Are Yorkies Good With Kids?

Yes, a Yorkie that has been socialized is great with both kids and adults. Yorkies are small though and you may need to teach your child to handle them gently. Yorkies also require regular grooming which can be a great learning opportunity for your child in how to care for others by brushing your Yorkie regularly.

Are Yorkies good family dogs?

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are among the most popular dog breeds. They’re toy dogs famous for their tiny cute look and playful nature. Their looks and temperament make them great family dogs.

Good socializing and training are the key both for your Yorkie and your family. You can find one Yorkie good with kids and another Yorkie that shouldn’t be around any. The problem isn’t always about the dog. Some kids shouldn’t have a dog as small and fragile as Yorkies.

Having a Yorkie with your family will require you to have a better understanding of Yorkies’ characters. You also need to learn how they interact with kids of different ages.

Yorkies Characteristics

Yorkies are tiny energetic and playful dogs. They’re smart dogs that can be easily trained when using a suitable rewarding method. 

Moreover, Yorkshire Terriers are family-oriented and submissive. They need lots of their owner’s attention and care to feel loved. They’re always willing to please their owners as well.

Regardless of their tiny looks, Yorkies are tough and brave dogs. These terriers are originally bred as rat dogs and hunting companions. Generally, they aren’t afraid to fight and bite when feeling threatened even if by a bigger opponent.

They’re also among dogs that can easily get stressed or anxious. This can happen due to excessive noise or feeling that they aren’t in control of their surroundings.

The Age of Your Kids

The age of your kids is the main determinant about whether a Yorkie is suitable to have at home or not. Having a Yorkie around young kids can be more challenging than having him around older ones. 

Young Kids

If you have a toddler or a preschool kid in the house, getting a Yorkie may not be the best choice. It isn’t only the dog that you need to watch while around your kids. Your kids can also harm the dog as they aren’t aware of what a dog is and how to treat him. 

Furthermore, Yorkies are tiny fragile dogs that weigh from 5 to 7 pounds maximum. This means that even a baby can hurt them by accident. They need special care which can be achieved through constant observation, training, and taking safety measures. You’ll need to always keep a close eye when your Yorkie and baby are playing together. 


For a start, you need to teach your kid to be gentle with the dog when touching him. You should also train your dog on how to behave when around your baby. Obedience and socializing training from a young age will make this easier. 


Try to exercise your dog enough before leaving him with your kid. This will prevent him from being super energetic around your baby. And generally, exercising and training reduce your dogs’ chance of acquiring destructive behavior.  

Stress-free Space

As for safety measures, you need to make sure your Yorkie always feels safe and stress-free. Let him have separate relaxation areas at the house away from the baby’s reach. 

This can be achieved by installing a dog’s gate at your home. Such a step is crucial because a stressed dog is likely to be aggressive and easily triggered. 

Old Kids

An older kid who’s aware of the bond with the dog would be more suitable to deal with a Yorkie. Kids of 9 years or more would know how to touch and play with the dog. 

Furthermore, you can teach them how to take care of their canine partner. They can learn what to do to make him happy and comfortable.


Older kids can also learn about responsibility and friendship from the experience of having a dog in the house. Yorkie Terriers are friendly and easy to bond with when not triggered by harsh treatment.

Warning signs

The old kids can become aware of any warning signs when their Yorkie is disturbed. Such signs include the dog’s tail or body turning stiff and tense. They can also include barking, growling, or the dog showing his teeth. 

Barking may be a confusing sign as Yorkies are watchdogs that are likely to bark in the presence of danger. Yet, excessive barking can be an indicator of bad behavior.


Despite being known as a toy dog, a Yorkie shouldn’t be carried around as if he were a real toy. 

Unlike young kids, older ones understand the meaning of boundaries. They can get that the dog needs alone-time or private space. 

Yorkies should be trained from a young age as well. It’s also normal to feel like they don’t want to spend time with kids sometimes.


The experience can also be more fun for old kids as they get to groom their Yorkie. As a breed, Yorkies need extensive grooming and daily care. It can be a fun and educational activity for the kids and an enjoyable time for your dog as well.

The Age of Your Yorkie

The age of the Yorkie you have or plan on getting is a crucial factor as well. Puppies are usually the most convenient choice. You get to train them from a young age on how to behave and socialize. However, they’ll be fragile to keep around young kids. 

Adult Yorkies may be harder to adapt to being around kids. It can also be more challenging if they previously had negative experiences with kids. When adopting a Yorkie, it’s necessary to know more about its previous home and possible behavioral issues.