Are Yorkies Jealous? (Solved & Explained!)

If you don’t give them the required attention they want, they can become jealous and difficult to handle. They are known to have a big personality and love to be the centre of everything; and this could sometimes lead to aggressive behaviours.

In this article, we’ll discuss why Yorkies often show aggressive behaviours which could be a sign of jealousy, what you can do about this as an owner, and what to look for if you feel like they are starting to show signs of jealously or aggression.

Why do Yorkies get jealous?

Just like most dogs who feel that they aren’t getting enough attention, Yorkies can start to show aggressive and jealous behaviours. As per the Canna-Pet website, Yorkies are a big dog in a small dog’s body, and have a very strong and sometimes arrogant attitude. This could lead your Yorkie thinking they are bigger than they are when it comes to battling for your attention.

Does separation anxiety cause Yorkies to get jealous?

Like most breeds’ of dog, Yorkies suffer with separation anxiety when they are away from their owner. Separation anxiety is the fear that dogs’ feel when they are away from their owner for a long period of time; this can lead to aggressive and uncharacteristic behaviours for Yorkies.

Are Yorkies actually jealous or do they just miss their owners?

There is a pre-conception that separation anxiety leads to a Yorkie becoming jealous, but this isn’t always the case – they just miss their owners when left alone. Just imagine if you were away from your partner for a while, would you start to miss them too?

What are the signs of Yorkies getting jealous?

There are a few signs that you can look out for if you think your Yorkie is starting to become jealous. The following are key symptoms that are a sign of jealously in your dog:

  • Pushy behaviour.
  • Doing a trick.
  • Aggression.
  • Misbehaving.
  • Going to the bathroom indoors.
  • Paying extra attention to you.

Once you start to spot the signs of jealousy, you can act quicker and dissolve the situation.

What can I do if my Yorkie starts to become jealous?

The best thing you can do if your Yorkie starts to show signs of jealousy and displays unwanted aggressive behaviours, is to ignore them – or send them to another room. Make sure you don’t react; this may antagonise them even more.

Should I reward my Yorkie when they show good behaviour?

Make sure you reward good behaviour when your dog remains relaxed and calm. Dealing with aggressive behaviour isn’t just about punishing your dog or sending them to their crate – rewarding good behaviour especially when you expect them to show aggressiveness is just as important.

Are Yorkies jealous of dogs or babies as well?

According to BC SCPA website, it is common for your dog to become nervous around babies instead of jealousy. It is highly likely your dog hasn’t smelt, or seen a baby before and becomes scared when they start crying and are confused by their presence.

When shouldn’t I let my baby or young child approach a Yorkie?

You need to be aware that your dog may start guarding items that they feel are valuable, such as a sock or toy. Never allow your baby or young child to approach your dog when they have valuable items as this could lead to them lashing out and causing injury.

Can you train a jealous Yorkie?

It’s useful to train your dog to feel safe and comfortable in their crate, for when they start to show signs of  aggressive behaviours or jealousy. If you have more than one pet, ignore them all when you first come home – this is key because it won’t make one feel like they’re getting less attention than another.

When should I hire a professional dog trainer?

If you’ve tried training your dog, unsuccessfully, you should hire a professional. You may be training your dog wrong and reinforcing negative behaviors instead of correcting them.

Does their diet affect a Yorkie becoming jealous?

Feeding your dog a high-carbohydrate diet can cause a high-level of aggression. If you feel your Yorkie is jealous, then as an owner you have a responsibility to avoid a diet which can trigger these behaviours.

What foods are good to feed my Yorkie who is in Puppy training?

If you are taking your young Yorkie to puppy training, it is key that their behaviour remains as predictable as possible to make training easier. A natural diet of lean meats and butchers scraps is ideal for your dog as they are easier to digest.

Will my Yorkie be jealous if I bring a new dog home?

Yorkie’s aren’t the only breed of dog to become jealous if you bring a new dog home, especially if they’re the only other animal in the household. There’s no way of knowing if your dog will become jealous or will take the new dog under their arm. As an owner, it’s your responsibly to know the signs of jealously and how you can prepare to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Can you leave your Yorkie at home all day?

Like with all breeds of dog, it isn’t advised by anyone to leave them at home all day – and Yorkie’s are no different. Yorkies become easily depressed and in individual cases can become nervous. Adult Yorkies can stay at home for a maximum 6 hours, but if you own a Yorkie that’s less than 18 months then ensure they are only stay home alone for 3 hours!

What to do if I can’t cope with my Yorkie’s aggressive behaviour?

If you feel like you are unable to cope with your dog’s aggressive and jealous behaviour them you need to seek professional advice. Your dog may be in pain due to a medical issue which a visit to the vets can solve, but also a vet can advise on different behaviours in different situations.