What Are the 7 Basic Dog Commands? (Solved & Explained!)

According to most trainers, the 7 basic dog commands are come, sit, heel, lie down, stay, drop it, and down. Other trainers argue that the following should also be included during initial obedience training: no, don’t touch, and wait.

How Long Does it Take to Train a Dog for Each of the 7 Commands?

Most dogs get the idea of how to do something after several repetitions, but they’ll get frustrated if you force them to do so too quickly. Continue to practice for several weeks in small spurts.

If you try and push too hard, then your dog might become disobedient out of confusion.

What is the Hardest Command to Teach Your Dog?

Outside of trying to teach a dog an elaborate trick, it’s tough to teach most dogs commands like “up” and “give paw”.

Pet owners will sometimes complain that some command that should be easy to teach was hard for their dog to grasp. That’s because every dog’s personality is a little different.

What Is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Come?

Sit with your puppy when he or she is relaxed and then:

  1. Say their name and tell them to come
  2. Repeat the command and give them a treat when you do
  3. Drop a treat on the floor near you
  4. Tell them to come again
  5. Praise your dog once they do come
  6. Increase the distance and continue to practice, making sure to praise each time they do it right

What is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Sit?

Get down in front of your puppy and lure them with a treat before you do the following:

  1. Gesture with the treat where you want him or her to go
  2. Allow them to eat it
  3. Repeat it with the food lure a few times
  4. Switch to your empty hand while saying the command
  5. Use a hand signal while saying sit
  6. Don’t push your puppy down; let them sit naturally

What is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Heel?

You may want to say let’s go or forward instead of heel as you try these steps:

  1. Stand by your puppy with a loose leash
  2. Take one step and give a treat or praise for following
  3. Begin to move as you say the command
  4. Turn every time your dog runs in front of you
  5. Call your dog to you when they don’t walk the right way
  6. Always say the command in a happy voice as you start to walk so your dog doesn’t get the wrong idea

What is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Lie Down?

As you follow these steps, you’ll probably end up mirroring how you taught your dog to sit:

  1. Wait for your dog to lie down on his or her own
  2. Reinforce this behavior with a treat when he’s down
  3. Give the release cue to stand up
  4. Encourage your dog with praise and a lure if needed
  5. Say down after your dog lies back down
  6. Further encourage your dog with hand gestures

What is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Stay?

Try using a release word to show your dog when it’s okay to move and then:

  1. Toss a treat down and say the word
  2. Repeat a couple of times until your dog knows when it’s okay to move
  3. Introduce the command stay along with a hand gesture
  4. Increase the amount of time between staying put and being allowed to move again
  5. Add distance over time
  6. Don’t push your dog, because some puppies can’t sit for too long

What Is the Best Method to Train a Dog to Drop It?

Have a toy handy and then:

  1. Provoke your dog into wanting it
  2. Give the command “take it” when the dog opens up
  3. Praise your dog
  4. When the dog drops it, use the “drop it” command
  5. Get your dog to take the toy again
  6. Tell your dog to drop it and repeat until he or she gets into a routine

What is the Best Method to Train a Dog With the Off Command?

Keep a treat in both hands and then:

  1. Let your dog smell it, but keep your hands close
  2. Wait for your dog to back off
  3. Say the command and give the treat
  4. Praise your dog
  5. Practice again with another lure
  6. Use a hand signal after the dog gets the idea, which can then be used to tell them to get off of furniture

Is 7 Months Too Old to Train a Dog?

It’s never too late to train a dog, but you have to be more patient with older animals. Adult dogs rescued from shelters can still be trained by people who show a lot of patience and love.

What is the First Thing You Should Train Your Puppy?

Teach them to come to you, because it’s probably the most natural. Since it could help them get out of a sticky situation, the come command could also be a lifesaver in some circumstances.

When Should a Dog Be Fully Trained?

There’s no set age, because some dogs take to training much better than others. If your dog is getting frustrated, then don’t force him or her to train any faster than they feel comfortable.

Your patience will be rewarded by gaining a much closer relationship with your four-legged friend.