Are Yorkies Kid Friendly? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are suitable for families who have children older than 5 or 6 years old. Due to their small size and terrier temperament, Yorkies are not suitable for very young children.

This is for the protection of both the Yorkie and the child. So while you may have your eye on an adorable Yorkie pup, if you have young children at home it is best to hold off until your children are a little older.

Do Yorkies Bite Kids?

Yorkies can be nippy and bite. They usually only do this if they are over-excited and accidentally bite too hard, or irritated, sick, or injured. In the latter cases, biting is self-defense.

Young children are unlikely able to read a Yorkies mood, so may want to chase or play with them while the Yorkie is not feeling their best, resulting in a warning bite.

Why Don’t Yorkies Like Kids?

Yorkies do not dislike children, it is that young children exhibit behaviors that are incompatible with a Yorkies nature.

Yorkies are terriers. They have a very strong prey drive and will want to chase and bit anything that moves quickly and erratically. 

Very young children under the age of 5 often run, jump, play and scream, and Yorkshire terriers, in their over-enthusiastic state, will run after them to engage and may nip them.

Very young children will not understand how to play safely with a Yorkie as their reflexes are not yet developed. They may be unable to move a hand or foot out of the way in time, resulting in injury.

Is A Yorkie A Good Family Dog?

Yorkies are great family dogs where the children are aged 5 or above.

Because Yorkies love attention, the larger their family pack is the happier they are! Yorkies love to play and cuddle, so older children will receive hours of fun and love from a little Yorkie.

Yorkies are also great with senior citizens. They have a calm and affectionate side that elderly people love. Since they are small, elderly relatives and children do not have to worry that your Yorkie will overpower them or play too rough.

Do Older Kids Like Yorkies?

Once they learn how to play gently with a small canine, older kids love the company of their little Yorkies.

Yorkies are great companions for older children inside and outside of the house. They will run and play in the park with kids, walk with them to visit friends, and will play and cuddle with them on the sofa in the evenings.

Older kids and Yorkies can form the strongest of bonds.

Are Yorkies Good For Kids?

For kids older than 5 or 6, a Yorkies is a great pet that not only keeps them company but teaches them how to care for things smaller than themselves.

As well as play and cuddle time, it is great for your child’s development to learn about animal behavior, and how to care for a pet.

Yorkies require weekly grooming and daily brushing. Getting your kid involved in these caring activities is great for developing empathy and learning about animal needs.

Kids also love getting involved in obedience training. 

Not only is it a fun activity that they can do regularly with your super-smart Yorkie, but it also teaches your kids all about animal behavior and how to read canine body language – something that can keep them safe if they ever encounter a dog that they do not know.

Can I Get A Yorkie If My Kid Has Allergies?

In reality, no breed is 100% hypoallergenic, but Yorkies are as close as it gets.

As they have soft, almost human-like hair instead of fur, their coat produces far fewer allergens than other dog breeds. Therefore if you have a kid that is sensitive to allergens, a Yorkie is a good choice.

Although some kids are just allergic to pet hair, research has shown that children who are raised in a household with at least one pet (a cat or a dog) are less likely to develop serious allergies in the future, or if they do they are much milder than in children who had no pets in the house.

Do Yorkies Like To Play With Kids?

Yorkies love playing with kids. They find the youthful energy of children stimulating, and love to play all sorts of games with children.

Yorkies are also very protective dogs, especially with those they deem as ‘vulnerable’. A Yorkie will defend the children of the home until their last breath. They are incredibly loyal and once they develop a bond with your children, it will be a hard one to break.

How Will My Yorkie React To A New Baby?

There are times when having a Yorkie and a baby or infant under 5 in the home is inevitable. Either you already own a Yorkie and are expecting a new baby, or you adopt an abandoned or orphaned Yorkie while you have small children in the house.

While is it not an ideal situation, it is certainly possible to keep your baby and your Yorkie safe. Here are some tips:

Tips for introducing a Yorkie to an Infant

  • If you are expecting a baby, before it arrives play baby crying noises where you Yorkie can hear. This will help them get used to the noise before the real baby arrives.
  • If you have your baby at the hospital, send a visitor home with a hat or blanket that the baby has slept with and let your Yorkie smell it. This will get the Yorkie used to the babies’ smell and better help them identify them as a pack member.
  • Never leave your Yorkie alone in the same room as your baby. The same goes for small infants and toddlers.
  • Your Yorkie may feel neglected a little since all the fuss and attention has to be redirected to the baby, especially in those early months. But sure to take some time once the baby is in bed to cuddle and play with your Yorkie.
  • Keep as close to your Yorkies normal routine as possible. The less your Yorkie is asked to adapt, the easier it will become accustomed to the new family member.