Hello. Welcome to PetLoverGuy.com

Life can be quite boring without any pets in your life. They can make your day filled with joy, make you smile when you are sad.

My name is Kevin Davies and I am pet lover. The reason why I started this website is that I want to share my experience which I have. I can’t imagine my life without pets.

I have always had them since I was little. The first one me and my family had was a cat. Her name was Jenny. She was a siamese cat with ocean blue eyes, her head was brown with a little bit of white specks, and the rest of her body was white. She was always nice to me, sat in my lap every day and when I petted her she always purred. I lost Jenny when I was 8 and it made me so sad, actually it still makes me sad and I have never forgotten about her.

I think my favorite pets are cats and dogs, which might sound a little bit basic but that is just how it is. I love pets so much that I can spend hours watching in youtube different cat and dog videos or look trough twitter where many people post beautiful pictures of puppies and kittens. I like how dogs are really friendly and protect their owner no matter what and I like that cats are independent, they do what they want but at the same time they can be really loving animals.

I live with one cat and dog and it always surprises me how friendly they both are. I love my pets so much, when I am not home I miss them all the time and when I come home I always make sure to play with them and feed them. They are a big part of my life and I am so glad that I have my pets that always are happy to see me come home.

Of course pets aren’t just dogs or cats. For some people they are parrots, snakes, hamsters, mice and even spiders. Though I am not a big fan of spiders, I think that it is amazing how different animals can be pets to different people. I could imagine myself having a hamster or parrot as a pet, but snakes i could never have because I am afraid of them. But there are people that love snakes and other exotic pets, for example, my friend owns a snake and she loves snakes as much as I love cats and dogs.

If you don’t have any allergies or you have family members that aren’t against pets, I think you should definitely have them. You learn how to take care of an alive creature and you can also feel love from your pets. I can not stand people that treat animals with disrespect. Also important thing that I want every one know is that you should always adopt animals from shelters because they really need love and they will give love back even more.

I love pets very much, when I see on the street some cat or dog I always try to pet them or give them food. I can truly say that my life is so good mostly because i have pets in my life.

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