Are Automatic Cat Feeders Any Good? (Solved & Explained!)

Automatic cat feeders are a handy tool to have, especially if you need to plan a night away from home. Alternatively, you can use them daily to help keep your cat’s feeding schedule on time.

In this article we will talk you through the pros and cons of having an automatic cat feeder, the types of food that you can use with the tool and how much and how often you should feed your cat.

Are automatic cat feeders good?

Automatic cat feeders are a great tool to have at home no matter whether you are at home all the time, away in the day for work or planning to spend a night away.

If you use an automatic cat feeder you can teach your cat to expect their food at a certain time and not to hassle you when it is feeding time. This is also a helpful gadget if you are particularly forgetful or have an irregular schedule.

If you occasionally spend a night away from home then having an automatic cat feeder will ensure that your cat is fed without the need to rely on a friend or family member to pop round and feed them.

Alternatively, if you spend most of the day at work then using an automatic cat feeder will help keep your cat on a schedule in line with your own, even if you are not there to feed them in the day.

How much should I feed my cat?

There is no one rule for every cat as the amount that you should feed them will depend on their size, weight and age. You should never drastically change the amount of food that you are giving to your cat.

However, as a rough guide the average adult cat, who regularly ventures outside, should be given around half of a cup of dry food per day. You can break this up into as many meals as you think is appropriate for your cat.

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How often should I feed my cat?

You may find that your cat seems to be constantly begging you for food, but the chances are that they are not always hungry and sometimes they are just bored or want attention.

For the average cat, you should aim to feed them twice a day, spacing their meals out as much as possible. This means that ideally, you should feed your cat once every twelve hours. 

If your cat is sick or needs regular medication then you may need to adjust their feeding schedule to accommodate for this.

How long can you leave a cat with an automatic cat feeder?

If you are planning on staying away from home then using an automatic feeder is a good way of ensuring that your cat is fed on time, according to their schedule, without the need for someone to come over to your home.

However, cats are very social creatures and vets recommend that you do not leave them alone for any longer than one day (24 hours). An automatic feeder can easily be used for one day, but you should also provide fresh water.

However, you can also use an automatic feeder regularly whilst you are at home so that they are used to the device when you go away.

What are the cons of using an automatic cat feeder?

Although there are many advantages of using an automatic feeder there is one main con: you are not interacting with your cat. 

Cats are very clingy creatures and they love attention. So, feeding your cat yourself is a great way to tell your cat that you love them and to spend a little bit more time with them. 

Using an automatic feeder takes this time away from you both and it makes your cat less dependent on you.

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Can my cat overeat with a gravity feeder?

A gravity feeder will refill your cat’s food bowl as soon as it is empty. So, in theory, your cat could keep eating until the feeder is empty. 

So, in most cases, yes, your cat will overeat with a gravity feeder. However, how much they will eat depends entirely on your cat and the judgement of whether or not a gravity feeder is a good idea is up to you.

Can you put wet food in an automatic cat feeder?

Whether or not you can put wet food in an automatic cat feeder will depend on the brand and model that you choose. Some models will only allow for dry food, some only for wet food and some for both.

How do I stop my cat from knocking over the automatic cat feeder?

In the instance that you are not feeding your cat enough food, or they are simply greedy, you may notice that keep knocking over the automatic feeder in a bid to get more food.

You can either choose to reprimand your cat when you see them attempting to knock the feeder over or simply stick it down to the floor. You can do this with tape or any adhesive that you like.

How do I stop my cat from bothering me for food?

If your cat regularly bothers you throughout the day for food then investing in an automatic feeder is a good way to ensure that they no longer make this connection.

You can set the automatic feeder to match their currently feeding schedule.

Are automatic cat feeders reliable?

Whether or not an automatic cat feeder is reliable will depend on the brand and model that you choose. Make sure to read reviews before purchasing one so that you know you can rely upon it when you are not at home.

How do you use an automatic cat feeder?

Using an automatic cat feeder will differ from model to model so make sure to read the attached instructions.

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However, most automatic feeders require you to add batteries, set the current time and the time for feeding and the frequency.