Are Yorkies Social?

One of the many facets of bringing a dog home includes considering how well it could adapt to your lifestyle. Considering Yorkies are such a desired breed, you might be wondering just how social a Yorkie is. 

You also want to ensure you know how to socialize your Yorkie properly, as well as how to introduce them to other people, kids, and other pets. 

Are Yorkies Social By Nature?

By nature, Yorkies have a lot of energy and love to be the center of attention. They love to be loved, so socializing them can be simpler than with some other dog breeds. That being said, their high energy levels can be intimidating to some, despite their small size. 

Yorkies develop strong connections to their owner. They are very loving and affectionate dogs. Even though they are small, they might sometimes act out towards small children or other animals if they feel they are being intimidated or feel like they are being aggressive towards them. This is why socialization the right way is very important. 

What Are Some Common Personality Traits Of A Yorkie?

Yorkies enjoy exercise and walks, but they don’t need a lot of space considering that they are so small. You will definitely want to take them on at least one walk a day in order to tire them out a little bit. Yorkies can also bark a lot, so you want to train them early to not bark at everyone and everything. 

Yorkies also aren’t big fans of being alone, and so you want to be sure that someone will be able to dote on them for a decent amount of time during the day. 

How Do Yorkies Socialize With People?

Your Yorkie will most likely be super excited for visitors and might try to jump at them, or they might bark and run towards them. Let your visitor know this, so they can judge if they are comfortable. A Yorkie should never be punished for claiming ownership of their home. 

How Do I Train My Yorkie To Socialize Properly With People?

Advise your visitor to not encourage or react to their jumping and barking if that’s not a desired behavior. Your Yorkie will realize they aren’t getting the attention they want from this behavior, and will eventually stop. Once they calm down, give them a treat to let them know that this is how you ultimately want them to behave. 

How Do Yorkies Socialize With Children?

Yorkies are capable of being very loving towards children, and your children could have a lot of fun playing with a Yorkie. Your Yorkie would love to chase your children around the yard and run after toys that your children throw. 

However, it’s crucial to ensure your children know how to properly handle and treat your Yorkie. If your children are too rough with them, or consistently tease and act aggressively towards them, your Yorkie might act aggressive back or lash out. 

How Do Yorkies Socialize With Other Dogs?

Chances are, your Yorkie will be curious about other dogs they see walking on the street. Always ask the other pet parent if your Yorkie can say hi. They will typically sniff and bark and try to play with the other dog. Keep your Yorkie on a leash, and remove them if they start to get aggressive. 

How Can I Introduce My Yorkie To Other Dogs?

With other dogs at home, it’s best to introduce them slowly to each other, give them each their own safe space like a bed or crate, and ensure they each have their own toys and dishes. If your current dog doesn’t like small energetic dogs that want to play, a Yorkie might not be a good choice.

While a Yorkie is small, they might not realize that they are small. This can lead them to trying to play with a larger dog, or getting aggressive towards a larger dog, not realizing that they are putting themselves at risk for being hurt. Be sure you have time to monitor their interactions with larger dogs before leaving them alone together. 

How Do Yorkies Socialize With Other Animals?

Integrating a Yorkie with other animals can be a bit of a challenge. Their high energy could be bothersome to more docile animals, such as older dogs or cats. Unless you have a lot of time to be at home to slowly introduce and integrate them, it may not be wise to bring them into a home with other animals. 

How Can I Train My Yorkie To Be More Social?

You don’t want to push your Yorkie too hard if they tend to be more shy or nervous around other people or other animals. You will end up traumatizing them. Introduce them to new people and new places slowly, in small increments of time, and be sure to reward their good behavior. When it’s time to remove them from a situation, do so. 

You need to pay attention to how your Yorkie reacts in a social situation. If you notice them cowering, shaking, or whining, it’s time to give them a break. If they start barking and trying to nip at someone or something, gently tell them no and remove them from the situation. 

Do not yell at them or punish them harshly, as this will either scare them or cause them to become even more aggressive. Your Yorkie will get used to new people and environments eventually. 

If I Adopt An Older Yorkie, Will Socialization Be Impossible?

As with any dog, the earlier you can socialize them, the better. However, older dogs need homes too, and you shouldn’t be discouraged bringing an older Yorkie home. They are pretty adaptable dogs. However, see if you can get as much information about their personality and previous home to know if you might have any potential barriers. 

You might just have to take things a little slower with an older Yorkie. Patience is always key to socializing any dog. If you have children at home and are told the Yorkie you’re interested in prefers a quiet environment or doesn’t like kids, bringing them home would not be a wise choice.