How To Bathe A Yorkie Puppy

Bath time is usually a favorite activity for Yorkie puppies, but it can be difficult to bathe them in the sink. If you are looking for an easier way to bathe your pup, follow these steps.

Step 1: Brush Their Hair

It may seem like brushing their hair should be your last step. However, in the case of Yorkies, you want to brush them before you bathe them. That’s because their wiry hair often gets tangled easily. Bathing them with tangled hair means it’s going to matt.

Once the hair is matted, it becomes increasingly difficult to untangle.

Step 2: Prepare the Bath

The next step is to prepare the bath for your Yorkie. Pet owners often make the mistake of making the water too hot. They think that a comfortable temperature for their own skin is the same for their dog’s skin. This isn’t the case.

Dogs are actually more sensitive to heat. You should try and make your water at a lukewarm temperature to your own touch.

Step 3: Prepare Your Yorkie

Before you place your Yorkie in the bath, you need to prepare them. In particular, their ears need to be protected. If water gets under their ears, then it could lead to an infection. One method to prepare their ears is to lightly place cotton balls in them. You do not want to jam them into their ears.

Another method is to use a shower cap designed for dogs.

Step 4: Use the Right Kind of Shampoo and Conditioner

Once your Yorkie is prepared, you can place them in the water. Sometimes coaxing them with treats can help.

After a quick rinse with some water, you need to lather the shampoo and conditioner into their skin. You’ll want to scrub deep enough that you’re making contact with the skin. Pay attention to the areas where messes tend to gather and they can’t groom themselves as easily.

They should have a thick lather by the time you’re done.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Perhaps the most important step of cleaning your Yorkie is rinsing. Without properly rinsing your Yorkie, you could leave shampoo or conditioner residue behind. This can make them very itchy.

Using a sponge or pitcher of water, run it over their bodies and thoroughly rinse out their hair. You’re done when you no longer see suds forming.

Step 6: Dry Quickly

The final step in bathing your Yorkie puppy is to dry them quickly. Letting them dry on their own can lead to tangles. Brushing and drying is the best way to keep your dog’s hair tangle-free and healthy.

At What Age Can I Bathe My Yorkie Puppy?

You can start bathing Yorkie puppies at eight weeks of age. At this point, their skin isn’t as sensitive to shampoos and conditioners.

How Do You Clean a Yorkie’s Face?

Yorkies often have tear tracts that leave marks on their hair. You can clean their faces by using either a small sponge or a cotton ball. Use tear-free shampoo in the sponge or cotton ball. Then rinse them with a fresh sponge or cotton ball.

What Should I Wash My Yorkie Puppy With?

There are a few things you can use to make cleaning your Yorkie easier and safer for them. Yorkies have sensitive skin. You’ll want to use a shampoo and conditioner that has neutral pH. This helps limit any aggravation or inflammation they might form on their skin.

You’ll also want to consider shampoos that help detangle hair. Some products to consider are Lillian Ruff and Earthbath.

Because of their tangly hair, you’ll need to use a brush like a pin brush or a soft bristle brush. Stay away from slicker brushes because they don’t have an undercoat.

You may also want to consider using a sponge to better scrub their skin.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Yorkies smell because of the natural oils that their skin produces. These can sometimes be produced in excess amounts and end up accumulating in areas that aren’t regularly groomed.

Sometimes their allergies can also make them produce an odor.

Their hair also tends to trap perspiration. This can cause an unpleasant odor, too.

How Do I Keep My Yorkie Smelling Good?

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your Yorkie smelling good.

Step 1: Neuter and Spay Them

Yorkies that aren’t neutered or spayed can sometimes emit an odor during their mating season. This musky scent lets other mates know that they’re ready for breeding. You can do away with that smell by taking your Yorkie to the vet to be fixed.

Step 2: Regular Grooming

Because of their wiry hair, it’s important that you regularly groom your Yorkie. You should groom them once every two to three weeks. You should take them to a professional groomer every three months for a proper bath and trim.

Step 3: Brush Their Teeth

Yorkies have very small jaws. As a result, it doesn’t allow much air to pass through them and help with the odor. You should brush your Yorkie’s teeth every day. If you’re not comfortable with brushing their teeth, then you should introduce chews to them that can help scrub the food particles from their teeth.

Why Do Yorkies Get Eye Boogers?

Like all dogs, Yorkies love to eat anything they can get their mouths on. Their eye boogers just seem like another treat to them. They’re also within easy reach. You can clean off the boogers with a cotton ball.

How Often Should You Bathe a Yorkie?

Yorkies should be bathed at least once every two or three weeks. This can help with their odors and ensure that their skin remains healthy and free from allergies. You may want to bathe them more often during the pollen season.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Yorkie Puppy?

You can use baby shampoo on your Yorkie puppy. Baby shampoos are gentle against the skin which is important for Yorkies. They also usually have neutral pH.

Can You Use Baby Wipes on a Dog?

You should not use baby wipes on a dog. Baby wipes are not made with the correct pH level for dog skin. It can cause some irritation. Dog wipes are a better solution.