Agria Pet Insurance Companies House

Agria Pet Insurance Company is specialized in offering healthcare services for pets. The Swedish company has expanded all over Europe now to provide our pets with healthcare by affiliations with welfare organizations as well as breeders and vets.

Agria Pet Insurance has won the Moneyfacts award for the best pet insurance provider and best service claims in 2018 and 2019. They were also the gold winners of the UK National Contact Centre Awards in 2018. This makes them a reliable option if you’re looking for an insurance provider with positive feedback.

They have a lifetime insurance option, which helps save 97% of your pets’ healthcare services. In our review, we will examine Agria pet insurance companies house and what makes it special.

Insurance Types

Agria offers tailored insurance policies for pet owners, breeders, and vets. The differences between these policies will be explained in more detail here.

Insurance for Owners

Agria is known for its lifetime insurance policy, which is available for dogs, cats, and rabbits in the UK. This policy covers up 12,500 Sterling Pounds for your pets’ healthcare bills of any injuries or illness.

The owners will only have to pay an excess, which depends on the level of coverage you choose and the number of pets you insured with Agria.

Insurance for Vets

Agria Life is an insurance program for vets that aim to increase their customers’ loyalty.  It’s a free bespoke membership program that gives both your practice and your clients many benefits.

You also benefit from a business development manager helping you further grow and giving you insights on market opportunities.

For your practice, they have insurance software that can be easily integrated into your internal management software, saving both paperwork and time.

For your clients, they offer 5 free weeks for puppies and kittens up to 18 months.

Insurance for Breeders

There’s a number of health risks and complications that may arise in the case of pregnancy and giving birth to animals. That’s why Agria takes that into consideration when designing a special insurance plan for the breeders.

This includes the vet’s fees for birth, including the cesarean procedure, if needed. It also offers insurance for the newly born kittens and puppies until they’re 14 weeks old or until being adopted. This offers both the mother and the babies the needed protection.

Agria Rehoming Club

This is a special service for fosters and group homes. It offers them with 5 weeks of free insurance for all their pets covering their bills. This gives your pets the chance to get lifetime insurance once they get adopted, which is very beneficial.

The best thing about this program is that it offers free insurance for all the pets no matter what their age is, giving a fair chance for older pets. It also teaches the new owners, who might adopt the animals, the benefits of insurance.

Agria also takes social responsibility in foster homes. They offer foster homes a commission whenever a free 5-week trial is turned into a full lifetime insurance policy.

Potential Issues

When you get the free trial period with a breeder or a vet, they’ll try to push you to have lifetime coverage. Some people claim that they get endless messages and marketing emails once they register for the trial period. This can be super annoying to some.

Policy Details

They offer different insurance packages for dogs, cats, and rabbits. All the insurance offered by Agria is lifetime insurance for vets’ fees. You can also add several extras to your basic packages.

There are two main packages, Agia Lifetime and Agria Lifetime Plus.

Dogs and Cats Insurance

In the case of dogs and cats insurance, both offered policies have some similar benefits such as:

  • A £50 voucher sent to cover your dog’s vaccinations.
  • Free access to a helpline available 24/7 answered by qualified nurses.
  • Free Pet24 Tag, a recovery service for lost dogs offered for free for the first 12 months after purchasing the insurance.
  • You can pay an extra £300 for transfer.

There are some different features among the 2 policies. These will be explained below.

  • Vets’ fees covered per year. For Agria Lifetime, it’s £6,500, and for Agria Lifetime Plus, it’s £12,500.
  • Third-party liability; if your dog attacked another pet, the insurance would cover the liabilities for up to £2,000,000 for Agria Lifetime and £3,000,000 for Agria Lifetime Plus.

There are many other features that can be added to your insurance and their costs will vary depending on the time of the policy. These features include death or loss from theft or straying, travel costs, breeding risks, and boarding fees.

Rabbit Insurance

In the case of rabbits, the two offered policies offer some similar features such as:

  • Physiotherapy for up to £750 per injury.
  • 20 sessions of Hydrotherapy per injury.
  • 50% off the costs of clinical diets.
  • A discount of up to £200 for behavioural therapy for rabbits.
  • A £25 voucher sent to cover your dogs’ vaccinations.
  • Free access to a helpline available 24/7 answered by qualified nurses.

There are some extra features for the Agria Lifetime Plus. These include:

  • Vets’ fees are covered for up to £1,500 per year in the case of Agria Lifetime and £2,500 in the case of Agria Lifetime Plus.
  • Help towards finding your lost or stolen rabbit.
  • Death from illness or injury.
  • Travel expenses.

What Makes Agria Pet Insurance Special?

If we have to summarize what’s special about Agria, it’ll boil down to these 2 reasons:

Healthcare Benefits

They have in-house healthcare providers, vets, nutritionists, and behavioural specialists to help you out with your pets. This is an added value, as in addition to having your bills covered, you have access to some professionals to help you when needed.

Lifetime Insurance

This is a lifetime insurance that’s cheaper and saves you more money on the long run as a pet owner. If you pay the annual policy fees, you’ll keep gaining the maximum benefit of coverage against different illnesses.


Agria Pet Insurance is one of the best service providers when it comes to pets’ lifetime insurance coverage. Whether you’re a pet owner, breeder, or vet, they’ll have a suitable package for you.