Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs (What You Need – Solved!)

Do you have a large or hairy dog and think you’d like to try shock collar training? In this article we’ll show you how we use shock collars as advanced “clickers” to speed up training and reduce distractions. Plus we’ll show you our top picks that work best for our dogs.

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Top Pick For Large Dogs

Large dogs can be difficult to control. A shock collar can be useful to correct behavior. The top pick for large dogs is from Dog Care. This shock collar comes with three different modes to help you train your dog and correct them when needed. The three modes are noise, vibration, and shock.

One problem that other shock collars have is that their buttons are exposed. An accidental brush of your hand against the surface of the remote or holding it in your pocket may cause an accidental shock. That isn’t the case with this collar from Dog Care. It uses a cover that keeps you from pressing buttons accidentally. No more accidental shocks!

Another incredible feature of this collar is that it can be used to train up to 9 different dogs. Unlike other collars that only give two or three other training capabilities, this collar has several channels. Each one controls a different collar. If you own several dogs or are a professional trainer, then this collar can give you more bang for your buck.

This collar also comes with several different treatment levels. That makes it ideal for larger dogs that may not feel lower settings. It also enables you to have more customization options.

Finally, it has a long remote range. The signal can reach up to 330 yards.

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  • Collar fits large breeds well
  • Noise setting is loud enough to attract dog’s attention
  • Effective in training with positive reinforcement


  • Remote may be bulky

Best For Large Dogs With Thick Fur

Another problem pet owners run into is finding the right collar for their larger breeds that have a lot of hair. The PetSpy shock collar is an ideal choice for those with lots of hair because of its extended prongs. It’s designed to reach past their hair to make contact with their skin.

Another reason why the PetSpy is a great shock collar is because of its considerable range. The transmitter can reach up to 650 yards. That makes it a great choice for hiking and hunting.

This shock collar also has three different correction levels. You can alert your dog with noise, warn them with vibration, and then correct them with shock. It also has 16 different correction levels. You’re sure to find the right level for your dog.

The design of the remote control is also made to be easy to use. It has large buttons which are easily distinguishable from each other. Whether you need to operate it in the dark or in your pocket, you’ll know which button you’re pressing.

PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Rechargeable and Waterproof Remote Trainer E-Collar - 10-140 lbs
  • Helps expert trainers and new dog parents to convert their dog's behavior
  • 3 training modes - electric shock, vibration, and beep trainer with 16 adjustable levels
  • Good fit for dogs from 10 to140 lbs, rechargeable and waterproof
  • Remote collar range is up to 650 yards
  • Blind operation design for easy and effective dog training


  • Beep is loud and gets their attention
  • Effective at training
  • Buttons are easy to distinguish and use


  • May need to move prongs through fur first
  • Range may not make it to 600 yards

Best Bark Collar For Large Dogs

The reason this bark collar from Authen is a great choice for large dogs is that it’s customizable. It has three different correction levels. You can even turn the shock correction level off completely. Those who are concerned about their dog becoming hurt by a shock will love the customization options the collar has.

It also has five different intensities for the shock level. This enables dog owners to find the exact correction intensity that their dog responds to.

It contains a smart sensor chip that removes any chance of the collar going off randomly. The collar only gives your dog a correction if they bark. It also considers the level and frequency of your dog’s bark. Using this information, it changes its own noise level to ensure the dog is able to hear the warning.

The battery can last for up to 15 days on a single charge.

It contains a protection mode that keeps the collar from being usable after it’s triggered 7 times within 30 seconds. This ensures that your dog is kept safe and doesn’t receive continuous shocks.

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  • Works effectively at preventing barking
  • Worth the money
  • Only shocks after other warning systems are used


  • Not recommended for extended use

Strongest Shock Collar For Large Dog

In this instance, the best shock collar that delivers its strongest shock is the same as Top Pick. The collar from Dog Care takes the cake because of its 99 different levels. The 99th level is considerably strong. Using it on yourself will likely make you feel it down to your knees. It won’t harm a larger dog, but it will certainly ensure that they feel it.

Because of its 99 different level settings, you can also vary between correction levels. Each dog has their own parameter of discomfort that they respond to. Due to the several options, you’re more likely to find the one that your dog responds to the most.

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  • Great range
  • Affordable
  • Several correction levels
  • May be difficult to use on dogs with thick fur

Best For Aggressive Dogs

If your dog acts aggressively towards people and other pets, then the PatPet may be able to help. It has the standard correction modes. It also has 16 levels for correction. The collar goes beyond just giving you different levels for shock, too. It also has 8 different levels of vibration. This can make training your aggressive dog even more effective.

The collar has anti-jamming technology that keeps other signals from affecting it. You’ll negate accidental shocks and ensure that you’re able to correct your dog when you need to.

The battery life is also extended on this collar. It can last up to 11 days on a single charge. The collar has a protection mode that automatically shuts the collar off if it’s working continuously for over 10 seconds.

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  • No burning shocks
  • Effective at training
  • Vibration levels alone often suffice


  • Battery may not last 11 days


Will A Shock Collar Help With An Aggressive Dog?

A shock collar can help train bad behavior out of an aggressive dog. To get the most results, you need to take the dog to Aggressive Dog Training. With the shock collar and a professional, your dog’s behavior can be corrected.

Will A Shock Collar Stop My Dog From Biting?

Shock collars can also help train your dog not to bite. It requires careful training on your part. If you don’t know how to train a dog effectively, then you may want to consider coupling their shock collar with lessons from a professional trainer.

Can An Aggressive Dog Be Cured?

Aggressive dogs can be helped with proper training. Sometimes, a shock collar can help the training process. A professional trainer can help determine whether or not the dog can be trained.

What Is The Best Shock Collar For Great Danes?

The Dog Care shock collar listed above is the best choice for Great Danes. Its several levels allow you to find just the right level for the large animal.

Do Shock Collars Work On Big Dogs?

Shock collars do work on big dogs. Because they’re large, they require greater intensity than smaller dogs. The prongs may also need to be longer in order to reach their skin.

Is A Vibration Collar The Same As A Shock Collar?

Some vibration collars are capable of shocking. Others are not. Those that don’t have shocking capabilities are only capable of noise generation and vibration.

Do Shock Collars Work For Barking?

Shock collars can be effective tools to stop barking. Using the correct level of intensity can tell the dog they’re doing something incorrectly. Using positive reinforcement to reward the dog when they’re doing something right can help them understand between wrong and right.

This video can help you learn how to use a shock collar to correct barking.