What is the Best Dog to Breed for Money? (Solved!)

If you’re looking to take the plunge into dog breeding, you may ask yourself which breed of dog is the best to breed for profit. There are a few ways to decide which dog to breed. You could breed the dog that you love the most as you will be most knowledgeable about that specific breed. You can also choose to breed a dog based on health and longevity for maximum profits.

Depending on why you want to breed a dog will depend on the best dog to breed for profit. Continue reading on to learn about our top dog breed choices that could potentially realize you the maximum profits you are looking for.

Choosing the Right Dog to Breed

Choosing the right dog to breed can be a difficult decision. You should first do market research in the area that you will be breeding and selling in to see what is popular and which dogs are being purchased the most. You may find that in your area there are a lot of farms and as such should consider breeding a working cattle dog.

You may also find that designer dogs fetching huge paydays are a better fit for your lifestyle and knowledge base. Dogs like the chug, labradoodle, and Pomeranians are wildly popular with those looking for a companion who doesn’t shed or is good for apartment living.

Consider Health & Longevity of the Breed

When someone is looking to purchase a dog, be it for a family pet or single person’s companion, the health and longevity of the breed is highly considered. Dogs like Chihuahua’s and Yorkshire Terriers have the longest lifespan of any breed and could be a good choice for breeding. Try to stay away from French Bulldogs and Great Danes as these dogs have the shortest lifespan.

Families especially want to choose a dog breed that will live a decently long time. Families try to get puppies when their children are small to have them grow up together. A Great Dane would not be a good choice here.

The health of the breed is another determining factor in how popular the dog breed is and how much profit you could see when breeding them. Dog owners do not want to be faced with issues like hip dysplasia or weight gain in larger breeds or ear, nose and throat issues that are prevalent in flat nosed dogs.

Which Breed Sells Best?

When considering the health and longevity of each dog breed, there are a few breeds that stand out amongst the crowd. Dogs that live a longer life with minimal health issues will be the absolute best choice for breeding. This will give the breeder maximum profits for their hard work. So which breeds are best? Let’s take a look at the top recommendations for dog breeding.

Siberian Huskies & Samoyeds

The Siberian Huskey and Samoyed breeds are the top breeds to realize maximum profits when selling them. Both of these breeds are working dogs with fluffy coats and never ending loyalty to their family. These two breeds are generally healthy with no known major health issues. These dogs also have an average life span of 10 to 12 years.

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Both the Siberian Huskey and the Samoyed can fetch an average price of $1500 to $4000 with the Huskey being slightly cheaper than the Samoyed. Considering that the breed has an average of 5 pups for each birthing cycle, you could potentially see a $20,000 payout for a single litter.


You may think about a Rottweiler and think that the massive dog will have health issues, short life spans and don’t fetch a lot of money. But, you would be incorrect! The Rottweiler is a great dog to breed for profit. This is because they are one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

The Rottweiler is a hefty dog, coming in at an average of 100 pounds, that isn’t for everyone. However, they are supreme family dogs. With unending loyalty and the ability to scare off potential threats, the Rottweiler makes a great addition to any household.

The Rottweiler is priced on average at around $2000 to $8000 and have no major health issues specific to the breed. Their litter size can range from 6 to 12 pups with an average of 9! This means that the payday from a litter of Rottweilers has the potential to be huge.

English and French Bulldogs

If you are looking to breed dogs strictly for big profits, then you should look exclusively to breed English and French Bulldogs. These dogs are cherished for their stocky bodies, flat faces, and snuggly personalities. However, these dogs are not for beginner breeders.

Both English and French Bulldogs are extremely difficult to breed. This is because they usually do not mate themselves and breeders must rely on artificial insemination to produce a litter. Moreso, once the litter is ready to be born these dogs need to have a c-section in order to get the pups out. This is because their large heads will not fit through the female bulldog’s birth canal.

As you can imagine, artificial insemination and cesarean sections to produce a litter of puppies can be quite costly. Some of these costs are offset by the profit that these dogs can bring in. English Bulldogs sell for an average of $4000 while their French counterpart fetches $6000 to $8000 regularly.

Bulldogs have a myriad of health issues and have relatively short lifespans. While this is an issue for some potential dog owners, those who are interested in bulldogs most likely have done their research, know the issues surrounding the breed, and want to purchase the bulldog anyway.

Always Breed Responsibly

If you are considering breeding dogs for profit, always remember to breed responsibly. Be sure that you have the proper equipment, time, and money to care for your dogs before, during, and after birth. Check your local laws and ordinances for rules and regulations surrounding dog breeding in your area.

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