What is The Best Yorkie Mix? (Solved & Explained!)

There is no best Yorkie mix overall, but there is the best Yorkie mix according to your needs. If you want a Yorkie that is robust enough for hiking, Try a Goldenshire (Yorkie/Golden Lab) If you want a Tiny Yorkie that’s cool and collected, opt for a Dorkie (Yorkie/Dachshund).

The number of Yorkie mixes is almost endless, and there is no doubt you will find the right mix for you.

How Many Yorkie Mixes Are There?

There is only one Yorkshire Terrier, but there are dozens of mixed Yorkshire Terrier breeds that are popular in the puppy marketplace.

There are roughly 20  ‘official’ Yorkie mixes but in reality, there is much more than this, especially when you count the quarter Yorkie breeds!

The rarest among them are the Chocolate Yorkies, which are technically standard Yorkies but have been crossbred with a chocolate-coated canine a few generations before.

What Are The Most Popular Yorkie Mixes?

Yorkie mixes are popular the world over, and all of them rival the standard Yorkie on the cuteness scale and love-o-meter. That being said, each Yorkie enthusiast has their own reasons for adopting a mixed breed, here are some of the most popular Yorkie mixes and their characteristics.


Havashires are cross-bred between Yorkie Terriers and Havanese.

They weigh between 6 – 12 pounds and are very cuddly and cute dogs that have higher levels of athleticism and agility than the standard Yorkie.

They love their owners’ to the ends of the earth and do not do well when separated from them for long periods. They are great with other dogs if correctly socialized from a young age, but they do have a tendency to be protective and dominant in some cases.

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Chorkies are mixed between chihuahuas and Yorkies, resulting in a very small breed weighing no more than 10 pounds.

Chorkies are seriously cute, and make excellent alarm dogs, alerting you of an intruder or visitor that approaches the house.

But don’t worry, they are not overly aggressive. Chorkies are smart dogs that take well to training but can be a little stubborn at times, but with a little patience and consistency, you will have a very well-behaved dog.


Yes, Pugshires are as cute as their name suggests! Pugshires are a cross between a Pug and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are hearty dogs that are more robust than the standard Yorkie and are a true lap dog if there ever was one.

Pugshires love company. They do not do well with families who are often absent. If you have a lot of time and love to give, a Pugshire is an ideal canine companion.


Goldenshires are one of the larger mixes. The offspring of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Golden Retriever, Goldenshires weigh between 15-12 pounds and are classed as medium-sized dogs.

Goldenshires are extremely friendly and always looking for the next adventure! They do well with owners that are confident, and good at setting routines and boundaries early.

Full of energy and incredibly friendly with everyone they meet, Goldenshires lack the defensiveness of their Yorkie parent but are not as patient as a full-blood Golden Retriever.

So, although they are great with older kids, they should never be left unsupervised with younger ones.

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Borkies are crossed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Beagle. They are highly vocal dogs, that make wonderfully cuddly family members.

Borkies love to play and weigh up to 25 pounds. Due to their tendency to verbally greet visitors with a bark, a Borkie may not be a great choice for those living in apartments or with noise restrictions.

But if that is not an issue for you, a Borkie is a great family pet that is very loving and full of life and positivity.


Crusties are the offspring of a Chinese Crested and a Yorkshire Terrier. Crusties are small breed dogs that weigh between 7 -13 pounds and are eager to please their owners and get along with the family.

Crusties are a pleasure to train, as training and learning are fun activities for them. They are very lively and full of love and are great for active families who are always out and about.

Are Yorkie Mixes Good Dogs?

Yorkie mixes are highly desirable dogs. The main reason is that, although Yorkies make wonderful pets they do have some undesirable traits that have led to them being crossbred with other breeds in an attempt to iron out some of their defensive or aggressive instincts.

Also, Yorkie mixes are genetically more robust than standard Yorkies. With any purebred dog, genetic mutations can occur after generations of interbreeding.

Introducing a new breed into the mix can offset the likelihood of genetic mutations in the future.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy A Yorkie Mix?

There is no reason not to buy a Yorkie mix. A Yorkie mix is no different from a standard purebred dog, it is just a matter of preference and what you are looking for in your new furry family member.

Like all dogs, just make sure to buy your Yorkie mix from a reputable breeder and make sure they have had all their health checks.

Although mixed breeds are generally thought to be less likely to inherit genetic disorders, no dog is 100% immune from illness, so make sure they have regular appointments at their vet and all their vaccinations are completed in time.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Yorkie Mix?

One thing you should know before buying a Yorkie mix is to expect the unexpected! Although breeders and animal experts can give you a general idea of how a mixed breed may behave, there really is no telling until you get them home.

Dogs are individuals, and no more so than a mixed breed. There is no way of telling how much they have inherited from one parent or another, or which of their personality traits comes out stronger than others.

The best and only thing you can do is to love your Yorkie mix and train them the best you can. Integrate them fully into the family and love every aspect of their uniqueness.