AAA Colorado Pet Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most critical types of insurance plans. Pet insurance can save your furry friend’s life.

It could also reduce financial stress, especially in sudden accidents, where you can’t consider your options.

Pets are prone to accidents and emergencies because they are playful by nature. In this article, we’ll review Colorado Pet Insurance.

Let’s dive in!

AAA Colorado Pet’s Insurance Plans

AAA Colorado pet insurance has got three packages. Each of the three insurance plans has specific features that can suit your pet’s health state.

There are a variety of packages to choose from. The first package mainly covers emergencies and accidents, which can be beneficial if your pet is hyperactive.

Other packages cover treatment and prescriptions, to help you save your money, in case your pet needs regular medicines. Plus a package for regular vet’s visits, that allows you to maintain a healthy life for your pet, without worrying about the vet’s bill.

Pets Best Insurance Plan

The package offers coverage to almost everything related to your pet’s health and wellbeing. These include veterinary visits and regular checkups. Besides, it covers a wide range of clinics.

Also, customer service and support, to provide you with the information you need. To link you with the best vet clinics around you.

Healthy Paws Insurance Plan

This package covers unexpected accidents and diseases. It’s a great backup option when the pet needs immediate treatment or surgery.

It’s affordable and is paid on monthly installments. It grants you up to 90% of the amount of money you paid at the clinic.

Claiming the insurance is extremely easy, you have to visit a licensed vet or an emergency clinic. Attach a photo of the vet receipt and submit it to the website. You will probably be able to get refunded within a couple of days.

Colorado Pet Prescriptions Plan

This insurance plan is for prescriptions and medications. It covers lots of common illness treatments and prescriptions.

If your pet has a chronic disease or poor health condition in general. It would be a great idea to get such a type of insurance.

Pet treatments and medications are usually expensive. That’s why it’s considered a great option for saving money spent on prescriptions.

A pet prescription plan will support you to buy the medications your pet needs, at affordable prices.

What We Like

Pets medications and vets’ visits can cost a fortune, so having an insurance plan will allow you to save tons of money.

AAA Colorado pet insurance provides an outstanding customer care and support system. The customer care representatives will provide you with the best doctors, in the closet locations.

It allows you to prioritize the health of your pet, and fully concentrate on the emergency you, instead of having to worry about what to do.

Areas of Improvement

It doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. If your pet has a chronic condition or suffers from a previous illness or a disease, your request might be declined.

Most pet’s insurance plans might not cover vaccines and nutrients doctor fees.

Elder pets, and pets from uncommon breeds can be ineligible. Specifically breeds that are known to be prone to certain illnesses or diseases as they age.

It can be expensive sometimes, especially for long term payments and monthly installment plans.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Illness and injuries in pets can cost a fortune. A high jump on the living room couch can lead to a broken bone or torn muscle.

The need for surgery, intensive care units, and medicine for serious injuries, can make you pay a lot by the time your pet recovers.

Pet insurance helps you in such situations, as it promises to cover a large sum of the expenses required for treatment.

This gives you the potential of choosing the best vets in town, without being intimidated by the amount of money you’ll have to pay eventually.

How Does It Work?

The way insurance works differs, according to the insurance company and the package type.

But the common way is to pay for the expenses of the treatment yourself, and then provide the insurance company with the receipts.

The company will then inform you of the percentage you’re going to get back. There are insurance plans to cover emergencies only, while others can cover emergencies, accidents, and regular vet visits.

Some insurance types include vaccinations and maintenance visits. If you’re going to invest in a pet insurance plan, you have to be aware of the pre-existing conditions, or the waiting period.

This is a policy that defines the time when the insurance company will start paying for the pet’s treatment. So, if any accidents occurred while you’re still in the waiting period, the company won’t be covering for them.

How Much Does It Cost?

The insurance cost varies depending on some factors.

An important factor to consider is the deductible amount cost that comes with the package. A deductible is the amount you pay for an insurance company before it can repay you for the treatment amount.

This amount is variable and depends on how much you’re willing to pay, and the conditions as well. Some are paid fully in advance, while others are paid on installments, which can be monthly, or annually.

Other factors that control the cost of the insurance are the age and the breed of the pet. Also, the duration and lifetime maximum are taken into consideration.

Final Thoughts

Pet Insurance plans can be a great help in case your pet needs immediate help.

Because pets aren’t able to express themselves if they suffer from illness. That’s why regular vet visits and check-up appointments are essential. Unfortunately, these visits can be extremely costly over time.

Pet Insurance plans spare pet owners from having to settle for a healthcare facility, to be able to afford the bill. This allows pet owners to provide their beloved animals with the best care and treatment, without having to worry about their financial situation.