Best Affordable Electronic Dog Door

If you want your dog to be able to go out and play in the backyard without having to get up and open the door, you need a simple pet flap.

However, pet flaps won’t prevent your dog from going out if the weather isn’t ideal for them or if it’s not a good time to be outside for any reason.

In that case, an automatic or electronic pet door would get the job done without you having to lock and unlock the flap yourself.

The problem is, some of these electronic dog doors can be quite pricey. But worry no more! In the following article, we’ll walk you through various options, so you can pick the best affordable electronic dog door for your little pooch. Let’s dive in!

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Top 4 Affordable Electronic Dog Door

Finding a good electronic dog door that comes at a reasonable price can be quite challenging with all the options available out there. 

Here are the best 5 electronic dog door options that won’t break the bank for various budget levels.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor with Extra PetSafe Electronic SmartKeys

Kicking off the list with one of the best all-round options that come at quite a decent price for its value.

This one comes with a durable plastic door that features LED indicators and can work for up to 5 different smart keys.

The smart door has multiple options such as auto-locking as well as programmable selective entry. Additionally, it’s super easy to install thanks to its simple yet informative instructions manual.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor, White, Large with Extra PetSafe Electronic SmartKey for PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor - Bundle
  • The PetSafe SmartDoor features programmable selective entry, exit, and auto-locking functions to provide convenience for you and your pets.
  • Other features include a durable plastic frame with LED Indicators, Sensitivity Control, installation instructions and cutting template
  • SmartDoor works with the battery operated SmartKey (1 included: Placed in the battery box) SmartKey is worn on your pet's collar, Electronic lock
  • Works with the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor for additional pets to use the pet door or as a replacement key if your pet's key is lost
  • Each key uses radio-frequency identification technology to send a signal to the Electronic SmartDoor to unlock the flap so your pet can enter and exit


  • Recognizes multiple pets
  • Easy to install and use
  • Accommodates medium large dogs 


  • Makes a loud sound when locking and unlocking

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Another highly convenient option that will also get the job done is the SureFlap Microchip pet door.

This one comes at quite a decent price despite packing multiple features, such as selective entry, multiple chip type compatibility, and ease of use.

This microchip door is ideal for smaller breed dogs, as it’s originally designed for cats. However, multiple small dog owners use it with no problems as long as their dogs have a compatible microchip on them.

SureFlap - Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Flap, White, Scans Pet's ID on Entry, Check Your Cat's Size,Flap Opening is 4 3/4” (H) by 5 5/8” (W)
  • SELECTIVE ENTRY CAT DOOR (Screens on Entry only): Uses RFID to read your cat’s implanted ID microchip, allowing your cat access without letting in stray animals—learns up to 32 identities; programmable collar tags are sold separately for cats without microchips. SIMPLE ONE BUTTON Programming. Helps prevent intruder animals from entering your home.
  • MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: Works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can check with your veterinarian, pet shelter or animal rescue.
  • DOOR OPENING: The Microchip Cat Door Flap opening is 4 3/4” (H) by 5 5/8” (W) and can be installed in doors, windows or walls – accessories are available from SureFlap.
  • BATTERY POWERED: Uses 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life up to 12 months depending on use. LOW BATTERY INDICATOR: Light flashes red when batteries are low and indicates batteries will need to be replaced soon.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is a great gift for pet lovers and cat lover’s – making safe spaces and homes for their cats. Three Year Warranty.


  • Ideal for small breed dogs
  • Has a long battery life of 12 months
  • Universal compatibility with a wide variety of approved chips


  • Not ideal for medium or large breed dogs

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Although this is quite pricier than other options on the list, it’s well worth its price, especially if you have a large dog.

This smart door comes in a variety of size options, allowing it to include medium and large dogs. It’s exceptionally smart, as it opens only when it’s directly approached and not when the dog is wandering around.

The door provides airtight protection against weather, which is great whether it’s too hot or too cold outside. 

High Tech Pet Power Pet Medium Electronic Pet Door PX-1
  • Motor driven vertically-sliding door is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system opens the door only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when he is just wandering by or sleeping next to the door
  • 4-way access control lets you select from In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Wind and weatherproof with airtight seal; automatic deadbolt locking adds a level of security higher than any other pet door
  • Panel size: 8-1/4 by 10-inch for cats and dogs up to 30-pound


  • Ideal for large and medium-breed dogs
  • Can be set for in or out only in addition to opening both ways
  • Sealed doors for extreme weather. 


  • A bit pricier than other options

Ideal Pet Products Designer Ruff Electronic Pet Door

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an ultra-smart electronic door with various options and features, consider this Designer Ruff Electronic Pet Door from Ideal Pet Products.

What’s great about this door is that it’s available in both large and super large options, so you can guarantee that it’ll fit your doggie no matter how chubby it gets (up to 120 lbs)!

Moreover, it features alarms that will warn you if there’s any tampering with the door. Not only that, but it also handles different weather efficiently thanks to its tight insulation.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff Weather Alarm Alert Pet Door , X-Large 9.75" X 17" Flap Size
  • Alarm sounds to alert you when Armed Lock-out slide is removed! (Requires 2-aaa batteries, not included)
  • Double, flexible vinyl flaps create a 3 inch air pocket for maximum insulation and energy efficiency
  • Easily installs in doors ranging from 1" in thickness
  • Install in walls from 4” to 7” thickness using the Designer Series Ruff Weather Pet door wall kit (sold separately)
  • Flap size is 9.75" X 17"


  • Features a super large option
  • Highly insulated
  • Features alarms for removed armed slides


  • A bit difficult to install

What Are the Benefits of Having an Electronic Dog Door?

Electronic dog doors have an extra edge over regular flaps because they utilize technology to add various features to a door flap. Here’s what you’ll get by opting for one.

Only Your Dog Will Come In and Get Out

In addition to the regular security measure of being locked any time you want, these electronic doors only allow pets with recognizable microchips or collar keys from using the door.

This means that no outdoor wild animals like squirrels, raccoons, or even rats would sneak into your kitchen through these doors.

Also, if you have visitors with pets, you can make sure that their dogs won’t be able to get out without permission.

Can Be Adjusted for a Hands-Free Schedule

Some electronic dog doors will also have timers and locking features that can prevent the door from opening from the inside at night. 

This comes in handy if your dog has a tendency to get out of the house and night, which protects them from getting lost. This saves you the hassle of manually locking and unlocking the dogs every night.

Extra Layer of Convenience and Security

While a regular dog door flap won’t be able to tell the weather outside, some electronic options can.

This allows these doors to use alarms and locking features to prevent your dog from getting out if the weather outside is too cold or too hot for them.

Can You Use a Cat Electronic Door for Dogs?

Most electronic door flaps are marketed as “Electronic Pet Doors” that use RFID technology to recognize microchips and open the door.

However, even the ones that are marketed to work for cats can easily work for a dog provided that the dog fits the criteria for a cat door. 

In other words, as long as the dog has a recognizable chip and fits the size of an electronic cat door, it’ll most likely work for them.

Wrap Up

There you have it. A complete guide with everything you need to know about electronic cat doors. If you’re looking for the best affordable electronic dog door, consider opting for PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor.

It’s an all-round perfect option that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you’re willing to spend a little bit over your budget, you can opt for the excellent quality High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door.