Best Dog Food for German Shepherds – An Expert Opinion + Buying Guide

Most dog owners may not give much thought to what they feed their German shepherds, however, the reality of the situation is that these dogs eat a lot. Most German shepherds grow to be approximately 100 pounds in weight, when they are fully grown, so it’s not hard to believe that they can easily go through more than one bag of the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds, per week.

However, it is vital that you monitored what and how much food your German shepherd eats since he is prone to gastro-intestinal distress which is common in German shepherds who over eat. So keeping a close eye on him is imperative.

German shepherds are intelligent, active and very noticeably large dogs. Therefore they need proper nutrition to grow and be healthy. Unfortunately, the store bought dog food does little to provide your dog with the daily dose of nutrition, vitamins and minerals that he needs. It may fill him up, based on all the filler that it contains, but most the ingredients do not provide much nutritional value for your dog.

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Quick German Shepherd Food List And Recommendations

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound


Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult German Shepherd Dog Food 30 Pounds


Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken 24-lb


Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken, 26-Pound Bag


Buying the right dog food for your German shepherd is not easy. There is so much conflicting advice and opinions about what type of food is best for your German shepherd. Some people will recommend a raw food diet and others may recommend, wet instead of dry dog food. So ultimately, you need to do your research and then use your discretion to make the right choice for your German shepherd dog.

It is also hard to find a brand of dog food that is especially designed for German shepherds. However, there are a select few brands that produce dog food just for German shepherds. Other dog food brands make dog food for large breed like the German shepherd. So once again, you are faced with a decision to feed your German shepherd with a brand made especially for him or one that is made for similar breeds too.

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds Buying Guide

German shepherds are large dogs and their bodies are made up of mainly muscle and bone. So naturally your German shepherd needs to have mainly protein and fat in his diet. However, you should buy German Shepherd food to gain weight. If he needs to lose or gain weight, an appropriate type of dog food must be bought. Most high quality dog food contains at least 18% protein and 5% fat.

Your German shepherds’ dog food should also be bought based on other factors such as his level of activity each day. The more active your dog is, the higher his calorie intake should be for the day. An active, grown German shepherd requires between 1700 to 2000 calories per day.

You should however note that your dog becomes less active as he grows and his dog food will therefore need to be adjusted accordingly.  Your dog’s activity and weight must be monitored here as well and his portions adjusted accordingly.

Make sure you read the ingredient list on the back of the dog food. The first ingredient should be the source of protein contained in that specific dog food. Meat, fish and chicken are all great sources of meat protein for your dog. However, there is possibility that your dog may be allergic to one of these sources, so always check the pack.

The dog food should also contain a healthy source of fat, such as fish oil. Vegetable oil, however, is more suitable for German shepherds. Carbohydrates are also a vital part of his diet to ensure that he has energy. Basically, the dog food you buy for your dog should contain real food that is wholesome and nutritious. If you see too many by-product of on the ingredient list, the dog food should be placed back on the shelf.

The decision of whether to choose dry or wet dog food is always a dilemma for many German shepherd owners. Most people would assume that wet food is the best option, since it usually has bits of raw meat in it and so on. However, dry food is in fact the best options for feeding a German shepherd. This is because the crunchy texture is healthy for developing teeth and jaw bones, while it also prevents plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. It is also extremely convenient. You may want to combine wet and dry food at times and this is perfectly okay as long as you make sure it doesn’t go off in his bowl during those hot summer days.

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds Reviews

#1 – Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food is suitable for most large breeds, but especially designed for German shepherd dogs. The texture, shape and size of this kibble is suitable for large dogs. Your German shepherd’s digestive system is sensitive and thus, you need to feed him food that supports this sensitivity. The Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food is designed to be easy on your dog’s digestive system. It also provides the amount of fiber that your dog needs for healthy functioning of his system and maintain the good health of his digestive system.

The coat and skin of your German shepherd is reflective of his health. A healthy skin and coat suggests that a dog is healthy and it is completely true. The Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food contains complex nutrients that support healthy coat and skin. German shepherds are very active ad this takes its toll on their joints. This Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food formula is supportive of healthy bones and joints. It also supports healthy weight gain, so that your dog will always be at optimal weight as long as you follow the directions with regards to the amount of meal times and portions served at meal time.

So to summarize the Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food contains DHA and EPA which supports healthy joints and bones. The complex nutrients support healthy coat and skin development. It also supports a healthy and properly functioning digestive system.


#2 – Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food

Not all Dog breeds are the same, which means that the nutrition each breed needs will also differ. Most brands of food cater to a wide variety of breeds, such as large breeds; however, the EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food is made especially for German shepherds. The main ingredient is this high quality dog food is the meat protein. This supports the healthy function of the muscles.

German shepherds are extremely active and their body mass is made up predominantly of muscle. So it makes sense that the food he is on is able to provide him with the required amount of protein and fats that he needs for healthy growth and functioning.

Due to their active lifestyle they also need to maintain their joints and bones which are constantly under pressure. The fiber also helps with improved absorption and digestion.

EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food contains a 3D Dentadefense system which reduces tartar build up in 28 days. The omega 3 fatty acids are ideal for the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

Since this dog food does not contain unnecessary filler ingredients such as wheat and corn or various by-products, you can rest assured that your dog is getting the nutrition he requires. Most dog foods, especially store bought ones, contain too much filler and causes dogs to pass more stools that necessary. With the EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food your dog will get all the nutrition he requires with no filler, meaning he will pass a stool when necessary and after his body has consumed the nutrition contained in the dog food.


#3 – Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Adult Dog Food

BLUE Wilderness Large Breed Salmon Recipe is made to support the nutritional requirements of your German shepherd. It is made with the salmon that dogs love and this is one of the main ingredients.

It contains enough carbohydrates and calories so that your dog gets the energy that he needs to be active during the day.

The BLUE Wilderness Large Breed Salmon recipe is inspired by the wolves’ diet. It is grain free, contains more of the salmon and is rich in protein. The main meat protein sources are deboned salmon, fish and chicken meal, which all provide the main nutritional requirements of your dog. It contains sweet potatoes and peas which provides the carbohydrates that the dog needs. The antioxidants that are present in the dog food come from cranberries, carrots and blueberries.

This is one of the most nutritionally balanced meals for your German shepherd dog. It provides everything that he needs to be happy and healthy. Once a dog’s diet contains a nutritional, premium dog food, you only need to supplement it with water for him to get everything he needs to be healthy.


#4 – Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is based on the raw feeding philosophy and provides an extremely high level of meat. This product is 100% grain free and contains no animal by-products. So you get pure 100% meat protein.

This dog food is packed full of nutrients that your dog needs, instead of fillers. Aside from the meat protein, it contains probiotics, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.  It also contains fish and omega blend for healthy skin and coat in your German shepherd.

This dog food was created on the theory that dogs mainly require meat to survive and thrive. This is why it contains mainly high quality animal protein. Dogs are omnivores by nature and according to experts a well-balanced premium dog food is all they really require to thrive and grow healthy.

This product is as natural as it can get. There are no by-products and fillers to give your dog the feeling of being well fed, when in fact he is not really getting the nutrition that his body is craving. It does not contain colorants, preservatives, gluten, corn, wheat and various other ingredients that do not provide any nutritional value for your German shepherd.

So to summarize, it is grain free. It is rich in protein, providing a rich chicken and turkey flavor. It also contains real fruit and vegetables which provide your German shepherds daily vitamin and mineral intake. It is premium dog food with no artificial preservatives.

It is also made in the USA and backed by the wellness guarantee.


The Bottom Line – What is the Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

When it comes to feeding your German shepherd, you want only the best for him. There are aisles of dog food at the supermarket, but most of them are not good for your dog at all. Most commercial dog foods contain loads of filler and artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives. These foods may fill up your dog but in the long run, they do not provide him with the nutritional value that he needs.

You need to do your research and find the dog food that is right for your German shepherd. In some cases, trial and error are necessary for you to see whether your dog takes to and whether he is allergic to anything.

If he eats the food, appears to have energy and his stools are consistent, then you know the food is suitable for him. If his coat is noticeably shinier then you can rest assured that you have found a nutritionally balanced dog food for your German shepherd.

All you need to do to make sure that your dog gets his nutrition is ensure that you are feeding him food that is nutritionally balanced.  Ensure that you read the ingredient list before making a purchase. If you happen to come across the ingredient by-product of too many times, then it is a good idea to put it back and continue with your search for the Best dog food for German shepherds.

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds