How To Make An Invisible Dog Leash

In 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, hundreds of people took their dogs for a walk.

What’s strange about that?

Their dogs were “invisible.” They hit the streets using invisible dog leashes to pull a prank on the neighborhood.

Watch the setup, the walk, and people’s reactions in the clip below.

The invisible dog was a toy invented by the mind reader and carny, David Walker, in 1972. For a couple of shots of people walking their invisible dogs back in ’72 tap the link in the previous sentence.

In this article we’ll cover exactly how you can make your own invisible dog leash.

But before we get to the instructions another fun video. In a rush to see the instructions? Just scroll below and skip the video.

In this video magician Rich Ferguson takes the invisible dog trick to the next level. He has people take pictures of him and his “dog”. In real life it just looks like an invisible dog leash. On the phone the actual dog appears.

Watch the video to see it in action and how he does it. This might be a fun add-on after you finish your leash.

Now on to the meat of the matter.

How do you actually make one of these leashes?

Step 1 – Buy it on Amazon. What? Boring! Just kidding. We’ll cover the real steps below.

Step by Step Instructions to Make an Invisible Dog Leash

  1. Get a thick rope leash, a harness with hollow material, and thick gage wire.
  2. Thread the wire through the rope leash. Let it point out 2-3″ from the end.
  3. Connect the harness to the rope leash.
  4. Insert the extra bit of wire at the end of the rope leash into the harness. This will hold the harness upright.
  5. Thread a new piece of wire through the hollow side straps of the harness. Use a separate wire for the front straps and the back straps.
  6. You want a hollow material harness so you can easily thread wire through. You can also make a dog harness out of more rope but a normal looking harness will look better.
  7. You can also use harness made out of webbing material and sew an additional piece of webbing material on the side straps to cover up the side wires. That’s a bunch of extra work though. There’s so many harnesses out there. It’s easier to just find rope leashes and hollow harnesses that you can thread wire through.
  8. Take your “dog” for a walk and enjoy!