How to Choose the Best Pad for a Dog Crate?

A pad for a dog crate will help your furry friend feel comfortable in the place where it spends a great deal of its time.

Dog crates usually have a plastic or metal bottom that may be too hard and uncomfortable for your dog to lie on. That’s why you need to treat your dog to a warm, comfy crate pad.

In this article, we’ll show you a variety of dog crate pads. We’ll also tell you what to look for to get your four-legged friend the best pad for a dog crate.

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Our List of the Best Pads for Dog Crates

In this section, we’ll show you a bunch of choices that’ll work best in terms of comfort, durability,  and size.

Hero Dog Large Washable Dog Bed Crate Pad

Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Crate Pad Mat 47 Inch Washable Matteress Anti Slip Cushion for Pets Sleeping
  • Premium quality dog bed: Dog mat is made of premium fleece and 3cm fabric that is soft on paws and noses, The fabric used is breathable and healthy, great for all kinds of pets
  • 100% Machine Washable dog crate pad: Medium dog bed is completely machine washable, dryer friendly, will get more comfortable after every wash, it is easy to remove hair with an adhesive roller, brush or even a tissue
  • Anti Slip dog crate mat: This dog sleeping mattress features a anti slip bottom which keeps the mat in position during a nap or playtime, make your lovely pets feel safe
  • Outdoor and Indoor friendly dog sleeping bed: You can use this mat wherever you choose for a variety of purposes from protecting furniture, like sofa, floor etc, to being rolled up and taken with on a trip outdoors, and suitable for all seasons
  • Dog bed for extra large dogs, dog bed xl 47 x 33 inch, suitable for extra large pets who like curling up

Hero Dog is made of breathable, non-toxic fleece. This material adds to the comfort of your dog.

For your own comfort, it’s 100% machine washable and dryer friendly. You can also use a tissue, a brush, or an adhesive roller to clean it. The pad features an anti-slip bottom to keep it in place when the dog is moving around.

It can be used indoors and outdoors. The soft, thin design helps your dog avoid overheating in hot weather.

 Stats for Nerds

  • Sizes: M (35 x 23), L (42 x 28), and XL (47 x 33) inches
  • Colors: Dark brown or blue-grey
  • Thickness: 1.2 inches

What We Like

  • Anti-slip bottom for safety
  • Easy to wash and clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Not chew-resistant

If you’d like a safe, easy-to-clean product that can be used anywhere, this is the one for you.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad

Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker - 42" x 28". Waterproof & Tear Resistant. Thick, Heavy Duty, Tough, Washable Cover. Luxury Orthopedic Support Foam Inside. Made in USA.
  • Sized to perfectly fit inside the raised lip of plastic tray in a standard 42" x 28" large crate.
  • American made foam is highest quality you'll find in a crate pad. Won't flatten or pancake over time
  • Orthopedic foam comforts joints & keeps your dog from touching hard plastic and metal in the crate.
  • Cover is 100% waterproof and highly tear resistant. Protects against accidents, nesting, and digging
  • Easy to clean, machine washable. Proudly Made in the USA.

This is a high-quality pad that won’t show signs of wear and tear. It doesn’t change shape over time. In addition, it’s 100% machine washable.

Big Barker dog crate pad is made of orthopedic foam that protects your dog’s joints and ensures maximum comfort.

The removable cover is 100% waterproof and highly tear-resistant. However, it’s not chew-proof.

Stats for Nerds

  • Sizes: S (30 x 21), M (36 x 24), L (42 x 28), and XL (48 x 30) inches
  • Colors: Tan
  • Thickness: 4 inches

What We Like

  • Thick, firm material for comfort and support
  • Easy to wash and clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Only one color is available
  • A bit pricey

It’s a thick pad, yet not too thick to fit comfortably in the crate. The pad offers great support for the joints of larger dogs.

Milliard Quilted Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Waterproof Washable Non-Slip Cover - X Large - 46 inches x 35 inches x 4 inches
  • Comfort- The Milliard 4" Dog Bed offers the perfect combination of support and luxe comfort by combining a sturdy foam base with a luxe memory foam layer.
  • Quality- Made from durable materials and superior workmanship for a longer lasting bed.
  • Convenience- The washable cover zips off and goes in the washing machine for easy care.
  • Tested- The rubber grips on the underside of the cover are non-slip, and all our foam is certified by CertiPUR to be low VOC and free of heavy metals.
  • Size- The extra large dog bed measures 46in.x35in.x4in.

This luxurious memory-foam pad combines safety, comfort, and support. It has non-slip rubber dots on the bottom to maximize the safety of your dog.

In addition, orthopedic memory foam is CertiPUR-certified. This feature makes the foam free of dangerous heavy metals and low on volatile organic compounds (VOC). Orthopedic foam protects your dog’s joints and ensures maximum comfort.

The removable, anti-microbial cover is lined with a TPU coating to protect it from moisture.

Stats for Nerds

  • Sizes: S (24 x 18), M (34 x 22), L (40 x 35), and XL (46 x 35) inches
  • Colors: Cream
  • Thickness: 4 inches

What We Like

  • Safe, eco-friendly material
  • 100% money-back guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Don’t use it in hot weather to avoid overheating

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy-care, reliable pad for your big dog, we suggest this pad.

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover-Plush Orthopedic Pet Bed - 46 x 28 inches - Stone
  • A 3-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill eliminates pressure points and increases breathability
  • Portable, lightweight bed is great for travel and compatible with 48" X 30" Dog crates
  • Soft, supportive consistency conforms to weight and pressure to relieve achy joints, arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Soft micro suede Cover can be removed and laundered - machine wash cold To hot with bedding on gentle cycle; Tumble dry low; pad itself is not washable

Brindle Soft pad features an orthopedic shredded memory foam filling. This feature provides comfort and support for the dog joints. It’s especially helpful for dogs that suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

The cover is made of removable, extra-soft Microsuede. In addition to its softness, the cover is easy to remove and wash.

Stats for Nerds

  • Sizes: (17 x 11), (22 x 16), (28 x 18), (34 x 22), (40 x 26), (48 x 28), and (52 x 34) inches
  • Colors: Khaki, red, stone, and teal
  • Thickness: 3 inches

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Not chew-proof nor tear-resistant

All in all, it’s a lightweight pad that you can easily move around. However, we don’t recommend it for dogs that are into chewing and digging.

Pet Dreams Reversible Dog Crate Bed

Pet Dreams Dog Crate Bed -Original Crate Pad/Kennel Mat - Quality Bedding Since 1999, 2 in1 Reversible for Summer and Winter. 100% Wash & Dry, Never Bunches! Small 24" Burgundy
  • QUALITY CRATE PADS THAT LASTS! We start with Premium Fabrics that can withstand diggers, the Only Cotton Twill crate pads with Ultra Soft Sherpa, Filled with a Double Layer of high-density fiber that can last a Lifetime of Washings, our decorative interior border is stitched to Prevent the Fill from Shifting while still providing a Lofty Center for your Dog’s Comfort that is not Flatten out by Quilting. Choose one of our designer colors that will look great in your home.
  • 2 in 1 REVERSIBLE GIVES YOU MORE OPTIONS. Perfect for Cold Winters + Warm Summers- We don’t use cheap "anti-slip" material. Our pads are made with Premium Fabric on Both Sides. “What's more these are great all-season beds! When the weather is warm use the cotton side to provide comfort .., making for an ideal summer dog bed. When a bit cooler flip to the Sherpa side to ensure your dog is warm and comfy.” “Cotton twill is cool to touch, and hair doesn’t stick to it, the Plush side is so cozy”
  • VERSATILE DOG MATS MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL- Put them everywhere your pet sleeps to protect your sofa, favorite chair, crate or your car and then throw the entire pad in the wash. “This is our 5th 2 in 1 crate mat that we've purchased from Pet Dreams. Wouldn't buy any other bedding. I use them in crates, car, garage floor anywhere we need a nice comfy spot. We still have the original ones from 11 years ago. Wash and dry well. Great product!”
  • U.S., WOMEN OWNED SINCE 1999, Pet Dreams created the ORIGINAL CRATE PAD and Bedding! Unlike most cheaply made crate pads sold direct by Chinese factories with questionable reviews, Pet Dreams is an American company with strict quality controls. We are committed to bringing you the best quality and value.
  • MADE for UNLIMITED WASHINGS! 100% Wash & Dry, the entire dog bed goes in the washer and dryer to provide you with a completely clean bed. Our PADS will KEEP THEIR SHAPE for a lifetime of washings! That's right - lifetime. Our Premium fill is extra durable and will not bunch up or get lumpy after washing. THIS BED IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHEWERS.

This one is a winner in terms of flexibility. It’s suitable for different seasons. One side of the pad is covered with Cotton Twill for warm weather. The other has an ultra-soft Sherpa cover for the colder times.

These fabrics also prevent the pad from skidding around.

The lightweight pad is filled with two layers of high-density fiber. This fiber is durable and can be washed as many times as you’d like.

Stats for Nerds

  • Sizes: (19 x 13), (24 x 18), and (36 x 23) inches
  • Colors: Burgundy or denim
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches

What We Like

  • Reversible cover for warm and cold weather
  • The whole pad can be washed
  • Can withstand long-term use and wash

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users said it’s a bit too thin for their dogs

This pad is suitable for those who’d like to toss the pad in the washer more often. However, if your dog needs extra joint support, we recommend looking at other options.

How to Choose the Best Pad for Dog Crates?

Before selecting a dog crate pad, read the following points for tips on how to find the right one for your dog.

What Are the Main Things to Look for in a Pad?

You should look for the right material and thickness that guarantee the best comfort and support for your dog.

Also, you should select a durable pad that can withstand wash and wear. Choosing the right pad size to fit in the dog crate is another important factor.

A dog pad needs to have safety features to avoid dog injuries. That’s why you need to try to find one with a non-slip material.

Your dog crate pad will be exposed to dust, dog hair, mud, and urine. In these situations, having a pad that’s easy to wash and clean is a must.

How Should I Determine the Right Pad Size for My Dog’s Crate?

First, you need to check your crate’s accurate measurements. The right pad size should be an inch or two off.

What Are Dog Crate Pads Good for?

As mentioned above, a dog crate pad protects your dog from the hard material crates are made of. In addition, they help relieve any joint pain that your dog may have.

It can also be used as a security object when you move out or travel with your dog. Your dog will feel much more secure to have this familiar object around.

Is Weather an Important Factor When Choosing a Pad?

Yes, it is. Thickness and material affect how your dog feels on his pad. Generally, you need a thick, warm pad to keep your dog comfortable. But in very warm weather, you need a relatively thin pad with a cotton cover to avoid overheating.


Now that we’ve shown you a wide variety of dog crate pads, it’s time for you to choose.

After reviewing many dog crate pads, we found that Pet Dreams Reversible Dog Crate Bed has it all. It’s durable, lightweight, and easy to wash. It can be used all year long and the colors are wonderful.

Keep in mind that you’re not only buying a piece of furniture, but you’re also helping your dog stay healthy and happy in the crate.