Is it Bad to Take Your Dog to Daycare Every Day? (Solved!)

Your dog should not be going to daycare every day. Taking a dog to daycare multiple days in a row can lead to overstimulation and stress. Dogs need time to relax in between socializing, and therefore should only be going a few times a week.

The rest of this article will teach you everything you need to know about daycare and if it is right for your dog.

Exactly how many days of the week should your dog attend daycare?

This differs depending on the dog, but the general rule is 3 days a week maximum. If your dog is younger and energetic, taking them to daycare 2-3 times a week is a good idea, and if they are older and more mature they should only go once a week. Some dogs skip daycare altogether because it doesn’t suit them.

How will you know if your dog enjoys daycare?

Talking to your daycare provider is very important and it can help you understand how your dog is doing. If they aren’t enjoying daycare your provider should tell you. It’s also important to watch your dog’s behavior when you arrive to drop them off. If your dog isn’t excited to go to daycare, it’s a sign that they do not enjoy it.

Should you be worried if your dog doesn’t like daycare?

You don’t need to worry. Just like humans, every dog is different and not all dogs want to go to daycare. According to Danette Johnston, a daycare provider in Seattle, about 50% of dogs shouldn’t be in daycare. Even if your dog used to enjoy daycare and suddenly stopped, it is most likely due to getting older and developing mellower interests.

How do you know if your dog shouldn’t attend daycare?

If your dog isn’t very social and likes to spend time alone most of the day, then daycare is not right for them. Another reason to keep your dog out of daycare is if they are aggressive in social situations. Being aggressive leads to conflict, and daycare will not be fun for them or the other dogs if this occurs.

What are the benefits of daycare?

If your dog enjoys being social, daycare is a great way for them to play. Your dog will get a lot more attention at daycare than they would if they were left at home. Most daycares also make sure that all the dogs in one room have a similar playing style, so your dog is sure to have fun.

What should your dog do on the days that they aren’t going to daycare?

Walking is a great alternative to daycare because your dog gets to go outside and do something, but it’s less of a social commitment. Getting your dog to hiking trails or dog parks allows for some social interaction but isn’t as overwhelming, and it fits exercise and adventure into your dog’s day.

What if you are too busy to do things with your dog on days when they aren’t in daycare?

Hiring a dog walker or sitter is a great way to fix this problem. Dog walkers can get your dog out on adventures if you are too busy to do so yourself, and your dog will still have a great time. Even if your dog isn’t in daycare, it’s still important that they have some form of exercise and entertainment.

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How do you know if your dog is getting enough exercise?

If your dog isn’t exercising enough there will be signs. They might begin destroying household items or barking more than usual. Your dog might also gain weight or become restless. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, they need to get out and exercise more.

Will daycare help your dog who isn’t social become more social?

Daycare should not be the way you teach your dog how to socialize. If you throw your antisocial dog into a really big social situation such as daycare, your dog will get stressed or anxious and the experience will not be good. It’s best to wait until your dog learns to be social from different methods or just avoid daycare entirely.

Does daycare get rid of separation anxiety?

The daycare environment is very stimulating and can definitely help with your dog’s separation anxiety. It gets them to focus on something other than the fact that they are away from you, and it will also help that they can depend on an established routine when they go.

Will daycare diminish your dog’s destructive behavior?

If your dog tends to chew things up and bark constantly, daycare is a good option to kick this behavior to the curb. It will give your dog a consistent and reliable exercise routine, which will balance their energy levels and therefore greatly diminish their urge to bark and chew.

Is daycare safe?

Daycares should separate dogs based on size and playing style, which will minimize conflict. There should also be a trained professional supervising the dogs at all times in case anything does happen. As long as your daycare has these methods in place, it is perfectly safe for your dog.

How should you pick a daycare?

When searching for a daycare, make sure they are using positive reinforcement as opposed to the punishment approach, because positivity will make the daycare feel like a safer place for your dog. You should check that the daycare properly supervises the dogs, and make sure you pick a daycare that has the right playgroup for your dog’s breed and personality.

What should you do to make sure a daycare is right for your dog?

It’s important to ask about the schedule; this way you can understand how long the dogs play versus relax, and if this would be a good fit for your dog. It’s also beneficial to take a tour of the facility so you can see the behavior of the current dogs and compare it to your dog’s energy level.