The Best 5 Pet Camera Collars

Looking to add a small camera to your pet’s collar? Want to see the world from the view of your cat or dog?

In this article we review the best pet camera collars and harnesses for your dog or cat.

Fair warning – there aren’t a ton of good pet collar cameras. Most of the decent stuff that’s out there is more of a dog or cat harness.

Still, we cover what’s available from medium to bottom. We even include a few good nanny cams that are small enough to attach to any collar.

Sadly, there are no “top” collar cameras available right now. Please intrepid entrepreneurs take note! We need you to unleash (pun intended) something much better!

Note: If you click some of the links in this article we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Choices

  1. Best Budget Option (and Light Enough for Cats) – Puhul Digital Collar Cam
  2. Best for Medium-Sized and Large Pets (Includes Night Vision and High Definition)
  3. Best for Cats and DIY (Small, Low Budget, You Attach to Any Collar)
  4. Best Go Pro Dog Harness – GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount
  5. Best Sony Camera with Harness – Sony AKADM1

Best for Budget (and Light Enough for Cats) – Puhul Digital Collar Cam

So where does your cat go during the day? Do you have an escape artist dog that keeps getting out and you have no idea why?

This is the tool that can give you the intel you need. Find the weakness in your fence or kennel. See the secret life of cats.

This handy unit is easy to install as is or you can clip the camera on your pet’s current collar.

Instructions are a bit hard to follow but you can figure it out. Actually, to save you some trouble here’s some simple instructions to follow:

  1. Charge the unit – plug it in and wait till the light stops changing colors. Changing colors means charging.
  2. Press the upper left button till the display powers up.
  3. The lower right button changes the time interval. The lower left button starts it. Sadly it just goes. You have to manually turn it on or off.
  4. To record video – press lower right button to choose a time interval. “03” means a 2 minute video will record every 3 minutes. “06” means a video every 6 minutes. Once you like the interval press the lower left button to start it.
  5. To take pictures – press the upper right button. The number “10” will appear in the lower right corner. This means it will take a picture every 10 seconds. Press the lower left button to start.

A little heads up – this clearly is the easy model for quick start businesses to find, order from the factory, and slap on Amazon. You’ll see that many different “brands” sell a very similar model. If you find a better price and it looks the same, likely you’re getting it from the same manufacturer (or one of a few) in Shenzhen China.

Either way, have fun!

What We Like

  • Decent price
  • Takes pictures or video
  • Fun way to see the world from your pet’s eye
  • Takeoff the camera and hang it on any collar
  • Nice way to figure out how your escape artist dog gets out and where they go

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t include a Micro SD
  • Not intuitive to setup (but easy once you figure it out)
  • Not motion activated – it will keep taking video or pictures on the time interval you suggest till the battery or SD card runs out

Best for Medium-Sized and Large Pets (Includes Night Vision and High Definition)

This unit is one of the better rated and better selling models out there. Beware the pictures. It appears small but it’s actually a medium-sized camera unit. Put this on a 20 lb dog and up or just keep it on for short periods of time.

What’s nice about it? It comes with a free app that gives you control over it. It’s motion activated and can ping your phone when your pet is on the move. Then you can activate it to take pictures, video, or audio from your phone.

It even has a decent night vision capability.

Be warned though, the app is glitchy. It freezes when your pet wanders too far from WiFi. No, it’s not your WiFi, it’s likely the incredibly small antennae it uses to connect (unconfirmed – just a guess).

Still, this little unit is a lot of fun. After awhile you may get tired of using it on your pet. You may just end up using it’s decent night vision for nanny cam and household protection functions.

Keep in mind this wasn’t meant for pets. It’s just one of the few models we could find that more or less easily attaches to pet collars.

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security Camera Mini Portable Wi-Fi Cam HD 1080P Covert Secret Nanny Cameras for Home, Office Monitor Video Recorder Live Streaming via Android/iOS APP
  • 【Wireless Security Camera】This product is made by Facamword; This mini hidden spy camera can record HD 1080P videos, it can capture clear image. It has a built-in battery which records 3 hours video in the daytime. If you want to record video 24/7, you can also use USB charger or power Bank to power this mini wifi spy camera.
  • 【Strong Night Vision】This wireless mini hidden spy camera has a high-powered infrared light which is invisible in the dark. The hidden camera also records clear video at night compared to similar products. It keeps an eye on your home, office, store 24/7. The night vision will auto turn on/off based on the amount of light.
  • 【View Live Streaming video via APP】Connect mini wifi camera with local network, next you can remotely view live videos via phone app. It supports android or ios system; No one can access to your camera unless you invite someone join device via your app setting, better protection user privacy.
  • 【Record Videos without any network】Only insert a Micro SD card (not including) into this mini hidden nanny camera, power it on, the covert camera will start to record video to Micro SD card automatically. You can also playback, download or delete video files from Micro SD Card via APP.
  • 【Motion Detection & Alarm Push & Recording】Alarm notifications will be pushed to your cell phone once the motion is activated, next this hidden spy camera will snapshot photos and save them on APP. You can also enable motion detection recording on Micro SD Card, which will save important videos files, it also supports looping record which auto cover oldest files when SD Card space is full.

What We Like

  • Easy to attach to collars
  • Night Vision – the coolest!
  • Motion activated – You can program it to auto record when in motion or just ping your phone
  • Takes pictures, video, and audio
  • Only 10 minutes to setup
  • Connects to app on your phone – Control from your phone

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs Micro SD card and it isn’t included
  • A little big – not something to leave on your cat all the time
  • App is glitchy and freezes
  • Needs a wifi connection to work – If you’re pet wanders too far it’ll lose connection

Best DIY (Small, Low Budget, You Attach to Any Collar)

This is our favorite low budget camera. It’s DIY because you have to attach it yourself to a collar.

Why do we love it? For the price it does way more than you’d expect. It starts filming when it sees motion (your pet moves). It stops recording when they stop. Restless sleepers will get a lot of start and stop filming but who cares? It’s so easy to setup and start using that it’s worth it.

The night vision is great as well. It doesn’t emit any light during night filming so it’s a great silent partner for your secretive cat, hunting at night for your viewing entertainment.

While it’s annoying that you have to attach it yourself, the other features make it worth it. It wasn’t originally designed for pets anyways.

It’s the lightest model we could find that actually works well and is easy to use. We recommend this for cats and small dogs.

Some units run hot. Be sure to test them and make sure the heat doesn’t stress out your animal.

Mini Hidden Spy Camera Portable Small 1080P Wireless Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection for Nanny/Housekeeper, Security Sports Camera . (Black)
  • 【MINI HIDDEN SPY CAMERA】This cop recorder (0.87in, 0.7oz cube) is a super easy using, portable pocket body camera , easy to hide anywhere, which makes it perfectly work as a home security camera or a housekeeper/nanny cam/pet camera without attracting anyone's attention and no WiFi needed (supports T-Flash card MAX 32GB which is not included).
  • 【NIGHT VISION & MOTION DETECTION】Captures more details and present high definition images in wider range during night with 6pcs IR LED lights without infrared visible red light .It would make sure all triggered movements in your notice. The spy body camera starts recording when it detects motion and stops when it motion is no longer detected. No more sifting through hours of uneventful footage.
  • 【HD VIDEOS AND PHOTOS & LOOP-CYCLE RECORDING】 The Miniature camera in exceptional 1920X1080P HD at 30 frames per second that can take instant clear pictures and stable videos with wide-angle 140 degree.It built-in 180mah battery,when the card is full, the oldest files will be deleted to make room for the new files automatically as necessary, no need to clean the storage space.
  • 【EASY TO USE & WIDE APPLICATIONS】 Just insert a T-Flash card, turn on and start recording. You can put the hidden camera in the corner of home, office, warehouse, store, backyard, garden, even in your pocket or on your collar. Use as a nanny cam, security system, body camera, sports action cam, car camcorder or on a drone, also can be used while charging.

What We Like

  • Less than an inch long and less than an ounce in weight (great for cats)
  • Night vision
  • Motion activated – Starts recording when it sees motion (or your pet moves), stops recording when motion stops
  • You can film while you charge
  • Long battery life
  • 32 GB card takes 45 minutes of video

What We Don’t Like

  • Not made for pet collars – you have to DIY attach it
  • Needs an SD card (not included)
  • Can heat up with extended use

Best for Medium to Large Dogs – GoPro Cameras – GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (All GoPro Cameras)

GoPro comes to the rescue with one of our better pet cams out there. Of course, this isn’t a collar. It’s a harness but it pairs great with your GoPro camera. That means it’s quality, easy to use, and takes great video.

Quick warning – when you flip this on to your dog’s back you’ll need a tall and strong J-hook attachment. This should come with your camera. Off-brand versions are also available. You’ll need this otherwise you’ll just have video of the back of your dog’s head.

Other than that if you want hours of great video then this is the unit we recommend.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount
  • Capture the world from your dog’s point of view
  • Two mounting locations (back and chest) enable a variety of perspectives
  • Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds (7 to 54 kilograms)
  • Chest mount is removable to accommodate smaller dogs
  • Padded at all adjustment points to ensure your pet’s comfort

What We Like

  • Good quality design – what you would expect from GoPro
  • Attaches to the back (for small dogs) or the chest (for large dogs and different viewpoints)
  • Quick release – easy to put on or take off

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s not a collar
  • You need a separate GoPro camera (i.e. this isn’t one of the cheapest setups for your pup or cat)
  • Need a J Hook to see over your dog’s head

Best for Large Dogs – Sony Camera with Harness

Got a Sony camera already? Then you’ll be glad Sony released this action harness to go with it. Of course, it doesn’t fit all Sony camera’s perfectly. It’s specifically design for action cameras.

Sony AKADM1 Action Camera Mount for Dogs (Black Yellow)
  • Mount Action Cam around the waist of dogs for canine POV
  • Fist comfortably around dog's back and fasten securely around the waist
  • Fits medium to large size dogs (over 33 pounds)

What We Like

  • Great for large dogs 33 lbs and up
  • Takes great footage at 50% speed (to handle fast dog movement)
  • Made for Sony ProCam and Sony Action Cams

What We Don’t Like

  • Camera sold separately
  • Instructions are hard to follow but straps are pretty intuitive