Can Other Animals Get In a Doggie Door? (Solved!)

Yes, other animals can get in a doggie door, not just your dog! Possums, skunks, snakes, mice, rats, strays…all are potential unwelcome visitors that can come in via the doggie door.

However, that does not stop people from installing doggie doors! Read on to find out how to prevent other animals from getting in your doggie door and other commonly asked questions.

How Do I Keep Other Animals Out Of My Doggie Door?

The easiest way to keep other animals out of your doggie door is to install an electronic doggie door that only allows access to your dog.

If this is not possible, hygiene is the best way to keep other animals away from your doggie door.

Keep it Clean

Keep the area leading up to your doggie door squeaky clean, and the same goes for just inside your doggie door. Do not leave any food in the area and clean up any spills quickly.

Adjust the Height

Install your doggie door as high as possible. This will prevent smaller animals from climbing inside.

Adjust the Width

While you want to allow your own dog as much wriggle room as possible, try to opt for the smallest size doggie door that your dog can comfortably fit through.

If you have a small breed dog, this will prevent larger wild animals from coming in, however, some wild animals, such as skunks and possums can fit into surprisingly small spaces if they are determined.

Keep It Clear

Wild animals are out and about looking for food. Do not leave any food near the doggie door, either pet or human food.

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Also do not leave water. A wild animal will stop at nothing to get fresh water on a summer’s day and will try to enter your home via the doggie door if they see a fresh bowl of water inside.

Lock It

Keep your doggie door locked as much as possible. This may seem counterproductive to having the doggie door installed in the first place, but wild animals often roam at night, and it is perfectly possible to train your dog to not have to go out to the backyard during the twilight hours.

Lock your doggie door at night, and do not allow your dog inside, in case any wild animals are lurking in the yard.

Can Rodents Come in Through the Doggie Door?

Yes, rodents and other small critters can come in through the doggie door. Even the smallest doggie door is not enough to prevent their entry.

To keep small animals out, install the doggie door as high as possible and lock it at night.

Can Snakes Come in Through the Doggie Door?

Snakes have been known to enter homes through the doggie door, and they are perhaps the most dangerous visitors for you and your dog.

Many dogs have been injured or killed because homeowners have overlooked the doggie door as a potential entry for harmful snakes.

If you live in a place with a poisonous snake population is it best to seal your doggie door, or install an electronic one for your dog and your family’s protection.

Can Other Animals Get In an Electronic Doggie Door?

Electronic doggie doors are the best prevention against other animals entering your home as they cannot get in via the door.

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The way electronic doggie doors work is that the door responds to a chip placed in the dog’s collar. The door will unlatch and allow your dog to pass through once your dog approaches within a certain distance.

Once your dog has moved out of the parameter of the sensors, the latch will automatically lock.

The mechanism prevents any other animal from gaining entry. It is also additional protection against human intruders trying to squeeze in through the dog door.

Can Humans Fit Through a Doggie Door?

If your doggie door is large enough then yes, humans can come through doggie doors and burglars have often seized the opportunity to invade homes via an unlocked doggie door.

If you consider that some large breed dogs are the same size if not larger than a standard human on all fours, it is perfectly possible for a human to fit through a large doggie door, and for a smaller framed human or a child to fit through a medium-sized doggie door.

Those with very small children and babies who are crawling may need to be mindful of their babies crawling out of a doggie door, and they may be tempted after seeing their beloved pooch exit the house this way.

Are Doggie Doors Secure?

Doggies doors are made with heavy flaps that will secure your home from the weather but that it’s about it.

Strong winds will struggle to open the flap, but animals will be able to enter with moderate force.

Unsecured doggie doors can compromise the security of your home. If you are installing a doggie door, always ensure it has a lock and secure it correctly at night or when you are out of the house.

How Do I Secure My Doggie Door From Intruders?

For animal intruders, a basic lock that seals the entirety of the door should be sufficient to keep wildlife out of your home.

For human intruders, you may need something a little more complicated and robust. You can buy specialized steel covers for doggie doors that are impervious to break-ins. They are installed with a combination lock using 12-gauge steel and are very difficult to remove by force.

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Doggie Door?

Doggie doors are convenient for allowing your dog to roam freely between the home the backyard without you having to get up to let them out.

However, if your dog is reluctant to use the doggie door or does not like to go outside much, then they are a security risk that may not be worth the minor inconvenience.

Doggie doors are a security risk, then can allow wildlife into the house, and may void an insurance policy you have on your door.