Are Malchis Smart? (Solved & Explained!)

Malchis are very intelligent dogs that are easy to train. Malchi have the intellectual capacity to learn the commands after just a few repetitions, they are a very cooperative breed with great adaptability to training. 

At the same time, their quick wits mean that they love to learn and play various games. They communicate with humans wonderfully and are especially good with children.

Malchis are very harmonious within the family. they learn the house rules in a short time and make great lifelong friends.

Are Malchis Easy To Train?

Malchis are very intelligent dogs so they are easy to train. However, they may be a little stubborn, especially if they take after their Chihuahua parent.

Training should generally start at an early age and should be repeated regularly so that your Malchi does not forget what you have learned.

Basic obedience training such as ‘lie down’, ‘sit up’, and ‘wait’ is one of the easiest training for Malchis to learn. If you wish, you can send your Malchi to professional trainers for further training. This isn’t strictly necessary but is a fun activity for both of you.

Are Malchis Good At Obedience Training?

Obedience training includes a set of commands that a malchi can learn to help them to live harmoniously in family and keep them safe.

Malchis are great at obienacne training, and adapt well to basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘lie down’. Due to their intelligence, Malchis can learn within 20 repetitions or less, thats not bad for a super smart pup!

If you give your Malchi obedience training regularly, you will understand each other better, making other forms of training much easier and quicker in the future.

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Before starting obedience training, make sure your Malchi’s energy is spent. Take them on a long walk or extensive playtime because overly energetic Malchis can easily be distracted.

Just like other dog breeds, Malchis respond better to positive reinforcement techniques and positive reward systems.

What is Positive Reinforcement in Obedience Training?

Positive reinforcement is very important when it comes to obedience training. When training your Malchi, it is about rewarding him verbally and giving small treat when he correctly executes the command you are trying to teach.

In this way, your Malchi understands that he has carried out the given command correctly and continues to try apply it.

Positive reinforcement is a technique used by dog trainers because of its motivating aspect in the continuity of training. Your Malchi, as well as other dogs, will continue training more enthusiastically and the efficiency of training will increase.

During the training, you should avoid negative reinforcement. If you take a negative stance instead of supporting your Malchi, he can be easily affected by this and it can make it difficult for him to continue to train.

For this reason, you should maintain a patient and supportive mood during any kind of training.

Can Malchis Learn Fetch?

Malchis have the intellectual capacity to learn the fetch game quickly. If you are positive, and make good use of verbal commands and reward systems then they will learn within a few games.

Malchis love fetch, but its the chasing aspect they love the most so they may have trouble understanding that you need them to bring the object back to you so you can throw it again. Some Malchi may want to run away or play on their own after catching the thrown object.

This is a very natural dog behavior which can be rectified with an easy and short training technique.

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  1. Throw the ball and wait for your Malachi to catch it.
  2. Entice your Malchi back with a treat and a positive verbal command.
  3. At first your Malchi will come back without the object. If this happens meet your Malchi halfway and encourage him to bring the ball before you give the treat.
  4. If your Malchi still doesn understand, move closer to the ball and repeat the encouragement.
  5. Keep moving closer, indicating you want him to pick up the ball and give it to you.
  6. Once he picks up the ball and you take it, reward with a treat.
  7. Repeat, and move gradually away from the ball as your Malchi begins to understand the rules of the game.

Can My Malchi Understand Human Emotions?

Malchis are emotionally intelligent dogs that can sense human emotions. They can probably sense it when you’re upset, and will try to offer comfort.

Emotions are not unique to us humans, dogs, also undergo emotional changes according to different situations and eventin their life.

Malchis are highly intelligent and emotional dogs. If you are cheerful, they can easily understand and will want to share in your joy. If you are upset and in pain, they may sit quietly next to you, offering emotional support.

In turn, you can easily understand your Malchi from their body language. Malchis, like other dogs, use their body language to display their emotions.

Are Malchis Energetic?

Malchis are very energetic dogs. They are able to run around the house all day long. Malchis’ energies needs are high so they need to be walked daily.

It is important to take your Malchi outside regularly throughout the day. Take them to dog parks and let them run and play with other dogs to meet their social needs too.

Small breed dogs are generally more energetic than large breed dogs. If these needs are not met, they can cause a mess in the home as they try to rid themselves of their energy.

In addition, dogs whose energy needs are not met regularly can become destructive and aggressive out of frustration. This is why you should take your Malchi out often and let him run and play as he pleases.

Are Malchis Lap Dogs?

Malchis are lap dogs, but that doesn’t mean every Malchi will be a lap dog. It’s actually a matter of how the owner approaches raising their dog and the behaviors they encourage.

If your Malchi has been sleeping on your lap and being physically close to you since puppyhood, it will become a habit. If this is a habit that you would like your Malchi to adopt then go ahead! But it is also good to encourage all dogs to have a little independence.

If you raise your Malchi to be a little independent of you, then they will suffer less in the event you have to be away from home for a few hours.

Promoting self-directed play from time to time is good for all dogs. You can keep the intellectual Malchi occupied with puzzle games and chew toys for an hour or so at a time.

Are Malchis Good With Kids?

Malchis love to play games and are great with kids. Due to their small size, they pose very little threat to older children, but they can be snappy if agitated.

However, Malchis have great communication with older children. They love to play various games and want to spend hours running around with them in the backyard.

At the same time, they know their place in the family and approach them with a protective instinct. However Malchi can be snappy and somewhat aggressive, so they are not a great match for very small children and should not be around babies too much.

In fact, no dog should be left alone with children of any age, as accidents can happen while both the dog and your child are running around energetically.

Are Malchis Dependent On One Person?

Malchis love all family members, but due to their nature, they can become attached to one person in particular and can be quite demanding.

This person is usually the person who feeds Malchi regularly, meets her daily needs, and takes care of her the most.

They form a different bond with a particular owner and may see them as the leader of his pack. This is natural for many dog breeds and not something odd or unusual, but Malchis can be very clingy, preferring to spend all their time with their chosen person.

Are Malchis Protective?

Malchis have an energetic and sometimes mischievous nature, but they can also be very territorial and will not think twice about getting a little aggressive if their space is invaded.

Likewise, Malchis maintain an incredibly strong bond with their owners and household members. They are gentle and loving to those that they know and love and will protect them at all costs.

As soon as they feel that this bond may be in danger, they can be very protective, and when they feel danger, they can immediately go into defensive mode. This is why it is so important to socialize your Malchi as early as possible.

Can Malchis Be Aggressive?

Malchis are generally cheerful and positive dogs, but they do have a tendency to be aggressive and stubborn, especially if they favor their Chihuahua parent.

However, in general, Malchis are the joy of the house. They steal the hearts of their family members with their funny yet mischief behaviors.

But remember that Malchis are living beings, and they will have emotional ups and downs at times. In particular, Malchis that have not been fully socialized can display aggressive behavior when they see other dogs.

For this reason, you should take your Malchi to dog parks from an early age and socialize it as much as possible.

Some Malchis, may display aggression towards guests. This is a behavior that originates from the instinct to protect the area or their favorite person, but with a little training, this behavior can be prevented.

While playing games, Malchis can sometimes get very caught up in the game and display aggressive actions, but this is just them getting a little carried away, not an intent to harm their playmate.

How Long Do Malchis Live?

Malchis live an average of 12-15 years. There are Malchis who live longer than this period. The secret to your dog’s longevity is a healthy diet and exercise.

If you feed your Malchi a healthy diet and regularly meet their daily exercise needs, your Malchi’s lifespan can be extended.