10 Benefits of Music Therapy for Dogs & Cats to Relieve Anxiety

The power of music to boost the mood of a human is well known but now research is done to understand whether music also has a beneficial effect on your pets, especially cats and dogs? Normally it is found that when music is played your cat leaves the room or your dog do not pay attention to that. It doesn’t mean that they do not like music. It is only that the music that we normally play may not be attractive to them.

Different research done on Cats and dogs reveal that they too love music the difference is that they do not prefer the sounds that humans like. One major cause may be due to their hearing range. While humans can hear up to 20,000 Hz dogs have the ability to hear up to 45,000 Hz and cats, even more, about 64,000 Hz.

It’s not that they listen twice or thrice better than humans hear, it’s only that they can catch up with few octaves that humans can’t. Thus, cats and dogs do not prefer listening to any music that humans can. They want something that is calm and soothing. There are many benefits that are associated with Music therapy.

Benefits of Music Therapy for cats and dogs

Once one can understand the music that is liked by cats and dogs they can utilize it for therapy. If any pet has certain issues like they tend to feel depressed or cannot mingle with their human friends easily, music has played a major role in helping the dogs and cats. Actually, they are benefited in different ways.

  1. When cats are suffering from serious medical conditions like Feline Interstitial Cystitis or any other kind of anxiety disorder, music therapy soothes them and help them get a release from their stress.
  2. Music therapy teaches the pets about calmness. Sometimes a cue for calmness is helpful for the animal to lead a normal life and that is possible with Music Therapy.
  3. When the pet’s owner is away they tend to be anxious. If the owner is away for a long period every day it may affect the pet adversely.
  4. Music therapy again comes handy in such situation. If a good music is played while the owner is away it will help them to reduce the emotional distress they feel due to the absence of their owner.
  5. With Music Therapy a familiar sound can be produced, something like going to the veterinarian or a sound as if traveling by car. When they are comfortable before the arrival of the situation, it helps to handle the situation better.
  6. Music therapy is great in slowing down the heart rate and decrease respiration.
  7. After any surgery, the pets need to relax so that they can get well fast. Music therapy plays a major role in speedy recovery after any surgery. It makes them relax which allows healing take place fast.
  8. For feral pets who have been neglected earlier Music therapy is very useful. It can help them develop a relationship with humans again.
  9. Music helps in elevating the endorphin level in pets. This hormone is responsible for enhancing the mood.
  10. Music is also useful for increasing the immunity function in dogs and cats. When they have better immunity function they can fight better against germs.

Music therapy decreases the stress-related hormones in cats and dogs. When they are less stressed they can make better decisions and can focus on the performance that is expected of them. Aggressive dogs and cats get benefit from music therapy as music helps in releasing the stress hormones from their body. They become stress-free and feel better. It soothes their senses and once that is done their aggressiveness is reduced.

To end the note

The music for dogs is easy to find than the music for cats. They have the different audible range and thus it is necessary that special music is played for them. Although cats seem to stay more alleviated from the normal music that humans hear but there is music for them too. Once such music is played it is possible to treat them too.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above Music can be a form of entertainment for the pets. When they are alone it will help them to cope with their loneliness and they will not become aggressive. Moreover, as they are stress-free the chances of developing health issues out of stress also reduces. Sometimes music therapy is also useful in treating dogs and cats who are deaf and blind. Blind dogs and cats can listen to music but in case of deaf poets, the vibration plays a major role. Music Therapy is the best way to help the pets live a normal life free of stress. It relaxes them, soothes their senses and makes them friendly.

Thanks for read this, hope you enjoyed.

This is a guest post by my friend John Anthony, he is a musician & the author of www.guitarlisty.com.

10 Benefits of Music Therapy for Dogs & Cats to Relieve Anxiety