Best Cat Bowls for 2 Cats, Digestion Issues, & Messy Cats (With Pictures)

Are you in the market for a new cat bowl? If so, I’ll be showing you some of my favorite bowls on the market today. In this article we’ll cover my favorite raised bowls, bowls to help digestion, bowls for messy cats, and more!

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Top Pick

The Marchul cat bowl easily takes the top pick for best cat bowl because of its unique and efficient design. Cats tend to be picky eaters. When their food starts to mix with one another, they don’t always eat it. This bowl removes that problem by keeping dry and wet food separate.

It even has its own dish for water. The water comes out of a bottle that can be re-filled and easily inserted into the reservoir. Only a little bit of water is let out at a time, ensuring your cat has fresh water throughout the day.

The design of the cat bowl is also ideal. It’s elevated to reduce back and neck strain for your cat. Its smooth edges also make it easier to clean.


  • Great for older cats or cats with mobility problems
  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Comes with a free food mat to keep it even cleaner


  • Water bottle can be difficult to remove and insert

Best Raised Cat Bowl

The Petkit Cybertail takes the spot for the best raised cat bowl due to its 15-degree bowls. The slight angle makes it far easier for cats to reach their food and water without having to cram their face into the bowl.

The bowls are also made of stainless steel which means they’re durable and easy to clean. The product isn’t made with harmful ingredients that can leech into your cat’s food.

Due to their rounded shape, the bowls help prevent whisker fatigue and can even help with your cat’s digestion. Since it doesn’t have a cover, your cat will have zero problems accessing its food and water.

One of the best features of this cat bowl is its rubber bottom. You don’t have to worry about your cat pushing it around. The bowl stays in place to let them eat in peace.

PETKIT CYBERTAIL Elevated Dog Cat Stainless Steel Bowls, 15° Tilted Raised Cat Food and Water Bowls, Stress Free Food Grade Material, Nonslip No Spill Pet Feeding Bowls
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Bowls: Solid, dishwasher-safe, and harmless to pets
  • Raised Bowls can help improve cat’s digestion and 0/15° tilted reduces the strain of leaning bodies
  • The deep and wide shape prevents whisker fatigue, and rounded edges make it easy to get food
  • Slightly inclined surface prevents food spilling. Bottom rubberized grips make stable
  • Bowls are removable(simply rotate the cat bowl into buckle) and dishwasher safe. No Microwave


  • Reduction in acid reflux build-up during cat’s digestion
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Larger design makes it sturdier and easier for cats to use


  • Doesn’t come with replacement bowls

Best for Digestion

If your cat tends to vomit after eating, then it’s likely because they eat too quickly. The BeOneBreed fixes that with its cat bowl. This unique bowl comes with an intricate design that stores the food.

It forces the cat to slow down and eat each part instead of gobbling the entire thing at once. By slowing down, it gives their stomachs the time it needs to digest their food.

Although most owners may use dry food in this bowl, it also supports wet food.

No products found.


  • Ideal for cats who eat fast
  • Helps cut down indigestion
  • May entertain cats as they eat from it


  • Grooves can make it difficult to clean

Best for Food and Water for Messy Cats

Cat owners with messy cats are going to love the Neater Feeder Express cat bowl. The bowls are set in a protected area designed to catch food and water. It has a protective wall in the back as well as a lip in the front to catch any debris.

The bowls can also be removed to make cleaning the entire piece extremely easy.

In regards to the water, this feeder comes with a basin on the bottom. Any water that escapes the bowl drips down into the basin where it can be dumped out later.

Every aspect of this feeder can be washed in the dishwasher which makes it easy to maintain and keep clean.

Finally, it has rubber feet to prevent slipping across the floor.

Neater Feeder Express for Cats - Mess Proof Pet Feeder with Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowls - Drip Proof, Non-Tip, and Non-Slip - Gunmetal Grey
  • MADE FOR ALL CAT BREEDS - Designed for all cats and kittens. The Neater Feeder has a 2.75" feeding height (at bowl rim) that is ideal for your cat’s comfort, digestion, and joints. DISCLAIMER: Neater Feeder Express is NOT compatible with any Leg Extensions.
  • MESS PROOF & SPILL PROOF - Spilled food is separated and contained at the top of the cat feeder, while spilled water drains into the catch basin below to keep your cat’s feeding area neat and clean.
  • GENTLE ON WHISKERS - The Neater Feeder comes with shallow food and water bowls that are gentle on your cat’s sensitive whiskers. Each cat bowl holds up to 1 Cup of food or water.
  • SAVE TIME CLEANING - Thanks to its splash-proof raised walls, spills and messes are completely contained within the raised feeder. The feeder also comes with non-skid rubber feet to prevent sliding and additional splashing. This means less time spent mopping floors and wiping down walls.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - All parts of this elevated feeder, including cat bowls as well as top and bottom basins, are 100% dishwasher safe. The Neater Feeder is Made in the USA. The stainless-steel cat bowls are made in India.


  • Traps food from falling on the floor
  • Spilled water collects in the basin
  • Elevated to help digestion


  • Might be too light and still easy to push around

Best for Wet Food and Bored Cats

The Lickimat Casper & Felix cat bowl is an interesting and unique design aimed to help fix cat boredom. The bowl is in the shape of a fish and contains grooves that the wet food can be smooshed in.

The cat then has to lick or eat the food from the grooves. This can help cats slow down their eating which helps with digestion. It also makes eating more enjoyable. It can even help anxious cats by giving them something to focus on.

This model is made from animal-safe products and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins.

Lickimat Casper, Fish-Shaped Cat Slow Feeders Lick Mat, Boredom Anxiety Reducer; Perfect for Food, Treats, Yogurt, or Peanut Butter. Fun Alternative to a Slow Feed Cat Bowl or Dish, Turquoise
  • REDUCES ANXIETY, BOREDOM AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR – LickiMat allows cats to enjoy an enriched feeding experience by picking food embedded in the surface. The whisker friendly design is perfect for fussy cats and may encourage food interest.
  • LICK MAT ENRICH FEEDING TIME - Casper is all about mimicking feeding, like in the wild.  The ribs and ridges of the low profile design allow the cat to naturally crouch and enjoying feeding. The feeder enriches and prolongs the meal, making it a pleasurable experience.
  • DENTAL HEALTH - LickiMat textured surfaces promote pleasurable licking action, which generates saliva helping protect your pet’s teeth and gums. Scrapes food pieces and odor-causing pieces off your pet’s tongue, promoting healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath.
  • SERVE HEALTHY TREATS – serve yogurt, peanut butter, purées, spreads and all manner of organic and healthy treats. Food settles in the mat’s surface which slows the feeding dramatically and prolongs enjoyment. Less calories, healthier treats and longer duration.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE: NO SILICONE. PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR PET. THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY. Please supervise your pet. If you have a known chewer, please order a LickiMat Tuff. It is very strong and 100% dishwasher safe. Licking, Lick Pad, Snuffle Mat.


  • Entertaining grooves makes eating fun
  • Funny fish design looks great in the home
  • Slower eating promotes healthy digestion


  • Grooves can make it difficult to clean out the bowl

What Type of Cat Bowl Is Best?

The best type of cat bowl is one that is slightly elevated. This helps reduce the strain on the cat’s back and neck. It also reduces acid reflux which may cause them to vomit later.

The bowls should also be firmly attached to the ground. Bowls that move around can frighten cats or make it difficult for them to eat.

For cat owners, you also want a bowl that is easy to clean and safe to use in the dishwasher.

Should Cat Bowls Be Elevated?

Elevated cat bowls make it easier and more comfortable for cats to eat from them. Older cats may especially prefer having elevated bowls. If your cat suffers from indigestion, then you may also see an improvement when you switch to an elevated bowl.

Do Cats Prefer Bowls or Plates?

Bowls are better suited for cats if the bowl is elevated. The curved nature of the bowl makes it easier to reach and collect food. Plates may be easier if they’re on the floor, but then you run the risk of encouraging indigestion in your cat. If the plate is elevated, then cats will have a harder time eating from it.

Bowls are the better option.

Where Should I Keep My Cats Food Bowl?

Your cat’s food bowl should be in a place that is easy for them to reach and easy for you to clean. The kitchen is often an ideal location because it has hard flooring that’s easy to clean.

Having the food bowl close to their litter box is also a good idea. Cats usually have to use the bathroom shortly after eating. If your cat has bladder problems, then keeping their bowl close to the litter box can spare you both from experiencing messes.

Is it Safe to Wash Cat Dishes With Human Dishes?

If you use hot water to clean your cat’s dishes with your human dishes, then it should be fine to wash them together. However, if you’re worried that there might be some cross-contamination, then it may be a better idea to wash them separately.