6 Symptoms Your Pet Is Having an Allergic Reaction

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Most people suffer from a pet allergy. In the same way, sometimes, the immune system of your furred buddy also fails them. However, allergy symptoms in dogs aren’t as evident as in humans. Seeing your dog suffering from an allergy can be incredibly frustrating. Dogs don’t speak; thus, it’s up to you to monitor changes in your dog. It may appear as an itchy coat, ear infection, or non-stop scratching of its paws and face.

While addressing the allergen is the ideal solution to this, often, this does not help as it is impossible to tell your dog to avoid the allergen. Well, and that is where CBD oil for dogs comes in. Besides, your dog will rip more than the treatment of the allergy. CBD oil for dogs has antioxidant, antidepressant, antibacterial, not to mention anticancer properties. Without further undo, below is an in-depth discussion of ways you can sport allergic reactions in your dog.

1.  Itchiness

It is often the most common sign of a dog’s allergic reaction. You should never ignore it when you see your dog excessively scratching its coat, ears, and paws. That is because, if left unchecked, it may result in hotspots, skin infections, and scabbing. You are probably wondering how you can differentiate the normal scratching and one resulting from an allergy. Scratching from an allergy is persistent and often results in red, irritated skin.

2. Face Swelling

If your dog’s face appears swollen, then it could be a sign of an allergy. Often this swelling appears around the eyes, muzzle, and ears. If your dog has a hairy coat, the facial changes could go unnoticed. However, short hair makes a face swelling more dramatic and noticeable. The swollen areas are usually itchy too. Thus, whenever you see your furred buddy frequently rubbing their face, it is a telltale of an allergy.

3. Hives

Hives are also more noticeable in pets with short fur. If your dog has a thick coat, then you will need to depend on your sense of touch for you to detect them. Hives are bumps that occur on the dog’s skin. Although they aren’t fatal, you need to treat them with CBD oil for dogs to ensure your buddy’s comfort.

4.  Gastrointestinal Problems

When your dog consumes an allergy-inducing food, it may vomit and diarrhea. Protein foods such as dairy products and meat are the most common cause of allergic reactions. However, grains rarely cause an allergy. If your dog has an allergy to a particular food, it may vomit or diarrhea when such food type is included in the very dog’s diet. Additionally, it may be challenging to tell the specific food your dog has an allergy to.

However, the best way to avoid the allergic reaction would be to feet it with hydrolyzed protein sources such as duck and rabbits. Some pets show itchiness in addition to the vomiting and diarrhea following food allergy.

5.  Hair Loss

Thinning out and bald patches in your pet’s skin could also be a sign of allergic reaction. It shows that your dog has an allergy to the cleaning agent you are using. It could also be a result of pest infestation or food allergy.  However, since certain diseases also cause hair to lose, a visit to the veterinary doctor should help you decipher the underlying cause.

6.  Wheezing, Sneezing and Coughing

Often, dogs wheeze after exposure to pollen grain, dust, or after getting stung by an insect. The allergens cause constriction of the airways, which results in difficulty in breathing. You should rush your buddy to the doctor as a lack of early treatment will result in an anaphylactic reaction. The reaction is life-threatening and could cause death.


No one takes pleasure in seeing their dog suffering from an allergy. The above article explains the telltale signs of spotting an allergy in your dog.

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