which stems from breeding two Yorkshire Terriers with the recessive piebald gene. Biewer Terriers are tri-colored and have their own unique appearance featuring pointy ears. They are loyal dogs, making them the perfect choice for many first-time dog owners.

Can Biewer Terriers Be Left Alone?

Although leaving your Biewer Terrier alone for a couple of hours is fine, leaving them for any longer than 5 hours per day is typically not advised as it can lead to behavioral problems such as biting, scratching, and barking. Your Terrier may also become anxious, stressed, or depressed. 

Do Biewer Terriers Bark A lot?

Like most dogs, Biewers will bark, but it’s only to alert their owner to a potential threat. Biewer Terriers are calm, easy-going dogs, so they don’t typically bark as much as their Yorkshire Terrier counterparts. 

Is a Biewer Terrier A Good Dog?

Absolutely! A Biewer Terrier is an extremely good dog and makes for the perfect family pet. They are highly affectionate, loyal, and love spending quality time with their owners. Despite their small stature, Biewer Terriers are full of energy and love playtime, making them a great addition to families with older children. 

How Much Exercise Does A Biewer Terrier Need?

As Biewer Terriers are a toy breed, they don’t need much exercise at all! For puppies, 45 minutes per day is sufficient, whereas 30 minutes per day is fine for adults. Because they are small dogs, they don’t fare well on long hikes or runs. 

As mentioned above, Biewer Terriers are highly playful dogs, so they need regular exercise to burn off excess energy. Playtime around the house or garden will usually suffice if you can’t take them out for a walk.

Are Biewer Terriers Easy To Train?

Biewer Terriers are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them incredibly easy to train. Biewer Terriers are known for being stubborn, but with a few treats and an authoritative tone of voice, they will pick up on your commands and quickly learn the dos and don’ts of your household. 

Are Biewer Terriers Aggressive?

Biewer Terriers have been described as large dogs in a small dog’s body meaning they are energetic, affectionate, and loyal. But this does mean they can be strong-headed at times! Although they’re not aggressive dogs, they can be wary of strangers and other animals which is why the American Kennel Club recommends socializing them from a young age. 

How Much Does A Biewer Puppy Cost?

The cost to purchase a Biewer Terrier puppy depends on a variety of factors, including where the breeder is based, their reputation, litter size, supply and demand, training, vaccinations, and much more. 

The average price you can expect to pay for a Biewer puppy is $3,000. This is the price based on a Biewer puppy that has all the necessary documentation and has had its vaccinations. Expect to pay up to $5,000 for a Biewer puppy that is of show quality, from a specialist breed line, or has breeding rights. 

How Long Do Biewer Terriers Live?

The average Biewer Terrier lifespan is 12 to 15 years. Although, if cared for properly, a Biewer Terrier could live for up to 17 years. There are a variety of factors that influence the lifespan of a Biewer Terrier, including diet, regular check-ups with the vet, and any congenital diseases. 

If you keep up to date with your dog’s vaccinations, booster shots and give them regular exercise and a healthy diet, you shouldn’t have any problems with your Biewer terrier. 

What Is The Difference Between A Yorkshire Terrier And A Biewer Terrier?

There are only two main differences between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Biewer Terrier. The first is coat color – Yorkshire Terriers typically only have 2 coat colors which are either tan or gold and black or blue. Biewer Terriers have all 3 colors in their coat and also include white too in a banded color pattern. 

The second difference is that Biewer Terriers’ tails are traditionally not docked as tail docking is illegal in Europe, where Biewer puppies were developed. 

Does A Biewer Terrier Shed?

Because Biewer Terriers are classed as ‘hypoallergenic dogs, ‘ many people think they do not shed. That simply isn’t true. Biewer Terriers do shed, but in a very similar way to humans. 

Biewer Terriers have a single-layer coat, except they don’t shed this seasonally like other breeds. Instead, their coat grows until cut – just like human hair. This means they only shed a minimal amount, making them the perfect companion for anyone with allergies. 

How Many Puppies Do Biewer Terriers Have?

The average litter size for Biewer Terriers is between 2 and 5 puppies. As Biewer Terriers are becoming increasingly popular around the globe, you should ensure your puppy comes from a reputable breeder that follows breeding guidelines closely. 

Anyone looking to purchase a Biewer Terrier puppy should do their research thoroughly and should always ask to see the relevant paperwork concerning your puppy’s lineage, vaccinations, and microchipping. 

Do Biewer Terriers Ears Stand Up?

Biewer Terriers have “prick ears”, which means their ears stand up. Biewer Terriers are born with floppy ears as they do have not yet developed the muscle strength in the base of their ears to hold them upright. 

Between 8-16 weeks, the ears will gradually raise and stand up by themselves. You may notice one stands up before the other; however, this is perfectly normal. 

In some instances, your Terrier’s ears may never stand up. This doesn’t affect their quality of life; however, if you had planned to enter your Biewer into Dog show events, this would hinder your performance. 

Do Biewer Terriers Swim?

Like most dogs, Biewer Terriers can swim. However, as they are small dogs they can get cold quickly so it’s important to not let them have too much time in a pool or lake whilst out on walks where there may be exposed to water.