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Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews – Buyers Guide

There are a number of best dog shock collar brands, models and types. This can make things very time-consuming and confusing to find a collar that is best for your dog.  To make things a little easier, we have put together a buying guide of popular and top rated dog shock collars in 2017.

Best Dog Shock Collar Quick Selection for 2017

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer 105Dogtra IQ Remote TrainerDT Systems R.A.P.T 1400 Remote Control Dog Training Collar SystemPetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer
ImageSportDOG Brand YardTrainer 105Dogtra IQ Remote TrainerDT Systems R.A.P.T 1400 Remote Control Dog Training Collar System, BlackPetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer
Dog Size8-55 lbs10 lbs & up30 lbs & up40 lbs & up
Range100 yards400 yards1400 yards1000 Yard
Water ProofYesCollarYesYes
Low Battery IndicatorNoYesYesYes
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Dog Shock Collar Reviews

#1 Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock Electronic Collar

Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock Electronic CollarThe Petrainer PET998DRB dog training collar is one of the most popular collars among both individual pet owners and professional pet handlers. With its 330 feet of range, there will never be any connectivity issues around the house, and the range can even allow the dog to roam out to the front or backyard. The collar is very universal; the size can be adjusted from 14 to 24 inches long so the collar can practically fit any dog over 15lbs. It offers 100 levels of intensity and vibration, so you will never have to worry about causing any unnecessary discomfort to your dog.

The LCD featuring a Blue Back Light makes it very user-friendly to operate in the dark. Also, even though there is only one collar included, if you were ever to purchase another collar it can be controlled by the same LCD remote.

Other features include being water resistant, efficient and safe training system with auto-Protect Mode and a power saving design with automatic standby and memory function.


#2 PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and Waterproof, All Size Dogs (10Lbs – 100Lbs), 400 Yard Range

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and Waterproof, All Size Dogs (10Lbs - 100Lbs), 400 Yard RangeFor those looking for an easy to use dog shock collar under 50, we would recommend considering the PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar.

What sets this dog shock collar apart is its range; it has a range of up to 400 yards. To give you a better idea 400 yards is equivalent to a little over three football fields, this range can come in handy if you were to go to a massive dog park. On top of its amazing range, the collar can virtually fit any size dog, the collar will adjust over any dog that weighs between 10lbs-100lbs.

It features a state-of-the-art target shocking technology that gives dog owners the ability to help correct barking, walking, leash Training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience issues. It also features a large LCD remote which lets you choose from 4 different modes (Shock, Light, Vibration & Beep) and adjust the intensity of each mode.

The LCD has a blue backlit making it usable during both day & night. This dog shock collar also comes with a high-quality lithium rechargeable battery. Also, it also is equipped with a battery level indicator and an auto power protect mode to prevent draining the battery life. The great thing about this shock collar is that if you were ever to have any issues with it there is a lifetime replacement guarantee, that’s right the manufacturer will provide a full refund or replacement.


#3 Petrainer PET998DBB Waterproof Shock Collar 330yds Remote Dog Training Collar with Beep/Vibration/Shock Electric E-collar

Petrainer PET998DBB Waterproof Shock Collar 330yds Remote Dog Training Collar with Beep/Vibration/Shock Electric E-collarIf you’re looking for a dog shock collar of high quality, then you probably want to look into the Petrainer PET998DBB. This unit is designed with RF434Mhz technology and has a range of up to 330 yards. The benefit of this dog shock collar is that has the option of coming with two collars instead of one; you can spontaneously train two dogs at a time from the same remote.

Similar to some of the other dog shock collars you have the ability choose between 0-100 Levels of Static Stimulation (Shock Intensity) & Vibration. Also, this model also has one set standard Tone (Beep) Mode which will give an audible warning.

This unit has waterproof dog collar receivers; when we say waterproof, this means the collar can be exposed to light drizzles but cannot be worn during activities like swimming. Please note that submerging the collar in water will most likely cause some water damage.

Other features include a recharge transmitter (remote) and collar that can be charged simultaneously, and an adjustable collar that is sized from 7 – 26 inches.


#4 Anpro DC-36 330 yd. Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock for 15 to 100 lbs. Breed Dog Vibration/Shock Electronic Electric Collar

Anpro DC-36 330 yd. Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Collar with Beep, Vibration and Shock for 15 to 100 lbs. Breed Dog Vibration/Shock Electronic Electric CollarFor people who are looking for the most bang for their buck, this is probably your ideal choice of a dog shock collar. The Anpro DC-36 is very affordable and is made for basic training, potty training, biting, jumping on people, chasing cars, running away and barking. Just like some of the other collars, it provides the four basic modes to choose from: static shock, vibration, beep, and light.

This unit has a range of up to 330 yards, so owners will have the ability to let their dogs roam around the house with the collars on and perhaps even in a small dog park. Even though this is a very cost friendly unit, it has still been made waterproof which makes this is perfect for dry land long distance training.

The collar itself is made of a thick and sturdy adjustable plastic material that will fit the biggest of dogs. The electrodes or prongs on the collars can be easily swapped out as you will be provided with a pair of short and long prongs, which one you use will depend on the size of your dog.  Overall this is a great choice as a dog shock collar.


However, it all starts with making sure the shock collar has the right features so read our reviews and comparisons to decide which model you need.

What Is a Dog Shock Collar?

A dog shock collar is a training device that can be used to train dogs by discouraging any bad behaviors while promoting proper behaviors. There are three common types of dog shock collars:

1) Pet Containment System: This type of dog shock collar helps keep a dog restricted to a particular area. For example, a pet containment system may be used to maintain a dog in a front yard that doesn’t have a fence. This type of shock collar has become popular over time due to many local laws prohibiting the construction of fences on front yards.

2) Bark Control System: This type of dog shock collar is used to prevent any unnecessary barking by delivering a small shock when the dog starts barking. These collars have been proven to be very effective as dogs tend to quickly realize there is a connection between their barking and the shock.

3) Training Collars / Remote Trainers: The final type of dog shock collars are remotely controlled by the owner attempting to discourage any negative behavioral habits. The owner can control the intensity of the shock that is delivered to the dog; the idea is to match the intensity of the shock with the severity of the dog’s offenses.

Best Dog Shock Collar Buying Guide

How to choose the best dog shock collar? There are so many different shock collar brands out there that it can be quite difficult to figure out which one would best fit your dog’s needs. Moreover, it’s also easy to get lost in the intensity levels, ranges, modes, etc. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a good shock collar is the question: will it help eliminate your dog’s negative behaviors? To make this choosing process less complicated and so you can understand more about dog shock collar features we have compiled this buying guide. Using this information will help you to make the best choice.


The intensity of the shock is one of the most important features of shock collars as owners never want to induce excessive discomfort to their dogs.  There are two electrodes that make direct contact with the dog’s skin and even though the stimulation from the shock does not last long this doesn’t mean the dog’s skin can’t get irritated.

This is why it’s important to check what levels of intensity each dog shock collar is capable of. Nowadays most shock collars come equipped with adjustable intensity levels. When you are looking for shock collars for a dog you want to look for one that many levels of intensity. You do this because having a collar with many levels means that the intensity difference between each level is a lot smaller. Which means you will be less likely to cause your dog any excessive discomfort.


The range is all about how far a shock collar and transmitter that can communicate. Note: 1 mile doesn’t mean 1 mile if there are hills, buildings, or other obstructions in the way the range becomes shorter. When shock collars specify they have a range of 1 mile, this means 1 mile of unobstructed flat land.

The bright side is that nine times out of 10 owners won’t need a large range as they will most likely be using the shock collars in their homes. Even when training the dog with shock collars extend out to the front or back yard there will never be a need for anything over 500 yards.

Audible Mode

When looking for a good dog shock collar, you should consider looking for a collar with an audible mode. Most shock collars nowadays give the owners a choice between a shock and an audible option. This means instead of just a shock owners can choose a warning beep or vibration mode. Owners are encouraged to use the audible option first to see if there is any change in the dog’s behavior, often this can lead to not needing to shock the dog altogether. This can a key feature for those who are uneasy about potentially causing excessive discomfort to their dog.

Other Features

  • Waterproof: Dogs like water and tend to play in puddles to cool off after a lot of physical activity which is why it’s a good idea to look for a waterproof shock collar.
  • Lightweight: If owners plan on using shock collars on their dog’s while they are at the local dog park or while simply going for a walk it’s a good idea to consider how light weight and flexible the collar is. An important part of the shock collar is having the two electrodes making contact with the dog’s skin; the collar should be flexible enough to make sure there is contact to the skin.

Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews

How does a Dog Shock Collar Work?

Understanding how a dog shock collar works will help you to understand how to use it. Dog shock collars work using static correction. The shock poses no danger to the dog’s health. It is considered a very mild, harmless electric stimulation that gets the dog’s attention and most best dog shock collars can be adjusted to fine tune the intensity and duration of the shock.

The concept is quite simple; it has to do with positive and negative reinforcements. When a dog is misbehaving the shock collar will send a brief shock to the dogs through two electrodes, this is a negative reinforcement. When a dog receives this shock, they learn very quickly that a specific behavior and the shock are directly related. The idea is to replace this negative reinforcement with positive reinforcement as the dog stops showing signs of bad behavior. For example, to positively reinforce a dog to continue this good behavior an owner may give them a treat.

Bottom Line

Every dog will have different needs. Therefore, there is no one fit all model, one model or other might be a better choice for you. The best value dog shock collars that we have listed above are the most popular in 2017. All of them have high user ratings among various pet owners.

When you are looking at the dog shock collars listed above you want to consider what the purpose of the collar is, are you trying to contain your dog, prevent barking, or simply do some behavioral training. Also, when you compare dog shock collars, you should consider your budget and the features you would like the collar you are looking for to have. Do you want a collar that’s waterproof, what is a sufficient range for your dog, would you like an audible mode?  We hope that with the information that we have provided in this best dog shock collars guide, you will find a dog shock collar that meets your needs.

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  1. This collar seems to be faulty as we are getting complaints that they cannot be recharged or the remotes dont always work. It is sold by Yan Liu in from Shenzhen China

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Which collar do you refer to?

  2. I love the collar and the company is even better. I called them to get a new battery. They couldn’t find me in the system but not only did they still help me out sending me a new transmitter, the guy I talked with sent me a whole new system no questions asked. I don’t know why I wasn’t in the system but he corrected the situation and now my neighbors like us again. lol. I will never use another company.

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