How Much Does a Beagle Yorkie Mix Cost? (Solved!)

This designer mixed breed will cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 US. Where they fall on this price spectrum is dependent upon the breeder, their genetics, health, and coloring. You can adopt a Beagle Yorkie Mix for around $300 to $600 US.

Where do I Buy a Beagle Yorkie?

We recommend looking online for Borkie breeders. If you don’t have any luck or the breeders you find don’t have any available pups, you may try asking at the dog park. Word-of-mouth is a great method when it comes to finding a breeder. Borkie owners can provide you first-hand information on the health and temperament of their pup.

Don’t forget to try contacting local non-profits and rescue centers to see if any Borkie needs a home.

What is a Beagle Yorkie Mix Called? 

A Beagle Yorkie mix is typically referred to as a Borkie. As Yorkies are one of the most common breeds to use when crossbreeding, this name takes on the usual naming structure when Yorkies are involved. The suffix of the Yorkie joins the first letter of the Beagle and the Borkie is born.

How Big are Beagle Yorkies? 

Borkies usually stand around 12-15 inches tall and weigh about 15-25 pounds. They are classified as medium-sized dogs. 

Are Beagle Yorkies Hypoallergenic? 

There is no guarantee your Borkie will be hypoallergenic as it depends on which parent’s coat is more dominant in their genes. 

If your pup takes after the Beagle more than the Yorkshire Terrier, they will shed, require less brushing, and most likely won’t be hypoallergenic. 

On the other hand, if your Borkie has more Yorkshire Terrier in their blood, their coat will be more like hair than fur, they could very well be hypoallergenic and will need to be brushed every day.

What is the Lifespan of a Beagle Yorkie?

Borkies will live around 10 to 15 years. This is rather average for medium-sized dogs.

Their diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics will play into where they fall on this life expectancy spectrum. 

Fun fact: the oldest Beagle of all time lived to be 27!

Do Beagle Yorkies have Health Problems?

Any crossbreed will most likely inherit some of the health issues of their parents’ breeds. The Borkie has a few common ones, however, your Borkie may have no issues at all.

The most frequent health issues we see in Borkies are eye conditions and ear infections which can be easily cured. While hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea, and hypoglycemia are also on the list. 

We recommend regular visits to the veterinarian to ensure your pup is healthy and if not, to catch any trouble early. 

Are Beagle Yorkies Easily Trained?

Borkies love pleasing their masters. So if you praise them when they behave well, they will continue to do so. Plus, they enjoy learning new things so you can teach them all sorts of party tricks which will be fun for them, you, and your family and friends. 

Do bear in mind that Borkies are easily distracted so keep your lessons short and establish yourself as the dominant one, so they know who to pay attention to. 

Do Beagle Yorkies Get Along Well with Other Pets?

Yes, so long as your Borkie has been socialized to understand their relationship with other pets, they will enjoy their company and having them as a playmate. 

Remember, your Borkie has the genetics of two hunting dogs in it so could see your other pets as prey depending on their size. To avoid this situation, make sure you monitor your Borkie when first socializing with your other pets.

How Much do Beagle Yorkies Typically Eat?

Borkies are incredibly active dogs so they require the right amount and type of food to maintain their weight and muscle.

1 and ½ to 2 cups of kibble will do the trick and it should be of high quality. We recommend buying a kibble that is a quality mixture of plant-based protein and carbohydrates. Many cheap kibbles will be filled with nonsense that your pup doesn’t need so be sure to read the label. 

How Much Exercise do Beagle Yorkies Require?

Borkies are high-energy and typically very active. To give them the movement they need, you should take your Borkie on a walk or run at least once per day. 

However, we recommend splitting this walk into two medium-length walks to even out your pup’s energy. You should play with your dog inside as well or if you have a yard, allow them to run around and tire themselves out.

What is the Temperament of Beagle Yorkies? 

Both parent breeds, the Beagle and the Yorkshire Terrier are very popular because of their wonderful qualities. The Borkie undoubtedly takes on these traits. 

They are loyal and loving and you can count on them as a companion. They are also energetic and active so will tag along on all your sporty adventures. 

Perhaps their most impressive trait, however, is their intelligence. Both parent breeds are keen hunters and pass on their sharp minds to Borkies. 

Can I Leave my Beagle Yorkie at Home Alone?

Borkies can be left alone but only for short periods. Their innate loyalty and affection for their owners mean they will grow attached to you and your family. Thus, if everyone leaves for the day, they will feel abandoned and become distressed. 

If you must leave for longer time spans, try to find a doggy daycare or a dog walker to come in and give your Borkie some attention.  

Are Beagle Yorkies Good with Children?

Yes. Borkies are recommended for families as they have so much energy and love. As with any pup, it is important to socialize them as early as possible. If your Borkie grows up with your children, they will be excellent companions. 

If you have very young kids, consider that Borkies do have hunting dog roots and appreciate respect. If your young children respect your Borkie, in turn, it will respect them.