Best Dog Grooming Clippers – What Are The Best Dog Clippers

Dog grooming clippers are available in a variety of styles, makes and models. With such a huge selection to choose from, making a choice can be quite daunting. The following review is intended to make the decision making process simple. There are a few key factors that will determine which are best dog grooming clippers for your four-legged friend. Ultimately, you will need to take the type of coat your dog has as well as the length and thickness of the coat into consideration, before making your purchase.

What are Dog Grooming Clippers?

Dog grooming clippers are special clippers designed to cut or shave off a dog’s fur. Certain breeds do not need their fur cut, however, some breeds may require this type of grooming for mating or medical reasons. If you are not sure of whether your dog needs to be groomed or not, simply contact the local breeders association and they will confirm that for you. The grooming clippers that you choose obviously need to be suited to your dogs breed. Since you will be using these clippers to groom your dog, make sure that it is convenient to use. Preferably, for maximum comfort choose a clipper that is noise free, wireless and has a long and powerful battery life.

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Quick Product Comparison

Maxshop Dog clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs and Cats Electric Grooming Trimming Kit Set (Gold+Black)


Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet, Dog, & Cat Clipper & Grooming Kit (#9484-300)


Oster Pet Clippers | A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cyogen-X Blade


WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers, Rechargeable Low Noise/Quiet Dog Grooming Kits for Hair Cut for Small/Large Dogs, Thick Coats, Cats, by The Brand Used by Professionals. #9766


Best Dog Grooming Clippers Buyers Guide

Prior to Choosing Clippers:

One of the best ways to determine which pair of clippers will work best for your dog is to research your dogs breed. Find out all you can about your dog’s coat. This information will give you a better understanding of how to correctly groom your dog. It will also ensure that your post grooming expectations are reasonable. Grooming your dog is not just a matter of cosmetic appearance, but it needs to accommodate your dog’s health and lifestyle too. Lots of dog owners have made grooming mistakes in the past that have had a negative effect on their dogs, so by doing an ample amount of research into grooming do’s and don’ts, you will avoid these unpleasant mistakes.

Seeking advice from professional dog groomers such as animal trainers, breeders and in some cases a veterinarian is another great way to gather valuable information on proper dog grooming. These professionals are able to tell you exactly how to groom a dog based on the breed and the type of coat that they have. So once you determine what grooming methods can and cannot be used and include your personal preferences, choosing the best dog grooming clippers for the job becomes easier.

The wide variety of dog grooming clippers on offer makes it easy to choose the ideal clipper for your dog. The fact that these clippers are based on the same design and principle that human hair clippers are based on, is good to know. In most cases, manufacturers, state which dog breed their clippers are manufactured for, so you don’t have to play the guessing game. You will also notice that each model of dog grooming clippers is designed for a specific breed of dog, taking into consideration the breed and coat type of the dog. It is also ergonomically designed to be as comfortable and convenient for human beings to use.

Prior to the actual grooming, you should prepare for what comes before, such as possible shampooing and drying. You should also prepare yourself for what comes after such as the cleaning up. You may also decide to do the grooming inside or outdoors if you prefer to minimize the mess.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers Reviews

#1 – Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs and Cats Electric Clippers Grooming Trimming Kit Set (Gold+Black)

This is one of the most widely used dog grooming clippers on the market. It is versatile and can be used on various types of coats. If using it on long haired dogs, it is recommended that you trim it down with a pair of scissors prior to using the clippers. This item is designed for ease of use:

The maximum noise output is 50 decimals, which makes it ideal for pet owners with high strung pets. This also gives you a quiet grooming experience. The clipper is also extremely efficient making it easy to cut even the thickest of coats. This state of the art clipper is suitable for various dog breeds, even ones with thick coats. The up to date technology ensures that the tugging and pulling sensation that is characteristic of most human hair clippers is eliminated, ensuring that your dog has the best possible experience while being groomed.

The machine consists of stainless steel blades which are durable and lasts for long periods of time, before signs of rust appear. You can also have the blades sharpened. The clipper comes complete with four different sized combs that make it easy to cut your dog’s coat at various lengths. So you can use them to give your pets coat a thinning effect, or simply take off chunks of hair at a time. The combs are designed specifically for dog’s coats and measure between 3mm to 12mm in length.

One of the main advantages of this unit is that it is lightweight and cordless. This also makes it extremely portable. It comes with a charger and after a few hours of charging, you can use it for about an hour and a half before it needs to be charged again. The wireless feature is indeed practical as most pet owners need to twist and turn in order to keep their pet still for the grooming process. So the fact that there aren’t any cords to twist around is great.

Although the blades are stainless steel and remain sharp for quite some time after use, it can still be removed and sharpened if you wish. This is a versatile dog grooming clipper that works well with most breeds such as German shepherds, Yorkies, Border Collies and English sheep dogs, however for shaggier breeds, it is recommended that you trim down the coat with a pair of scissors prior to using the clippers.

Overall speaking, this unit has a great design, it’s lightweight and easy to use, but it is not intended for heavy duty grooming of dogs with very thick coats or for excessive use.


#2 – Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit 16 pc. set #9484-300

This item is considered by many dog groomers to be one of the best dog grooming clippers on the market. It is designed to be lightweight but durable as well. Although it is considered a medium duty clipper, the item still packs a punch and is ideal for various types of dog coats. The motor is designed to deliver the required amount of power in cases of thicker than expected fur. The cutting speed is equivalent to 7200 strokes per minute. The stainless steel blades are considered high performance making this machine suitable for pet owners and ideal for pet grooming professionals as well. According to the manufacturer, this medium duty dog grooming clipper will work wonders on dogs with thin to medium thickness coats. You may also attempt to use it on dogs with thick coats, however a trimming or cutting down with a pair of scissors is required in order to deliver better results.

Wahl is a household name that is associated with great quality human hair clippers and thanks to this credibility, pet owners trust any similar product created by this company. Included in the sale is an apron, set of combs and an instructional DVD which really adds value to the purchase. According to Wahl, these dog grooming clippers are best used on Maltese Poodles, Labradors and Spaniels. You can basically use it on any breed of dog with medium to fine fur.


#3 – Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Animal Clipper

Although many people are fooled by the slim design, this clipper is heavy duty. For those pet owners who are concerned about whether the other clippers mentioned are powerful enough to adequately groom their dog, this machine is definitely one to consider. This machine is rated heavy duty and can easily groom livestock and horses. It has a 2 speed motor and delivers between 3000 to 4000 strokes per minute. It also gives an impressive first cut or basically gets the job done the first time around. Blade changes are quick and easy with the detachable blade system. This machine is suitable for all breeds, whether they have fine hair or thick hair. It is not wireless, but what it lacks in mobility it more than makes up for in durability and productivity.


#4 – Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Lithium Ion Pro-Series Rechargeable Clipper Kit #9766

This item is considered a professional dog grooming kit. It is also created by a reputable household name and is used by pet owners and professional dog groomers alike. The machine is durable and like the Oyster, powerful as well. This cordless clipper is designed to be durable and long lasting. It is one of the quietest clippers on the market and is extremely easy to use. It is designed to be a medium to heavy duty machine. If your dog has extra thick fur, ensure that you use a pair of scissors first to trim down his hair, and then use the clippers. This super quite machine is designed to be durable and will take care of all medium to heavy duty grooming requirements.


How do the best dog grooming clippers work?

Dog grooming clippers work in much the same way as human hair clippers do. The design allows fur to pass over the snout and fall free, keeping the blades clear as they move forward.

Before you use clippers on your dog:

  • Be sure to read the safety guidelines and manufacturers operating instructions
  • Get your dog comfortable with the sound of the clippers. Switch it on and let it run to observe the reaction of your dog and also allow him to get used to what it sounds like so that he will be more comfortable when grooming time is at hand. If you notice that your dog is afraid of the sound and starts behaving strangely, introduce positive play experiences while the machine is on, to desensitize him to the sound.
  • Your dog’s fur should be washed and dried prior to using the clipper. Although you may need to wash and dry him afterwards especially if he has fur falling all over the place, the machine works best on a dog with clean fur.
  • If you come across tangles and knots while washing your dog, use a normal pair of scissors to cut it off. This gives the machine the opportunity to work much better and also delivers an even result.
  • Ensure that everything you will need while washing and drying him is with you. Also make sure that you check the machine for signs of excessive heat as this will alarm your dog.
  • Keep the machine away from your dog’s face and then gradually increase and extend the length of the clip line.

Bottom Line – what are the best clippers for dogs?

Every dog has a different type of coat. However, with the crossbreeds, all dogs’ coats fall squarely into the fine, medium and coarse hair types. So if you have the proper information about your specific breed, you are more capable of making a well informed decision when it comes to which dog grooming clippers to buy. Although you might be tempted to save a few bucks and get a knock off as long as long as it does the job, invest in household names. If you are ever in doubt of whether a clipper will work for your dog, choose one that is heavy duty instead of one that just might work.

The above reviews should give you an adequate amount of information to help you make a well informed decision. So when in doubt always chose the heavy duty clippers above all else.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers – What Are The Best Dog Clippers