Are Chihuahua Terriers Aggressive? (Solved & Explained!)

Chihuahua Terriers can indeed come across at aggressive dogs from time to time. This is because of their inherent traits from both sides of the family. Chihuahuas, for instance, are extremely territorial and notoriously unafraid of barking at dogs many times their size.

Terriers, too, love a good bark, though neither breed is the type that is particularly inclined to bark, with the occasional exception of Chihuahuas when you wake them up. Combine these two breeds and what you are seeing, rather than aggression, is the barking behaviors that both breeds are inclined to.

With a little obedience training, you can teach your dog to be less aggressive, and trips to the dog park and introducing them properly to your friends will also go a long way towards relaxing their attitude. Once your dog feels safe at home, those aggressive tendencies will definitely be reduced.

In today’s article we’re going to address questions trending on the web this week about Chihuahua Terriers and their temperaments. Do they shake when they are angry? Is a Chihuahua Terrier more likely to bite? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more – they’re waiting in the sections below!

What is the temperament of a Chihuahua Terrier mix?

Mixing personality traits from both the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier makes for quite the interesting little characters. Chihuahua Terrier mixes are quite smart and playful, but they can also have a little but of a temper and a stubborn streak a mile wide.

They are also quite affectionate, but can also be a little needy, so it’s good to socialize these dogs a bit so that they don’t rely on you for all of their attention.

Do Chihuahua Terriers bark a lot?

Yes, these dogs can be a bit ‘barky’ and it comes from both sides of the family. Add in the extra intelligence that comes from the Terrier side, and you’ll even catch your Chihuahua Terrier sneaking up on the cat or other unsuspecting targets before they loose their bark-barrrage.

Don’t worry, you can train them out of this or at least get them to tone it down a little with some obedience training, you just need to be patient with the process. These little dogs like to bark and it’s instinctual, so it will take a little time to gently steer them away from this.

Why does my Chihuahua Terrier get angry so easily?

These are little dogs and despite what their attitude seems to say, they are quite aware of their size. As such, they bark and get aggressive when they are frightened or feeling territorial and it comes quite easily to them.

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When your dog starts doing this, have some treats handy and tell them ‘quiet’ and then tell them to ‘sit’. Give your dog a treat when they do so and if they ignore your command, keep something that makes a little noise nearby such as a can with some pennies in it.

It takes patience, but if you are consistent then you can add the ‘quiet’ command to the growing list of cool tricks that your Chihuahua Terrier can do!

How do I get my Chihuahua Terrier to calm down?

If your Chihuahua Terrier is getting worked up, it’s best to distract them. A little playtime or even some practice with their obedience training gives them something to focus on other than being furious.

While these little temper tantrums are cute to us, they are signs that your dog is frightened, feels unsafe, or that they are indeed actually furious and you want to try to teach them that losing their temper is not the way to react.

Is my Chihuahua Terrier shaking because he’s mad?

It is possible, but more often shaking just means that they are cold, nervous, or excited. Take the context into consideration. Did they just see you get a leash? If so, they’re excited about walking. Is the AC on high? Your dog might be cold.

Finally, if your dog is showing other symptoms with their shaking, such as uneven breathing, nausea, or disorientation then you should get them into the vet right away. It could be a health condition or they might have eaten something toxic, so it’s definitely time to see the vet.

Do Chihuahua Terriers bite a lot?

No, but they’ll often bark like they’re gonna bite, and that’s the whole idea. Your little dog is frightened or feeling territorial and so they are puffing themselves up a bit and losing their little temper as a response. If your dog does bite, however, consider if they were weaned early and consider socialization training.

Dogs bite normally during play, but a dog that has left it’s littermates before 8 to 10 weeks of age hasn’t been playing long enough to learn a few important things, such as how hard to bite, or even properly getting along with other people or dogs.

When your dog bites, say ‘oww’ and immediately stop play and this is a good start. Once your dogs realizes that the bites are hurting and not necessarily a good thing, then your dog should start biting less and with reduced force.

Why do Chihuahua Terriers bite?

When Chihuahua Terriers or other dogs bite, it’s most often because they are frightened. We all have a ‘fight or flight’ response and your dog is no exception to that rule. The difference is that dogs are more likely to go with the ‘fight’ option.

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When faced with something that they are afraid of, many dogs will growl and even bite in order to drive the threat away. So, the first step in getting your Chihuahua Terrier to stop biting is to determine what they are afraid of so that you can better help them to feel safe and secure.

What do I do if my Chihuahua Terrier bites me?

If your dog bites you, say ‘oww’ or make a dog ‘whining’ noise to let them know that they have hurt you. If you were playing, stop the play immediately, and give your dog a little time to calm down. After this, call them to you, and give your dog a treat if they come and play can resume.

Sometimes your dog simply doesn’t understand that biting hurts you. You’re much bigger, after all! So try this strategy to show them that the biting hurts and you should see a quick change in those aggressive behaviors if your dog simply doesn’t know that it hurts!

How do I make my Chihuahua Terrier less aggressive with my friends?

The best thing to do is to ‘introduce’ your dog to each friend by putting a harness on your dog, attaching the leash, and leading them over to each friend to say hello. Tell your dog to ‘sit’ when introducing and you might even let your friend toss them a treat nearby when they do.

It takes a little patience, but with this technique your dog will see that you are okay with these people and with treats added in, they should start to soften up a little to your friends, even if that only amounts to merely ‘tolerating’ them.

Are Chihuahua terrier mix well-behaved dogs?

In most cases, yes. Chihuahua Terriers are smart and loving dogs, who quickly learn the rules of the house and are always trying to get your attention and make sure that you are happy. That said, do NOT ever punish them.

Train them only with positive reinforcement, otherwise that intelligence may be used against you. These dogs can become very stubborn if they think that you are being mean to them and you don’t want that to happen. That said, if you stick to positive reinforcement your dog will quickly become the perfect little companion!